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Topic: The El Rey Show and pix Return to archive Page: 1 2
11-16-01 04:27 AM

Jagger stops for the media on his way into a Los Angeles theater to perform for an invitation-only crowd Thursday, Nov. 15, 2001. Jagger performed a special showcase for his upcoming solo album "Goddess in the Doorway." (AP Photo/John Hayes)
11-16-01 04:44 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl The show lasted 40 minutes
Unconfirmed set list:
God Gave Me Everthing
Everybody Getting High
Visions Of Paradise
Lucky Day
Miss you

Some pix

Very Special Thanks to Kevin Mazur and John Hall!

11-16-01 04:58 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I just found a great review at IORR, check it out!

The set list I received was almost ok as it is as posted by Bjornulf Vik:

God Gave Me Everything (Take 1)
Visions of Paradise
Lucky Day
Everybody Getting High
Miss You
God Gave Me Everything (Take 2)
11-16-01 08:42 AM
CS Friday November 16 4:53 AM ET
Mick Jagger Rips the Joint at Tiny L.A. Club

Reuters Photo

By Dean Goodman

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - As showbiz celebrities and hired models watched in awe, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger let it loose during a rare solo concert at a tiny Los Angeles club on Thursday.

Jagger's new album hits stores next week, and he chose the 770-capacity El Rey Theater near Hollywood as the venue for his only concert performance to promote the release.

``This is the world tour for this album, 'Goddess in the Doorway,''' Jagger, 58, told the invite-only crowd. ``You can say you were at every gig, OK?''

Wearing a sleeveless red T-shirt emblazoned with the Statue of Liberty over the slogan ``Liberte,'' and black corduroy jeans, Jagger whipped through seven tunes, including Stones nuggets ''Respectable'' and ``Miss You.''

He began and ended with his new single ``God Gave Me Everything,'' which ABC will screen during a Jagger documentary, ''Being Mick,'' next Thursday.

Organizers paid dozens of young models $100 each to surround the small stage and catwalk, and shooed away regular-looking people. The cute young faces earned their money by shrieking and clawing at Jagger's skinny legs as he pranced past them.

Almost as excited was former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.

``It felt like it was 1978 and people were worshiping the idea that Mick looked exactly like he did 23 years ago,'' Page told Reuters. ``He looked great.''

Other rockers in attendance included Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes and his actress wife, Kate Hudson, former Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan, Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit and Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray. Actors included Meg Ryan, Billy Crudup, David Spade, and Heath Ledger, as well as supermodel Naomi Campbell. At least two of Jagger's daughters, Karis and Elizabeth, were also there.

As he exited the stage along with his six-member band, Jagger told the crowd: ``I loved every minute of it.''

He then retreated to a luxury trailer parked on a residential street behind the theater and received well-wishers.

``Goddess in the Doorway,'' Jagger's fourth solo album, will be released in North America on Nov. 20. He has toured only once without the Stones, swinging through Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia in 1988. He promoted his last album, 1993's ``Wandering Spirit'' with an MTV concert at Webster Hall in New York. Along with Stones guitarist Keith Richards, he performed two of the band's songs at the ``Concert for New York'' fundraiser at Madison Square Garden last month.

The Rolling Stones are in talks to hit the road late next year, ending a three-year break from touring.
11-16-01 09:39 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl In attendance:

Rodney Bingenheimer
Naomi Campbell

Billy Corgan

Nikka Costa
Billy Crudup
Laura Dern
Fred Durst
Carrie Fisher
Jeff Goldblum

Salma Hayek

Kate Hudson
Heath Ledger
Mark McGrath
AJ McLean
Jack Nicholson

Martha Packard
Sean Penn

Michelle Phillips

Jimmy Page (*)
Chris Robinson
Meg Ryan


Hilary Shepard
Alicia Silverstone
David Spade
Tracey Ullman

Bjornulf Vik

All photos Jim Ruymen/Reuters, except Martha Packard and Bjornulf Vik which are file photosLOL!

(*) Led Zepplin legend, Jimmy Page, who saw the gig, told Reuters: "It felt like it was 1978 and people were worshiping the idea that Mick looked exactly like he did 23 years ago. He looked great." From Dot Music
[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
11-16-01 11:14 AM
Cardinal Ximinez They PAID young girls to claw at Mick!? Those fucking sons of bitches! They're humiliating my hero! This really pisses me off. Since when does Mick Jagger need to pay young chicks to claw at him...doesn't he usually have to pay them AFTER he claws at them? Come on, this is PATHETIC.
Who the fuck is doing Mick's pub on this. Osama Bin Publicist? Fucking shoot the assholes. Don't they know that all they have to do is let Mick be Mick? Instead they are making him out to be a friggin' cartoon character. What's next, a Saturday morning kiddie cartoon show? Mick guesting on Scooby Doo!?

Mick needs to go to see a current Bob Dylan show. If he wants to see a contemporary at his peak as a preformer, he should check out Bob. Bob,s last 2 albums are as good as most anything he's ever done in his long career. By comparision, the last 2 records Mick has been on...Goddess and B2B, are nowhere near being as good as Mick's best work. If Mick thinks that being a cartoon character is what his fans want to see, then he is sadly mistaken. Come back to us Mick. PLEASE, before it's too late.
11-16-01 02:07 PM
sandrew Anyone come across any boots from last night?
11-16-01 02:14 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Sandrew, that's a joke, right?
11-16-01 02:16 PM
Miss U. I don't think it's Mick's doing at all....I think it was the organizers, PR people who came up with that idea.
I can tell you that Mick looks AMAZING in that red shirt, and he wouldn't have to pay me to cheer for him up front!!
11-16-01 02:18 PM
sandrew Why? How long do you think it ought to take?
11-16-01 02:54 PM
Gazza Not such a ridiculous question really - I went to see a Dylan club show in Dublin last year and got a CDR of it at 11 the next morning - the shop owner burned the CD while I waited!!

although as its an "invite" show,I guess there were few "tapers" there...heres hoping though!
11-16-01 02:58 PM
sandrew Precisely. Incidentally, I saw Dylan last night -- very impressive performance.
11-16-01 03:06 PM
Gazza Uh....

Come across any boots???? LOL
11-16-01 03:23 PM
sandrew Ah, clearly I've been mistaken for one of last night's groupie hirelings ...
11-16-01 03:34 PM
Gazza Goin by the setlist of that Dylan show in DC last night,who can blame me?
11-16-01 03:45 PM
Maxlugar I actually thought Ximy said "You're kidding, right" as if to say "you really want it".

But what do I know?

I'm a friggin' retard.

Is it me, or is the O-Stones layer thick today?
11-16-01 03:47 PM
sandrew Care to elaborate? Too much new stuff? Or what?
11-16-01 07:12 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I didn't mean it like "Ooooo it's too soon."

I meant, "Ooooo, why do you want to clutter up your collection with that stuff?".

It was a joke. Evidently, not a very good one.

I saw Bob this past Sun., and I'm gonna see him again tomorrow.
11-17-01 08:49 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Oops... by accident I was editing my reply to Mother baby and I lost it, however I could recover it and this is it:

"Didn't see the show of course but I can't believe that Mick didn't know ahead of time that those models were going to be up front. In fact my guess would be that he planned it himself. Shakespeare always wrote his own plays didn't he, LOL."

Sorry Mother baby, it was an accident no more beers for this chile!
11-17-01 08:51 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl And this was my dumb reply, the one I was trying to delete, so then as a punishment I am going to leave it LOL

Hey Mother baby don't blame that poor boy... it is always a source of inspiration to have someone in the audience worth impressing, isn't it? LOL.

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
11-17-01 10:14 AM
Mother baby Yeah an extra C-Note always impressed me too for something I would have done fact THEY probably paid more than a CNOTE to be videoed in the same frame as Mick! Hmmm. I may be on to something here...............
11-17-01 10:43 AM
CS Mick Jagger Takes L.A.

Solo Rolling Stone does star-studded club show

Lucky night

For half an hour last night, Hollywood belonged to Mick Jagger. The fifty-eight-year old Rolling Stone burned through a seven-song set in the very intimate confines of the El Rey Theater, mixing songs from his forthcoming solo album, Goddess in the Doorway," with a couple classic Stones' numbers. Those lucky enough to slink under the velvet rope -- many of whom rock or silver-screen elite themselves -- witnessed Jagger's lone planned solo gig in support of the guest-laden LP. The rest of America will have to watch ABC next Thursday, where portions of the taped performance will feature in Being Mick, a Jagger documentary.
"This is the world tour for this album," Mick told the roughly six hundred folks on hand from stage. "And you can say you were at every gig."

Looking ageless in tight black jeans and a Lady Liberty tee, Jagger and his band of session men, reeled off four straight songs from Goddess -- "God Gave Me Everything," "Visions of Paradise," " Lucky Day" and "Everybody Get High," before Mick strapped on a guitar of his own and announced, "We're gonna play a couple of old ones."

Though the mood had been feverish, it boarded on near frenzy as Jagger closed his set with "Respectable" and "Miss You," occasionally strutting down the stage's abridged catwalk to wild screams and outstretched hands (he closed with "God Gave Me Everything," played a second time at the request of ABC's film crew).

The one-two punch of this being Hollywood and this being a Mick Jagger solo club gig (his first non-Stones show in eight-plus years), brought an A+ list of celebs out for an evening of rock revelry. Among those taking in the affair: Jack Nicholson, Meg Ryan, Sean Penn, David Spade, Heath Ledger, ex-Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan, Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath, Black Crowe Chris Robinson and wife, actress Kate Hudson, Alicia Silverstone and perennial Jagger maniac/Backstreet badboy A.J. McLean.

Jagger's spirited, crisp set, replete with his trademark slithers, had all in attendance buzzing at the singer's ability to effectively stave off Father Time. "As long as you're a viable artist," Corgan said. "Age has nothing to do with it. Picasso did some of his best work after age seventy. People only bring age into the question when an artist's viability is being questioned."

"It's insane," said an obviously star-struck Nikka Costa. "I've never seen him play before. I've never seen the Stones, except in old concert footage. He epitomizes the rock god."

"It's the closest I've ever been to Mick Jagger," said Fred Durst. "I could not fucking believe how good it sounded."

Goddess in the Doorway, Jagger's first solo album since 1993's Wandering Spirit, hits stores next Tuesday. Those guesting on the album include Bono, Pete Townshend, Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas.

(November 16, 2001)
11-17-01 01:04 PM
Mother baby Michelle Phillips????
Who invited her? LOL.
She doesn't need an extra cnote does she/
Roll the dice baby!!! LOL.
Roll em one time for me.
11-17-01 01:09 PM
Mother baby Speaking of Phillips what ever happened to that recording there was so much hype about, just after Papa John died? After the initial blitz I never heard anything.
11-17-01 07:18 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I found this pic in a mediocre, boring and stupis article full of recycle material by Robert Hilburn, for LA Times. I'm sure he has not heard the albums by Jagger and McCartney but he's spreading bullshit like an "expert", anyway the pic (by Reuters) there is great!

11-18-01 02:19 AM
MarthaMyDear GERARDO!!! lol......................... :P I LOVE YOU!!! I see this GREAT thread with all of the AMAZING pix and the hilarious posts (Cardinal, you crack me up!!! and I almost cried when I saw my face sandwhiched inbetween Jack Nicholson and Sean Penn and JUST ABOVE Michelle Phillips, whom I lolled-around next to on purpose ('cause the Mamas And The Papas are one of my favorites)... lol.............................. :P And, I saw Jack Nicholson there wearing colored sunglasses with a big smile on his great face!!! HE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH, IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Gerardo, and what a great and perfect thread to end an AMAZING experience!!! It makes me cry!!! YOU RULE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll talk to you very soon!!!

*** Martha ***
11-18-01 02:24 AM
MarthaMyDear I'm howling!!! lol.......................... :P
11-18-01 10:36 AM
CS According to a Reuters, "organizers paid dozens of young models $100 each to surround the small stage and catwalk, and shooed away regular-looking people. The cute young faces earned their money by shrieking and clawing at Jagger's skinny legs as he pranced past them."

According to Jagger's official website, the new single "God Gave Me Everything" was taped, and will be broadcast as part of a documentary titled "Being Mick," which airs on ABC-TV on Nov. 22.

Jagger reportedly told the crowd that the El Rey performance would be his only one in support of his album "Goddess in the Doorway," due out on Tuesday (11/20).

11-18-01 10:41 AM
CS Jagger says he is interested in playing additional solo dates ("If I do it, I'd like to play theaters -- that fits the mood of the record and it would be fun"), but nothing has yet been scheduled. As previously reported, the Stones are likely to return to the road next year to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

"We're trying to cook something up," Jagger says cryptically. "I don't want to talk about it too much yet, but the 40th anniversary is a good party to give." He adds that it is unlikely there will be "a complete new album," but hints that some kind of anniversary release is under consideration.

11-19-01 05:29 AM
Mathijs Why is it so strange to have paid models in front of the stage? Ever watched an MTV awards show? Isn't this one of those horrible American showbizz inventions?

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