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Topic: VAN HALEN WILL RETURN IN 2004 - AT LONG LAST! (NSC) Return to archive Page: 1 2
11-21-03 03:15 PM
Martha Thursday, November 20, 2003

Van Halen is on the verge of a long awaited comeback. Long tortured fans are about to be put out of their misery, as the band looks ready to fire in 2004.
Details are still sketchy as plans are still in the very early stages of development and are therefore continuing to change as issues are sorted through.

Sammy Hagar is set to return to his role as Van Halen's lead vocalist. Original frontman David Lee Roth is not associated with this re-union.

Here's what's been happening, pieced together from a couple of my well known and reliable sources.

It's not clear who initiated first contact. I was told that Eddie & Alex Van Halen called Sammy Hagar, while it was also suggested to me that it was Sammy that called the brothers out of the blue.
Either way, contact was established and an attempt to bury the hatchet was made.
Sammy Hagar then made a trip to Eddie's house and the 5150 studio. The idea was to see if Sammy, Ed and Alex could in fact put the events of the last 7 years behind them and work together again.
It was also a chance for Sammy to hear the material that has so far been written and recorded by Eddie and Alex. I'm told there have since been a few more meetings which were apparently both good and bad, but issues are being dealt with and a future discussed.
Hagar has apparently already told members of his solo band of his plans to re-join Van Halen.
Hagar's legal team is already in discussion with Van Halen's legal team.

I was told that bass player Michael Anthony was not present at the first meeting and I am not yet aware of him meeting again with Ed and Alex, who he hasn't talked to for a couple of years now. But I was told that Sammy has insisted that Michael is part of the re-union line-up.

There is no timetable in place as yet for this re-union. As I said, this is still in the very early stages of being developed. A few ideas are still being considered such as playing a few shows to get things started before recording/finishing a brand new studio album.
What is almost definite though are plans for a new studio album hoped to be ready for mid-2004, but possibly not until late 2004 - followed by a tour.

News leaked overnight of the band's intention to sign a new management deal with Irving Azoff Management. Azoff's office has made the official "no comment" on the matter, but expect this high profile management company to confirm their equally high profile signing soon.
Irving Azoff is a well known and powerful manager, who currently has The Eagles, Christina Aguilera, Seal, Jewel and of course Journey on his roster.
Azoff has also been Sammy Hagar's solo manager for the last couple of years.

As far as record labels go, Warner Brothers still has a relationship with the band, given that every album they have released has been with the label. I'm told that they will certainly be the first in line to sign the band should everything work out as planned.
Irving Azoff also has a strong relationship with the label.
Sanctuary Records is being talked about as a possible home for the band, but don't expect that to happen. Hagar had a solo deal with that label, but only for the Greatest Hits Live release and a yet to eventuate re-issue of his solo albums Ten 13 and Not For Sale, which should still happen when the current deal with the two issuing labels for those albums finish.

Not so good news for fans of the Diamond one. David Lee Roth is apparently out of the picture. It seems another attempt to work with him was made after the denied at the time get together in 2000. Once again it didn't work out and the Van Halen brothers have seemingly ruled out any future attempt to work with him.
This is the first contact the brothers have had with Hagar since he departed the band in a storm of ill-feeling in 1996.

Planet Us, the all-star project featuring Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Neal Schon, Deen Castronovo and Joe Satriani is all but over and has been for some time. The project has been left in the hands of guitarist Schon and drummer Castronovo. One rumor is that Neal Schon is still interested in such an album and has another singer in mind.
The guys only recorded two tracks together Vertigo and Peeping Through A Hole neither of which has been released officially.

There is still more to come.
I had planned to gather more information over the course of this week and the weekend, but the leaked news of the Azoff management deal by the music industry website Hits Daily Double has moved the timetable forward. A new Greatest Hits album was one of the rumors leaked in association with the management news. But, to date I have heard no mention of such a plan, unless the band wants to get something into the public's hands while they work on a new studio record. I personally do not see such a thing happening. Could it be time for the Van Hagar CD re-masters to be re-issued?

This is a slowly developing situation and of course, nothing has been announced officially. When this will happen is another major question.
The answer is one I hope to bring to you in due course, along with further developments and details of any firm plans that have been put in place.
It's nice to be able to bring such positive news to long suffering Van Halen fans. It's news I have the utmost confidence in.

Link came from Sammy hagar's official site:
11-21-03 03:19 PM
Some Guy They need Dave back, anything less, will be less. And any damn way, Eddie will fuck it up!!!!
11-21-03 03:22 PM
winter Y-A-W-N

11-21-03 03:23 PM
Some Guy
winter wrote:

That is too damn funny
11-21-03 04:09 PM
winter Some Guy:

At first I was pumped, when I read the header, ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD-

I thought for certain that the reunion was with the guy from Extreme. There really is no Van Halen without that guy from Extreme.


11-21-03 04:16 PM
glencar Take the money & run!
11-21-03 04:24 PM
Martha Whatever yo think of these guys I can tell you that Eddie Van Halen tears that guitar up...he's someting to see live and I am glad to hear that this may now come to pass. 2004 is starting to shape right up!
11-21-03 04:54 PM
winter Agreed - EVH is an amazing guitar player - but you have to admit the Sammy Hagar thing is a bit of a let down.

It's on par with a Black Sabbath "reunion" with Ronnie James Dio - Not to knock RJD (or Sammy (other than the pink pants he wore on the 5150 tour)), but they are not the guys who come to mind when you think of reunions for these bands.

Too bad the Van Halen brothers can't get along with anybody.
11-21-03 05:13 PM
Nellcote Is this long lost fellow posting


WTF? Where have you been brotha?
11-21-03 05:38 PM
Gimme Shelter They need to forget all the BS and get David Lee Roth back and tour.
11-21-03 06:02 PM
Mr T fuck DLR - have you heard him try to sing in the last 10 years?
11-21-03 06:07 PM
Some Guy I hear he's been sounding ok as he has been touring. They suck without him and he sucks without them. IMGDO
11-21-03 06:17 PM
Some Guy Motley Crue Rock
11-21-03 06:42 PM
Dan If it was 20 years ago then I would love to see Van Halen with David Lee Roth. He is now just a shadow of his former self and I don't care who or what he is singing with. However, I would LOVE a reunion with Black Sabbath and Dio. The 1992 reunion sputtered to a halt before they could play L.A. Also, unlike Ozzy, Dio can still sing and tends to perform most, if not all the shows on the itinerary.
11-21-03 06:53 PM
sammy davis jr. Vince Neil CLASS? Sure, if killing and paralyzing people because your wasted and your'e behind the wheel....How come the fucking drunk one's are never the ones killed? Besides, Vince Neil is now Fat Vince Neil.
11-21-03 08:03 PM
gypsy I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you were being sarcastic by saying Vince Neil is classy.
11-21-03 10:07 PM
Mr T true, I forgot, image IS everything

just think of how much more popular Sammy would've been if he didn't have that hair
[Edited by Mr T]
11-21-03 11:00 PM
Ten Thousand Motels wrote:

Not at all, I have the greatest respect for Vince Neil. I even cried with him, that little girl died, Skylar. Believe me I have great respect for Vince Neil. That broke my heart.

Motels, you aren't the only one who knows how to surf Behind the Music and E when they are bored. But you are the only one who didn't square that SoCal white geek as a half ass drunk who throws some silly fucking porno-charity affair every year as a tax write off and uses his dead daughter's name as the vehicle to get drunk and fuck.

Nice retard posts tonight,btw. Who needs Steelie with you around?
11-22-03 01:21 AM
Some Guy Damn!!
11-22-03 01:21 AM
Some Guy Oh no you dih uhnd!
11-22-03 07:50 AM
Ten Thousand Motels
sirmoonie wrote:

Nice retard posts tonight,btw. Who needs Steelie with you around?

LOL. You're probably right though. Gotta go back on the Pepsi, I suppose. Anyway, have a great weekend ya'all. (I'm going to get out and enjoy the weather as there can't be too many nice weekends left before that ugly snow.)
11-22-03 10:21 AM
Larry Dallas David WEAVE Roth
11-22-03 01:34 PM
egon i like van halen,
they're dutch.
who cares?
i dont know..
11-22-03 02:06 PM
Scot Rocks Never really liked that kinda glam rock/metal stuff. How well would a Van Halen tour do?
11-22-03 02:24 PM
KeepRigid I guess they don't want to be known any longer as the band that broke up because of 'Twister'.

But we have to be honest here, what has DLR done lately other than knock himself out with a mic stand?
11-22-03 02:53 PM
full moon Hagar is a twit.. VH is dead and has been dead for years.....
11-23-03 06:32 AM
glencar But now they're coming back to life! I'm so, um, excited.
11-23-03 09:18 AM
gimmekeef Eddie is a great player..he has been battling cancer.If they tour I think its great for that reason alone.
11-23-03 10:01 AM
11-23-03 11:22 AM
UGot2Rollme exciting post until I read it will be Van-Hagar.
Both Eddie and David Lee need to swallow their "lost in the 80's" prides and reunite for a kick-ass, (saggy) balls to the wall tour if they are still capable (and I think they are....).

Anything less will be just another mediocre review in Rolling Stone.
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