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Sportpaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam - October 1973
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Topic: From IORR, more news about 4 Flicks Return to archive Page: 1 2
11-04-03 07:04 AM
Scot Rocks Nov. 4: Four Flicks with rehearsals and more
The Four Flicks DVD due out next week is containing a lot more than the LICKS tour live. You will also find vintage material from the 70's, rehearsals in Paris, Toronto and Chicago, songs from the secret club show in Palais Royale and more. See updated news about the contents of the Four Flicks DVD.

11-04-03 08:07 AM
Flashpoint I'm speechless....well no...i could say that this is amazing and they include HEART OF STONE!!!!...who cares for the (un)finished new songs....
11-04-03 08:34 AM
SHINE A LIGHT is there anything in it fron toronto's palais royale rehearsal gig??
11-04-03 08:55 AM
full moon SLAVE!!!!! This is unreal..........
11-04-03 09:17 AM
gimmekeef There are a number of posts on Shidoobee that say this DVD is excellent in quality and content.Advance copies apparently.Even if the Heart of Stone etc are snippets I can't wait to hear/see the whole damn thing!!!
11-04-03 01:43 PM
Monkey Woman Footage from classic films, from Paris recording and Toronto rehearsals... Three of the best shows of the tour... POV selection, commentaries, etc... Awww! I'm already drooling, tongue hanging out a foot long!
You have to hand it out to the Stones for doing this: sometimes, you get a perfect blend of merchandising savvy and artistic ambition.
11-04-03 01:44 PM
glencar I'm glad they added extra stuff. I probably won't even botehr with the HBO DVD.
11-04-03 01:48 PM
Boomy Kinda sucks that they had to go with the Hobo show, but I guess that since they did the show on that channel, they are contractually obligated to release it on a DVD.

Anyway, if this fucker has a clip of them rehearsing Slave, I will shout "Hallelujah" at the knees of a Busty Beauty.
11-04-03 01:58 PM
glencar You & me both!
11-04-03 02:10 PM
Child of the Moon Wow.

Just... wow. That's excellent news. I'm looking forward to it even more.
11-04-03 02:15 PM
glencar A whole week away.
11-04-03 02:15 PM
glencar It's like waiting for Christmas like a kid.
11-04-03 04:55 PM
Mr T "Kinda sucks that they had to go with the Hobo show, but I guess that since they did the show on that channel, they are contractually obligated to release it on a DVD."

would you wanna go through the trouble of getting pro video recordings of another show? I'm glad the HBO show is on there, I haven't seen it since January - and besides, it's not like anything they do put on there wouldn't get old eventually anyway.

this set looks amazing

What I'm wondering is, when this becomes available outside of Best Buy, could it be repackaged & have even more stuff thrown in? it wouldn't surprise me at all (they always come out with a better version after you've bought the origional). How could they make this better?
[Edited by Mr T]
11-04-03 05:55 PM
glencar Let's hope so. At $29.99, I can afford a couple of copies if need be.
11-04-03 07:28 PM
Mr T well, I doubt when it gets to stores like Sam Goody, it'll be $30. I'd expect they'd tack on another $10 - and seeing as Best Buy has a price AND timing advantage, that would *seem* like a pretty dumb move (but people have made less logical business decisions - and stores like Sam Goody definitly see no shame in ripping off costomers out of a few more bucks), so I'd imagine they'd try to add some extra crap to justify it (or maybe confuse people into thinking its an entirely different set.

hey - I just had a thought, wasn't Sam Goody sponspring this tour or something? (there was something about the fanclub) - isn't it weird that the Stones went in favor of Best Buy for this?
11-04-03 07:36 PM
glencar I've read elsewhere that Sam Goody is banning Stones product for the next 4 months.
11-04-03 10:27 PM
Mr T isn't that ironic

I'm banning Sam Goody too

and by "banning" - I mean, not giving a second thought to shopping there because their prices are ridiculous - I could care less if they put the Stones on their shelves or not
11-04-03 10:55 PM
Boomy I don't think Sam Goody is doing that. They are owned by Best Buy, so that may not be a possibility. Maybe it's FYE??? Or does Best Buy own them too?

[Edited by Boomy]
11-04-03 11:16 PM
MidnightRambler Does anybody really shop at stores like Sam Goody, FYE, Coconuts, or Borders for CDs? My God...$17 for 1 CD? That's insane. I can understand if you have no other choice and that's the only thing by you...but I NEVER consider buying a CD from those stores... That's just me...
11-04-03 11:27 PM
glencar Sam Goody is owned by the same jerks who own FYE according to last week's article.
11-04-03 11:38 PM
Boomy It's a mystery.

Can't be mystified, oh no.

Sometimes I wonder....
11-05-03 05:36 AM
egon well, i've been checking around but this dvd seems to
be costing round 63/70 euros in europe.

with the present euro/usd rate that's makes 73/80 usd

that has a completely different ring to it than
the usd 29.99 for which it sells in the US!

in fact, it rings 2.5 times different.

11-05-03 06:47 AM
nankerphelge Well I was all set to get the DVD next week and enjoy, but I have been given my marching orders and am heading off to trial once again.

I will be checking here for reviews tho. Someone has to be sure and tell me if a certain devilish ROer is in the "extras" section (since he was invited for a sit-down interview at one of the shows for possible inclusion in the DVD.)
11-05-03 07:21 AM
TomL I read somewhere on Shidoobee that there may be a seperate Toronto rocks DVD, hopefully we will not have to wait. I know someone who got an advanced copy and they are going to look for us this weekend.
11-05-03 01:07 PM
Monkey Woman
well, i've been checking around but this dvd seems to be costing round 63/70 euros in europe.

It costs a little less if you order online, actually.
I found these prices (postage included):
UK: 37.99 at (about 56 euros)
France: 59/60 Euros at,
Germany: 49 Euros at

Still not as low as in Northern American though...
11-05-03 01:56 PM
hotlicks Ordered my copy but not going to watch it until xmas's my wee treat to myself!!!!
11-05-03 06:57 PM
Dan I had been anxiously waiting for this to arrive but I STILL don't have a DVD player. Was looking around on Ebay for a region free one but the best prices are on Daewoo and I heard they don't play DVD-R's very well. I guess I could just buy any old player for the Stones DVD but I desperately need an all region player for Therapy?'s Scopophobia which is not going to be released in the U.S.

11-05-03 10:30 PM
Some Guy It is getting close and looking better each timr I hear about it. I think I will be very busy next week! Next Wednesday is gonna be a sick day!!!
11-06-03 12:02 AM
glencar i can't take a sick day but it'll be hard not playing it endlessly. I have a great home theater system./
11-06-03 03:46 PM
nankerphelge Oh I'm so fucking pumped!

Just found out that I AM NOT GOING TO TRIAL in 2 weeks.


Bring on the DVD fuckers....
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