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September 11, 2002
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Topic: Jagger's '78 Hair........ Return to archive Page: 1 2
09-05-02 04:43 PM
Soul Survivor was my favorite. I want to learn how to make my hair like that. A good example is that one pic where hes playing guitar, and he has a white Tshirt with a red tongue. I think someone here has an avatar of it. I want my hair like that. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
09-05-02 04:48 PM
Moonisup cool to have that haircut. That was the best he ever had, sharing the first place with the 1997-98 one!! Keith's hair was also great one the 97 tour! He painted it now, and because he is getting bold he covers it up!! Well I don't care, I like it anyway
09-05-02 04:51 PM
jb 89 was the worst haircut ever...78 short but cool....94 very long...
09-05-02 04:53 PM
Moonisup yeah 1989 was very bad, micks head looked very very big that time
09-05-02 04:55 PM
jb He looked like a martian!
09-05-02 04:57 PM
Moonisup ahhahaahahhaahhaha, great humour!!

09-05-02 04:57 PM
Soul Survivor I liked Keiths hair best during '72
09-05-02 05:02 PM
Moonisup Well check my avatar here and on shidoobee!!!!!
09-05-02 05:10 PM
luridchief The '78 Jagger 'do is pictured to tleft (my avatar).

'89 was the worst look he ever had. Bad hair, plus a long-sleeved 80s dress shirt tucked in like a geek. See the "Miss You" clip over at the official site for a refresher.
09-05-02 06:05 PM
Soul Survivor Yeah! It's YOUR avatar. Thats how I'm getting my hair.
09-05-02 06:06 PM
Soul Survivor Also, do you know where I can purchase a shirt thats white with the red tongue like the one Michael is wearing?
09-05-02 06:12 PM
Boomhauer Remember the 86'-87' do? Damn that was long!

I kind of like the 83' do.
09-05-02 06:20 PM
cocksucker soul survivor we already have enough elvis lookalikes so please leave mick alone.
09-05-02 06:22 PM
Prodigal Son The Keith long hair with the bangs and the blond streaks (which Joe Perry ripped off as I have talked about recently) in 1972-75 was great. Charlie's best? i dunno. The really long straight hair from 1968-71. Mick in 1978 was good too. Mick's hair has seldom been BAD except for periods in the 80s. Well, I won't go on forever.
09-05-02 06:25 PM
cocksucker my god, is this a barbershop or what!!!!!!
09-05-02 06:27 PM
Moonisup cocksucker! Let's get a beer together under the sun!!
[Edited by Moonisup]
09-05-02 06:27 PM
phantom 78-great,but I like most 94 hair.In 1989-1990 worst ever.Also in early sixties in some occasions looks nice.For B2B also good,but I love his beard most!!!
09-05-02 06:32 PM
cocksucker that's a little bit hard Moonisup. By the way I prefer the sun if you don't mind!
09-05-02 06:34 PM
Moonisup well sorry then, I'll edit it for you!!
09-05-02 06:37 PM
cocksucker thx
09-05-02 06:37 PM
Jimbo I think Micks' worst hair ever was in '86. Remember the "One Hit to the Body" video, and he had that long curly, Wizard of Oz Lion mane? Yikes!
09-05-02 06:39 PM
Soul Survivor I don't much like that one do......I think it was in '73 when he had it really short. I still think Mick looked best in '78, and Chaz looked the worst in '78
09-05-02 07:41 PM
fmk438j Worst was Micks solo tour in 88. Check the Pub show video. Biggest mullet you'll ever see. Make you queezy.
09-05-02 07:53 PM
nankerphelge The McMullet!! I love it!
09-05-02 08:15 PM
fmk438j It's strange, fashion. It's all relative. I'm sure if you were in your late teens in 1975, you would have thought the fashion of 1968 was attrocious. Becuase I'm young now, I think mid-to late 80's is the worst ever. With age though, I'll probably see it in a different light. There's a 10 year delay from when it's the best thing to when it peaks at being the worst. So in 2012, we'll be looking at today's fashion saying it sucked. maybe. But my motto is, if you're never in fashion, you're never out of fashion.
09-05-02 09:09 PM
Boomhauer has anybody here ever had a mullet?
09-06-02 06:56 AM
scull fmk438j - I think it'll be hard in 2012 to see what todays fashion is, since it all seems to be a return to the fashions of the 60s or 70s, but that's OK with me.

Boom - I don't think people with mullets even realise they got one!

09-06-02 08:30 AM
corgi37 i have always preferred micks 75 hair. it was really long and tassled. I tried to grow my hair like that, but mum would drag me off to get it cut when it exceeded her demands. Also, micks 67-68 hair was amazingly long, as long as Marianne's! Jaggers worst hair was the mullet in 88 (he toured Oz as a solo act). I agree 89 is woeful. I love keith's hair from 72 with the streaks, and 81. He managed to get sort of a "Elvis quiff, with punk undertones and of course, lack of brushing. I like it now, but i think he should lay off the perm. he's going bald (fuck it all, so am i), but a bald old geezer with beads, hooks and cutlery in his hair is kinda cool. And what happened to Charlies bald spot?
09-06-02 08:32 AM
dkmonroe OK, everybody's gonna barf, but I think the Stones looked best in 1968! They ALL had ridiculously long hair, Brian was still with them, and they all wore the wackiest bargain-basement crap you ever saw. Of course, back then those clothes were the height of glamour and they probably paid hundreds of pounds for them on Carnaby Street, but now they look like a junk explosion.

Mick's WORST outfit ever was that stupid jumpsuit-with-a-scarf he wore on the 1969 tour (in Gimme Shelter).
09-06-02 08:55 AM
Soul Survivor wrote:
was my favorite. I want to learn how to make my hair like that. A good example is that one pic where hes playing guitar, and he has a white Tshirt with a red tongue. I think someone here has an avatar of it. I want my hair like that. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

......Oi!!!!....Soulie! My fucking hair still looks like that! It aint fucking funny dude! I know I'm really fucking old, but I hate to be reminded in that fashion...Know what I mean?....You've fucking ruined the rest of my life ...THANKS!!!!!!!!! Gyppo!
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