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Topic: RESULTS ===> Contest Time!!! Setlist for the FleetCenter opening show Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
08-29-02 11:49 AM
Joey Opening song will be Gimme Shelter !

Trust me !!!!


08-29-02 12:00 PM
2 You got me rocking
3 If you can't rock me
4 Have you seen your mother baby (Standing in the shadow)
5 Donít stop
6 Out of Control
7 Stealing My Heart
8 Stray cat blues
9 Gimme shelter

10 Losing my Touch
11 The Worst

12 Paint it Black

13 Rocks Off
14 Rip this joint
15 Tumbling Dice
16 Happy
17 Torn and Frayed

18 Can't you hear me knocking
19 Hott Stuff
20 Honky Tonk Woman
21 Brown Sugar
22 You canít always get what you want
23 Sympathy for the devil

24 Jumping jack flash
08-29-02 12:06 PM
Joey OK Everyone .................after much thought and consideration , I have finally developed THE definitive set list :

2 You got me rocking
3 If you can't rock me
4 Have you seen your mother baby (Standing in the shadow)
5 Donít stop
6 Out of Control
7 Stealing My Heart
8 Stray cat blues
9 Beast of Burden

10 Losing my Touch
11 The Worst

12 Paint it Black

13 Rocks Off
14 Rip this joint
15 Tumbling Dice
16 Happy
17 Torn and Frayed

18 Can't you hear me knocking
19 Hott Stuff
20 Honky Tonk Woman
21 Brown Sugar
22 You canít always get what you want
23 Sympathy for the devil

24 Jumping jack flash

The Joey

08-29-02 12:37 PM
Big Brown Sugar 1 It's Only Rock and Roll
2 You Got Me Rocking
3 Sad Sad Sad
4 If You Can't Rock Me
5 Don't Stop
6 I Can't Turn You Loose
7 Torn and Frayed
8 Wild Horses
9 Winter b-stage
10 Heart of Stone b-stage
11 Loving Cup b-stage
12Can't You Hear Me Knocking
13 Happy
14 You Don't Have to Mean It
15 Hot Stuff
16 Miss You
17 Out of Control
18 Undercover of the Night
19 Sympathy for the Devil
20 Jumping Jack Flash
21 Satisfaction
22 Gimme Shelter
23 Street Fighting Man
24 encore Brown Sugar

08-29-02 12:45 PM
Mikey Ok, here's my list.

2. If you can't rock me
4. Sad,Sad,Sad
5. Torn & Frayed
6. Heart of Stone
7. Don't Stop
8. Out of Control
9. HTW
10. The Worst
11. Happy
12. Wild Horses -B stage
13. Mannish Boy - B stage
14. Rip This Joint -B stage
15. Tumblin Dice
16. Gimme Shelter
18. Midnight Rambler
19. Brown Sugar
20. SFM
21. JJF
22. YCAGWYW - encore

08-29-02 07:08 PM
sonicrock 1 sympathy for the devil
2 sad sad sad
3 if you can t rock me
4 stray cat blues
5 don t stop
6 honky tonk woman
7 hot stuff
8 it s only rock n roll
9gimme shelter
10 can t you hear me knockin
11 thief in the night
12 happy
13 b stage around and around
14 b stage heart of stone
15 b stage can t turn you loose
16 b stage midnight rambler
17 tumbling dice
18 torn and frayed
19 loving cup
20 you can t always get what you want
21 start me up
22 brown sugar
23 jjf
24 encore sway sway sway sway sway and sway
08-29-02 09:26 PM
parmeda Crossin' my fingers on this one....

1. Sympathy For The Devil
2. Gimme Shelter
3. Don't Stop
4. You Got Me Rocking
5. Honky Tonk Woman
6. You Can't Always Get What You Want
7. Emotional Rescue
8. Brown Sugar
9. Shattered
10. Happy
11. (B Stage) Under My Thumb
12. (B Stage) Paint It Black
13. (B Stage) It's All Over Now
14. (B Stage) Wild Horses
15. (B Stage) Manish Boy
16. Can You Hear Me Knockin'
17. Miss You
18. Tumbling Dice
19. Not Fade Away
20. Jumpin' Jack Flash
21. It's Only Rock 'n Roll
22. Dance Pt.1
23. (Encore) Satisfaction
24. (Encore) Midnight Rambler

Hey Voo...for extra bonus points can I throw you a number for the amount of bras/panties that will be thrown on the B Stage?
My guess would be: 36

08-29-02 09:39 PM

In those 36 is there any from you?
08-29-02 09:52 PM
In those 36 is there any from you?

Sorry Voo, I won't be at The Fleet Center next week. However, I'll be able to give you a head count on the 10th from The United Center...

(Oh, I can't wait!...Hmmmm, shall it be red, or maybe black lace?)
08-30-02 10:40 AM
Jumacfly well, here s mine:

2/ Heart of Stone
3/ if you can t rock me
4/ Stray cat blues
5/ Beast of Burden
6/ Sad Sad Sad
7/ don t stop
8/ gimme shelter

Keith time:

9/losing my touch
10/before they make me run

B stage
11/ Happy
12/ turd on the run
13/ tumbling dice
14/ lovin cup
15/ Rip this joint

16/ Hot Stuff
17/ salt of the earth
18/ brown sugar
19/ 19th nervous breakdown
20/ flight 505

21/ Can t you hear me knocking
22/ JJF

08-31-02 07:59 PM
ERWAN it could be this one :

1- Street Fightin'Man
2- If you can't rock me
3- Undercover of the Night
4- Sad Sad Sad
5- Honky Tonk Women
6- Loving Cup
7- Tumblin'Dice
8- Don't Stop
9- Dance pt1
10- Hot Stuff
11- Little T&A
12- Losing My Touch
13- Heart of Stone (B stage)
14- Stray Cat Blues (B stage)
15- Sway (B stage)
16- Have You Seen Your Mother
17- Gimme Shelter
18- You Got Me Rocking
19- Miss You
20- You Can't Always Get What You Want
21- Satisfaction
22- Jumping Jack Flash
23- Brown Sugar (E)
24- Salt Of The Earth (E)

It would be a great set list
09-01-02 12:23 AM
Soul Survivor Man, anyone who posts now knows the first 6 songs. That's an advantage!Er...........
09-01-02 10:36 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl You're right just in case that information comes from reliable sources. But the setlist use to be a top secret.

We didn't post the contest deadline. It will be Tuesday 11:59 A.M. PST
09-01-02 10:55 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy We should have a new contest.

"How soon is it going to take the speed poster Soul Survivor to reach 1000 posts?"

Not that I'm bashin' you, Soulie! You just post like a madman! I used to think I was fast - took me 4 months to get 350... you've been here less than a month, and by the time you get to your 1-month mark, you'll have outrun me!

-tSYX --- Little indian girl, where is your fathah?
09-01-02 10:56 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl LOL I'm howling
09-01-02 11:08 PM
Soul Survivor Well, I admit I have a little TO much time on my hands

But, what month do you think I'll reach 1000?

[Edited by Soul Survivor]
09-01-02 11:27 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Early December, Soulie.

Voodoo, can you change the names of the 1000 club so they're something besides "Rocks Off Member"s? We can name them something illustrious... something deliciously innuendous.


Joey? Maxy? I think you're the only two right now...

Ooo! I got it!

They've been spending so long getting their rocks off...

They're Sticky Fingered.

-tSYX --- steal your heart away...
09-01-02 11:28 PM
Soul Survivor How about naming it: Hot Stuff

For example:

Hot Stuff"
[Edited by Soul Survivor]
09-01-02 11:51 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Akk! Now we're *all* Rocks Off Members!

Except the 1000 Clubbers!

Are you tampering with the firmament, Unholy Trinitarians?

-tSYX --- Drop your reds, drop your greens and blues...
09-01-02 11:57 PM
Soul Survivor I feel unworthy of the title. Save it for the 1000 club............and I'll be headed there
09-02-02 12:02 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl That's why I reset it to 1 Soulie LOL

Just joking. That was a title in the control panel layout area since a long time ago when 1,000 was far to get reached. I don't think a title must be related to the number of posts but the quality and since quality cannot be measured quantitatively, I think is fair to leave it that way. But we are going to consider the titles or no titles or whatever.
09-02-02 12:34 AM
Soul Survivor I got nervous for a second dude!

Don't say that!

Just kidding

I guess your right, 1000 posts DOES show some sort of dedication though
09-02-02 01:01 AM
TomL SFM or SFTD first
09-02-02 11:16 PM
Fiji Joe 1. Start Me Up
2. Let it Rock
3. If You Can't Rock Me
4. Honky Tonk Women
5. Torn & Frayed
6. Don't Stop
7. Heart Of Stone
8. Satisfaction
9. Can't You Here Me Knockin'
10. Wild Horses
11. Happy
12. Losing My Touch

13. Sweet Little Rock n' Roller
14 Dead Flowers
15. Love In Vain
16. Midnight Rambler

17. Gomper
18. Gimme Shelter
19. Love Train
20. Jumping Jack Flash
21. Tumbling Dice
22. Brown Sugar

Encore 1 - Salt Of The Earth
Encore 2 - You Can't Always Get What You Want

Thanks to T & F for the majority of this list. But, I really think the joint will go nuts when they bust Gomper out.
09-03-02 10:57 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Just as a reminder, you have four hours to post your setlist and get your rocks off.

Contest deadline is today 11:59 A.M. PST

Good luck!
09-03-02 12:11 PM
rogerriffin I hope that today`s set list being as this:

1.It's Only Rock'n Roll
2.If You Can`t Rock Me
3.Torn & Frayed
4.Don't Stop
5.Rocks Off
6.Honky Tonk Women
7.Rock and a Hard Place
8.You Can't Always Get What You Want
9.Monkey Man
10.I Can't Turn You Loose
11.Gimmie Shelter
13.Can`t You Hear Me Knockin`
14.Slipping Away (Keith)
15.Happy (Keith)
16.Star Star (b-stage)
17.Stealing My Heart(b-stage)
18.Little Red Rooster (b-stage)
19.Start Me Up
20.Sympathy for the Devil
21.Street Fighting Man
22.Brown Sugar
24.Jumping Jack Flash(encore)
09-03-02 08:58 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl T&A you have song No. 3 twice, please confirm which is the good one or I will take the second.
09-04-02 12:38 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl THIS IS PRELIMINARY. Tomorrow I'm gonna check it again as it took a long time to make the calculations, and is late.

And the winner is...



The calculations are in this spreadsheet , it won't open like a webpage, you need to download it (i.e. right clicking the link or using your download software)
09-04-02 01:19 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Nice work, Lazy Bones!

Was I disqualified for having one song too many?

I did ask...

09-04-02 10:33 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl The results:

Lazy Bones 20
Sly 18
erikjjf 17
Rogerriffin 17
T&A 16
CS 15
moy 15
TheSavageYoungXyzzy 15
Voodoopug 15
Joey 14
Keefnmick 14
Marclaf 14
Mikey 14
Big Brown Sugar 13
quackenbush 13
shakedhandswithkeith 13
Sonicrock 13
Soul Survivor 13
Gimme Shelter 12
Mr T 12
parmeda 12
The_Cure 12
Torn&frayed 12
Fiji Joe 11
Jumacfly 11
littleredrooster 11
Masoudi 5
Beer 0
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