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Shepherds Bush Empire, London - December 11, 2001
By Richard Young

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Topic: Jagger at Leni Riefenstahl's 100th birthday party Return to archive Page: 1 2
08-28-02 01:55 PM
jb You got it SirMoonie!!!
08-28-02 02:00 PM
sirmoonie JB, who is Sergei Eisenstein? Was he a Nazi?
08-28-02 02:05 PM
jb I don't know...however, nothing can justify what this animal did....double standards do not apply to the genocide of millions of people.
08-28-02 02:17 PM
Maxlugar Someday they will be debating the same issue about all Bill Clinton's friends.



08-28-02 02:22 PM
jb ...
[Edited by jb]
08-28-02 02:31 PM
sirmoonie I agree jb, Maxy is a
[edited by sirmoonie]
08-28-02 03:03 PM
moy keith, leni and mick portraits by gottfried helnwein, keith is also a friend of leni

08-28-02 03:15 PM
jb Must you post that fuckers face here!
08-28-02 03:29 PM
Maxlugar Moonie! What am I?!?!

By the way, I really think I'm going to need to send back you SPIV donation as only four people sent in money.

It was a great idea but never really caught on for real.

Maxy tries.

Oh Lord he tries!!

I still love you all and I'm sure we'll meet up SOMEWHERE before the show.

08-28-02 03:39 PM
sirmoonie What happened to all the friggin sign ups? Jesus, what a bunch of flakes. Can't believe we couldn't pull this off. Pussies, the whole lot of you. We even had that mouthwash dude offering to buy the hootch!

Maxy, you can hand that $60 to me at the Faces and Names Lounge when I meet you there. Its in the middle of Manhattan somewhere. They have these Irish dudes slinging the suds, ER is the jukie, and Dance Pt. 1 sounds incredible when its blasting on their sound system! You can't miss the place, its right next door to Mookie's Cookie Nook.

P.S. I didn't mean to call you a
[edited by sirmoonie]
08-28-02 03:52 PM
Maxlugar I hear ya Mr. Moonie!

They'd be really bringing down my buzz if I was still a teenage Maxy!

<---- File Photo.

But I know we are all adults know with financial obligations and commitments and "Morals"...

But sweet merciful cum on a cracker it would have been fun. The best summit ever I bet!

So whatever. I'll see you at The Faces and Names Lounge. I'll be sitting next Jude feeding my liver.

08-28-02 04:36 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl We are talking about a very sensitive theme, at least for me and Iím sure for many of us. Please donít switch to a non-Stones content thread. World War II was, by far, one of the worst episodes in human history, and this is not the right place to talk about it.

Mick is also a filmmaker, so being friends does not mean they think the same way. After all, she is very special and must be interesting in person.

As you know we are tolerant, we recently have left some discussions, fights and other irrelevant things because this is a free world, as long as we donít deteriorate the essence of the board, and it is the Rolling Stones.
08-28-02 04:41 PM
Moonisup ok
08-28-02 06:08 PM
Soul Survivor "Get Your Leeds Lungs Out" -

Mick Jagger, 1971
08-28-02 06:12 PM
Maxlugar I hear ya Voodoo!

Leftist politics have no place here.

"I'm gonna go take a shit..." - Mick Jagger LA '75.
08-28-02 06:21 PM
nankerphelge No SPIVie ride? I am heartbroken.
We need a SPIV telethon.
08-28-02 06:30 PM
sirmoonie sp....i....v...

help me

08-28-02 06:36 PM
Maxlugar Holy shit!

Someone call a doctor quickly!

Mr. Moonie needs 10cc's of Dirty Work QUICK!!

The man has lost the will to go on!

Oh I hate to see this!!!


08-28-02 06:38 PM
Sir Stonesalot OK, no let's just meet up someplace for food and spirits, and then take over Gazza's room, and get thrown out.

Hopefully, some old fuckin' bag will ride on an elevator with us....heh heh heh.
08-28-02 06:44 PM
lotsajizz sirmoonie--you know me by Sean--I hide behind nothing...(so what's your name?) now when you can ID Eisenstein and explain why Stalin was somehow better than Hitler ('Dirty Work' link there triviaheads!) than maybe your name calling will appear less misguided, you represent PC gone amok
08-28-02 06:49 PM
F505 That's an impressive number of posts you have there Stonesalot
08-28-02 06:54 PM
Sir Stonesalot I'm about 500 behind Maxykins....
08-28-02 07:01 PM
sirmoonie Sean Baby!!!! You Jizzemnasium!! Why didn't you say it was you man! I would never accuse you of having a low IQ, you friggin Libertarian you! I love you man, even though it is YOU who is one of the most PC person I have ever encountered on these boards. (Except for your views on god. For that stuff you are just going to hell. Sorry.)

My name is Neil.

Now are you going to tell me who Eisenstein is?

Can't believe you called me PC...been called a lot of things but never that. Man.

P.S. Fuck [???]. C'mon man, say it with me "Fuck [???]" C'mon now, I see a little smile there, c'mon now "Fuck...." Yes, my boy! Way to go!!!! Feels good don't it. Ahhhhhhh.........

Oops, little typo. Man this edit bit is nifty.
[Edited by sirmoonie]
08-28-02 07:05 PM
Riffhard Oh I was looking so forward to the SPIV.I,however,am such a looser.I am not worthy of even posting on this glorious site.Lord,I have sinned against you!I swore my allgience to the SPIV party,but alas,I bagged out.I have none to blame but myself,and my wife,and my kids,and my finances,and various other reasons which I will think of later.

All I can do is hope that the fine folks in this forum will find it in your hearts to forgive.Spare a thought for the hard working Riffhard.

I would still love to get together at a pub prior to the Garden show and get sufficiently innebriated.Let's drink to good and the evil.

Riffhard-Guilt ridden sack 'o shit who in his own way blew the SPIV party for all those who deserved the glory of it.

[Edited by Riffhard]
08-28-02 07:05 PM
sirmoonie Oh yeah, Stalin was better than Hitler because he was on our side, not the bad side. Like Hitler was. The bad side that is. Hitler was on the bad side and we and Stalin were on the good side. I read that somewheres.
08-28-02 07:25 PM
lotsajizz And peace and love to you Brother Sirmoonie; a pox on all Nazis I agree with--and Communists too---but I will not condemn her artistic skill's utlization in the service of even such a horrible cause anymore than I will condemn those of the Hollywood elite for supporting Sergei Eisenstein, Soviet film maker following the Bolshevik revolution who glorified the Soviet revolution..anyway, God (doesn't exist), this is getting far afield from the Stones...and I still can't remember that Dirty Work song!! "Stalin and Roosevelt...both took their chances" Help me out here guys! 144 hours 'till Fleet Center!!!! Peace to you Sirmoonie,
08-28-02 11:40 PM
glencar Stalin=Hitler. Nada difference. The woman is 100 years old. Geez! Mick's always been interested in history & film & politics. I'm not mad at him for this. But I had better hear CYHMK next week!
[Edited by glencar]
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