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Topic: San Mamés, Bilbao - June 25 - Setlist, Pix and reviews Return to archive Page: 1 2
06-25-03 04:36 PM
steel driving hammer Elwood: The Band.

Jake: The Band?

Elwood: The Band.

Jake: THE BAND!!

So far from IORR,
Bilbao is now the capital of Stonesland...

Bilbao is a relatively small city, and when it is flooded with Stones fans from all over the region, the city is packed! You can see Stones T-shirts everywhere. Every single bar up to 10 blocks from San Mames stadium is totally packed, and people are flooding into the streets of course.

It seems like every fan has got their own T-shirt.
As the show in 1998 was cancelled, and I was may be the
only fan among a handful others that made it to Bilbao
after the cancelled Milan show, I did not expect that many BTB shirts, but there are lots... Later today, I found out why. Every side street of San Mames stadium is packed with
bootleg T-shirts. They cost 10 Euro, i.e. 1/3 of official price. Still the official merchandise stands are crowded.

I arrived into Bilbao through Madrid, having +35C, i.e. 100 F, but luckily Bilbao is cloudy, and the drizzle just started. The temperature today has been something like +22 C. Even if I hate rain, I think it is god for the show,
as it keeps the band able to perform rather than sweat,
and the same goes for the crowd.
06-25-03 07:23 PM
steel driving hammer From

1. Brown Sugar
2. Start Me Up
3. You Got Me Rocking
4. Don't Stop
5. Angie
6. You Can't Always Get What You Want
7. Can't You Hear Me Knocking
8. Tumbling Dice
--- Introductions
9. Slipping Away (Keith)
10. Before They Make Me Run (Keith)
11. Sympathy For The Devil
12. I Just Want To Make Love To You (B-stage)
13. Street Fighting Man (B-stage)
14. Like A Rolling Stone (B-stage)
15. Gimme Shelter
16. It's Only Rock'n Roll
17. Honky Tonk Women
18. Satisfaction
19. Jumping Jack Flash (encore)

19 songs? I really thought Spain was going to get something special. Well in a way they did, the Stones!
06-25-03 08:12 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy To hear "Can't You Hear Me Knocking", in what was probably either twilight or right before sunset, in a giant stadium with 60,000 other folks, listening to that kind of crazy proto-Cuban beat in the second section, and The Solo Mk. II, ahhhhhhhhhhh.

-tSYX --- You got plastic boots...
06-25-03 08:53 PM
Angiegirl Well, it was a smaller stadium, only 37,500. Does that make your fantasy better or worse? Lol .
06-25-03 09:02 PM
steel driving hammer Also 6 songs were long, the show started late and they have to obey curfew.
06-25-03 10:35 PM
Angiegirl wrote:
Well, it was a smaller stadium, only 37,500. Does that make your fantasy better or worse? Lol .

Depends. Who's buying the drinks?

-tSYX --- Chill me, freeze me...
06-25-03 10:47 PM
riffhard64 was that the first time for "Street Fighting Man" on the b-stage?
06-25-03 11:01 PM
riffhard64 wrote:
was that the first time for "Street Fighting Man" on the b-stage?

No, third I think. (First time they did it, it was sandwiched between "I Just Wanna Make Love To You" and "Midnight Rambler". Think about THAT for a minute...)

I'm really curious as to how it works on the poop deck. Could be great.
06-25-03 11:09 PM
06-25-03 11:20 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl jagger cancelled the hotel reservation in Bilbao due to the local terrorism and they traveled in two Mercedes from the airport to San Mamés

06-25-03 11:26 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl LOL from another newspaper, and again a MINI PHOTO!!!

06-25-03 11:26 PM
06-25-03 11:30 PM
06-26-03 12:14 AM
littleredrooster Steelie you jump on me for bitchin about 19 songs!!!!
on my IORR post????


It was YOUR first BITCH!!!on RO!!!!!
But your Bitchin' G string has me pardoning you!


The Rightous Rooster

[Edited by littleredrooster]
06-26-03 06:01 AM
RubyFriday de Rafa Rivas

06-26-03 06:20 AM
Backseat Rhythm Woohoo!!!!!! Fantastic performance, what can I say? I didn't imagine they were goin' to kick my ass so much.


06-26-03 06:29 AM
moy lol i was about to post them

[Edited by moy]
06-26-03 06:31 AM
luxury1 Mick and Keith in matching lavendar again? My, my, those Glimmer Twins. I love it.
06-26-03 06:38 AM
06-26-03 08:03 AM
steel driving hammer GREAT shots!!

Doesn't the backround of this tour have Still Life 81-82 feel?
06-26-03 08:09 AM
steel driving hammer Did I tell you my Dad smuggled a $600 bottle of red wine from Spain and gave it to me?

Mick Jagger, left and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones perform during the first concert date of their Spanish tour at the San Mames stadium in Bilbao, Spain.
06-26-03 08:14 AM
steel driving hammer

On them bending knees again...
06-26-03 09:19 AM
Honky Tonk Man Yeah, but why does he do that? One day he will do it and not be able to get up again! lol
06-26-03 09:44 AM
steel driving hammer LOL true.

There was some video I saw a few days ago of him running on this tour. Forgot what city but he was running on a side ramp like Mick.

Maybe all he does today is smoke and have a few drinks, it ain't all that bad.
06-26-03 10:06 AM
steel driving hammer

06-26-03 10:07 AM
jb Looks like about 28,325 attended....but they looked enthusiatic.
06-26-03 10:13 AM
Honky Tonk Man I think i remember him running at Giants Stadium. That was a sight! Of course, i may be mistaken!

Drinking and smoking? My two favourite social and non social activites

06-26-03 10:25 AM
steel driving hammer I don't think there's a better combination than,

Man and Woman.

Mick and Keith.

Cigarettes and Alcohol.

What I Said.
06-26-03 12:03 PM
luxury1 wrote:
Mick and Keith in matching lavendar again? My, my, those Glimmer Twins. I love it.

No kidding Lux!
I see Mick had on my red coat on the catwalk.

(I have to have one. The fringe is to die for! And wouldn't it go great with a sleek black dress? )

Great pictures usual

06-26-03 12:17 PM
steel driving hammer A little video/news cast of last night I can't understand.

But I sure like Mick dancing and I don't mean maybe Come On.,30
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