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The New barbarians Backstage - May 1979?
or The Emotional Rescue Sessions - Compass Point Studios, Nassau February 1979 ??
By Henry Diltz

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06-17-02 01:17 AM
Boomhauer I have no idea where people are getting this information about a 3-CD greatest hits set. It is supposedly set for release on August 17, which is a Saturday!!!!

Doesn't make any sense right there. All new releases come out on a Tuesday. Looks like someone had some free time.
06-17-02 05:14 AM
MRD8 You can read the article in its entirety on StonesDoug's board at click on 40th Anniversary Tour then Stones New Album(3CD Set) was originally printed on contains a short interview with Mick then the song list of the three CD's...if its a hoax somebody did a heck of a job on it! According to them the two new songs are the before mentioned Don't Stop, which is actually titled Don't Know How To Stop...and a new Keith ballad called Where Can I Meet You...only two new songs instead of the four we'd heard about earlier...why am I getting a bad feeling about this whole CD/tour?
06-17-02 07:55 AM
Stonesdoug This whole post was a scam--rev20redlights was just pulling everone's legs/.
06-17-02 09:04 AM
Mr T if they only put out 2 songs - then the next album better come out way faster. I mean, they have enough for one already. - why only 2?
06-17-02 10:28 AM
Boomhauer Two is such a bullshit number; 4 is better!

There has got to be at least four numbers.
06-17-02 10:50 AM
L&A Maybe they'll put 2 new songs on the CD, 1 other new song on a single, and 1 for a DVD... A good way to increase sales !

By the way, MRD8 wrote: "why am I getting a bad feeling about this whole CD/tour?"
I also feel it... Take a look at the list:

CD1 - King Bee - Time is on My Side - Little Red Rooster - As Tears Go By - Ruby Tuesday - No Expectations - You Got The Silver - Wild Horses - Dead Flowers - Angie - Times Wait For No One - Memory Motel - Miss You - Beast Of Burden - Waiting on a Friend - Where Can I Meet You

CD2 - The Last Time - Heart Of Stone - Mother's Little Helper - Paint it Black - Under My Thumb - Let's Spend The Night Together - She's a Rainbow - Honky Tonk Women - Gimme Shelter - You Can't Always Get What You Want - Tumbling Dice - Happy - Shattered - She's So Cold - Rock and a Hard Place - Love is Strong

CD3 - Satisfaction - Get Off Of My Cloud - 19th Nervous Breakdown - Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (Standing in The Shadow) - Jumping Jack Flash - Sympathy For The Devil - Street Fighting Man - Brown Sugar - Bitch - It's Only Rock'n'Roll (But I Like it) - Start Me Up - Undercover Of The Night - One Hit (To The Body) - You Got Me Rocking - Flip The Switch - Don't Know How To Stop

That means:
CD1 Ballads and slow numbers: "we play nostalgia"
CD2 Various Styles: "we can play everything"
CD 3 Rock Classics: "we are wild rockers"

I really don't like that kind of marketing...
06-17-02 10:50 AM
Jumacfly Hi guys,

this post is a beautiful joke!!!!

don t believe the hype as they said....
06-17-02 12:30 PM
KeepRigid Aside from the forced interview (who puts one out that quickly?), I thought it was a better job at guessing the tracklisting than most of the Hot Rocks rehashes we've seen posted.

But, what exactly is everyone expecting? Mick's on record as saying it'll be their 'most famous songs', yet we've got fans complaining that Miss You is on it and Neighbors isn't.

Btw, nice title- whoever came up with it.
06-17-02 07:50 PM
gypsy What? You mean "Neighbors" isn't on the new "Warhorses" CD?! WTF?!

By the way, Keep, that pic is on time! Gotta luv P. Diddy!
06-17-02 08:47 PM
Sir Stonesalot No, I don't "gotta love P. Diddy".

In fact, I have absolutely no opinion on the guy at all.

He is totally beneath my radar.

I wonder if he did anal with Jennifer Lopez? I would have to say, that if he did indeed drive up the Hershey Highway with JLo, I would certainly have to admire that.

06-17-02 09:00 PM
gypsy JLo looks like she'd be a three-input kind of, yeah, I bet they did have butt sex...
06-17-02 09:13 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yeah, I admiration to D.Piddly.

It takes a hard man to deal with an ass like that one.
06-17-02 09:30 PM
Nellcote Er, excuse my inquiry Sir Stonesalot, however,
might I make the suggestion that your abandonment of
your prior title as "Cardinal" may now have shown itself
of it's possible real longing? Is this the Royals coming forward with the desire to keep all fair damsels in happiness by injection?

Just wondering....
06-17-02 10:04 PM
gypsy P Diddy did a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" called "Stairway to Harlem." Now, word has it that he is going to rip off a Stones song! On the MTV boards, they are saying that P. Diddy is teaming up with Ja Rule and Master P for a re-make of the Stones classic "Midnight Rambler!"
06-17-02 10:07 PM
Mr T except it will be called "Midnight Hustler Bitch Slapper"
06-17-02 10:11 PM
gypsy There's no word on the title yet...but, it will be dedicated to the late Christopher Wallace (aka "Notorious B.I.G.) and Li'l Kim has just been added to do some background vocals and a rap...
06-17-02 10:13 PM
Mr T wrote:
except it will be called "Midnight Hustler Bitch Slapper"

Nah. 'Midnight Ho Mo Fo'.
06-17-02 10:27 PM
gypsy Also, my sources tell me that there is going to be a dis against the late great Tupac Shakur! This is a sad sad day...
06-17-02 10:49 PM
Mr T wai a second.. you were serious?!?!
06-17-02 11:22 PM
Boomhauer I saw that Stonesdoug said that the new album is going to be called "War Horses" and will be 3 discs.

I wonder if it will still be 40 songs or more? Maybe the 3 discs allows for the full length versions of all the songs.

Oh yeah, here's a bummer. Looks like only 2 new songs.
She-iiiiiit! I was hoping for at least 4. Where is this "can" with hundreds of songs they have?
06-17-02 11:34 PM
MP let us just hope this is a bloody joke
06-18-02 08:25 AM
Sir Stonesalot It's a bloody joke.

The 3 CD thing, the P.Diddly's all a joke.

Check out StonesDoug's post earlier in this thread.
06-18-02 02:50 PM
KeepRigid Doug later said that it WILL be a 3-cd release, and also confirmed that the rumoured (new) song and album titles are legit. (If true, I'm still not sure why someone went to the trouble of faking a scoop to deliver some real news.)

Haven't heard anything about a 'Midnight Rambler' redux, but looking at the other stuff he's covered, it wouldn't surprise me if it panned out.
06-18-02 04:14 PM
gypsy I only said I had heard it on MTV. But, it's not as if MTV is as reliable as, say KSHE. But, Puffy does have a tendency to slaughter a lot of classic rock songs, so I wouldn't put it past him!
06-18-02 05:10 PM
Boomhauer He fucked up "Kashmir"(I think his version was called "Come With Me") and Jimmy Page even played with him on that!
06-18-02 06:11 PM
Mr T the title is pretty cool
06-18-02 06:15 PM
Mr T actually, the title rocks

as far as P Daddy Puff or whatever his name is - nobody thought Briteny Spears would actually do Satisfaction - and she did. Plus, this can't POSSIBLY be as terrible as that - hell, I'd almost PAY to hear Puffy screw that song up

if he's smart he's sample the Ya-Ya's version
06-18-02 10:41 PM
Boomhauer So if the tour is gonna be called "War Horses" too, are they gonna change the logos to?

And also, when we got our e-mails from about the Paris recordings, they said they were going to launch a new site. What the F##K?! is a new site! Here is what
the Stones and need to do:

1)SHow us the damn pictures of the STones in the studio

2)Tell us when "War Horses" is due in stores

3)Tell us if there will be a box set and/or new album coming out in 2003

4)Stop adding new shows in cities that already have 3 shows now; do it after you get some reviews of the other shows, then put them up.

5)Please tell us there is more than 2 new songs on "war horses" (unless they are saving some for a future album)

6)They say it is just the beginning of the site, well not anymore. Keep the people who are buying tickets informed, damn it! We need news, news, news!
06-18-02 11:01 PM
Mr T I doubt they'll call the tour WarHorses - but for a CD, I like that name every time I hear it.

The tour will more likely be named after their age/40th anniversary, etc - something commemorative.
06-18-02 11:11 PM
KeepRigid "5)Please tell us there is more than 2 new songs on "war horses" (unless they are saving some for a future album)"

If they are cutting the number of new songs down to two, I suspect they will release a new album next year- perhaps to coincide with the next leg of the tour.

"I doubt they'll call the tour WarHorses - but for a CD, I like that name every time I hear it."

I can see them working the title in somehow (ie. Warhorses of the Road; Warhorses and Garage Shit; etc.)...rather than something as plain as '40th Anniversary'. Keith would probably take to the stage astride a fucking stallion if they'd let him.

And yes, it's a very clever title for an album of their 'most famous songs'...and, again, I imagine Keith is very pleased with the militant tone.
[Edited by KeepRigid]
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