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Estadio Anoeta, San Sebastián, 23rd June 2007
© Diario Vasco thanks Jeep and Estela
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Topic: Stade de France, St-Denis, Paris 16th June 2007 - Setlist, Photos & Reviews Return to archive Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
17th June 2007 12:26 AM
sweetcharmedlife Thanks to Gazza and everybody else for the ringside seats to these shows from 7000 miles away......It's like being on a game show. Were sorry Mr. SCL,you do not win the grand prize of front row seats at the 02. But we do have some lovely parting gifts for you.............Tell him what he's won Johnny.........Well,he has won a front row seat in front of his computer, to follow the latest tour of the greatest Rock & Roll Band in history...I"LL TAKE IT...Tanks everybody.....Bring on Lyon.
17th June 2007 12:27 AM
mrhipfl great pix! An I'm glad to hear Keith's doing fine. I just got back from a Rush concert. Great gig!
17th June 2007 01:37 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl AP Photo/Christophe Ena

Thanks Estela!
17th June 2007 01:38 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Fotos: APF

17th June 2007 01:55 AM
mrhipfl Saint Sway will be content!
17th June 2007 02:15 AM
sonicrock thanks everybody for all those infos
17th June 2007 05:04 AM
LadyJane wrote:
I will also post commentary from our own Sweet Virginia who is in Paris.


Ooh la la!
17th June 2007 06:18 AM
Jeep Video report on LCI, french news TV:,,3471706,00-stones-ont-enflamme-stade-france-.html
17th June 2007 07:01 AM
nikkibong Why of why did the Stones lower themselves enough to hire the abysmal Starf*cker, or what, was it Starsailor, to open for them? Perhaps to make them sound better? Either way, this was NOT the band to open for the Stones: while to the Stones play blues-based *rock n roll*, Starshitter focuses mainly more on the sort of testosterone-less, souless, colourless, passioneless tripe that has been exported from the UK over the past 5 or so years. (Think Keane, Coldplay et al.) Either way, my friend and I (we were FOS Ronnie's side) had a good time taking a few jabs at the opening act and generally biding our time until the REAL show could begin. Oh,and the nominally male lead singer of StarStar has a bigger chest than Lisa Fischer . . .

Anyway, we've got a show to do. The Rolling Stones. The World's Greatest Rock N Roll Band - or rather, a sort of tribute to the World's Greatest Rock N Roll Band. Now, I never thought I'd say this, but here goes: Ronnie Wood is now a BETTER guitarist than Keith Richards. There, roll that one around your tongue for a bit. Feels strange doesn't it? But it's true, I'm afraid. It was Ronnie Rembrandt Wood that made All Down the Line, Can't You Hear Me Knocking, and She Was Hot the highlights of the evening. It was Keith who barely played a lick during CYHMK and Waiting on a Friend. (Though that one could have more appropriately been called Waiting on a Guitar - the sound was unbearably thin. Or perhaps waiting on Chuck Leavell.) Keith did come alive for a few numbers: he suddenly awoke during IORR and did his job to great affect. Tumbling Dice (yep, I still love it!) featured some nice riffage from the all-too-human riff as well. Out of deference to my hero, I won't critique his set.

Anyway, again as in Nijmegen, I had a great time: the atmosphere in FOS was superb. I was standing next to some young 'Forty Licks fans,' some French guys about my age, and they had a great time during the 'interesting' part of the show. They were really digging She Was Hot and Knockin'! I don't understand why more of the casual fans don't act this way: why are so many incapable of enjoying a song they've never heard before?

Now a few random thoughts:

1) When did Wanna Hold You become I Wanna Hold You? Even Keith called it by that incorrect name! Wait, maybe that doesn't mean that much . . .

2) I finally got my wish and this is now the UNDERCOVER Tour - two songs from that great album as opposed to one from A Bigger Bust! Only 24 years late . . .

3) Keith walked over to Blondie on JJF (Blondie was playing ELECTRIC) and they did some of the "ancient form of weaving." Yes, Keith, and Blondie Chaplin. Oh. My. God.

4) The cover, I Go Crazy, should be called I Go Lazy. There are no guitars whatsoever. Pure Vegas. And Lisa, as Dean Goodman put it, "wailing like an American Idol contestant." Drop it, please!

5) Yep, I even found myself enjoying YGMR again. What's become of me? Can I enroll in StonesTod's remedial Stonesfan class? Any openings left?

6) Can I stop this now?

See you in Bucharest!
17th June 2007 08:42 AM
PartyDoll MEG Someone actually captured "the wave" yesterday-lol

17th June 2007 09:53 AM
Jeep Another video report :

17th June 2007 10:26 AM
maumau actually there's a complete video report (more than 20mins in 1minute long clips) that i found on IORR (heavy download)

and then my take on that

toomuchforme Wrote:
> see this
> []

first thank for the link
second of course those 20 or so 1 minute clips from the concert are a small portion of the show so that one cannot honestly make a steady opinion on that (expecially because some "core issue moments" are missing...)
1 the clips are very good quality (better than most of the cell clips found on youtube - werchet, nijmengen)
2 the angle is very good to have a glimpse to what happen on stage
3 the sound is pretty good
i am baffled
I hear keith is having trouble with the first chords of CYHMK and it takes a while to get the song going. Mick, on his part, enters with the wrong line.
The rest of the clips for me show a pretty damn good band on stage (given that i cant stand anymore the way HTW and SFTD are performed). Also he has a "strange way" to intro SWH, but i dont know how much you can say it is "f+++ up")
Someone hear (on IORR) posted that Keith has barely played last night
So the person who took these clips must have been very lucky, because Keith is driving thru (CYHMK is interesting in that Keith screws the intro but is clearly the man in charge and they all wait for him to get it going so at the same time a bad and a good sign, but to me more good because it seems he is not so carried along as i thought by reports)
I literally have shivers on the intro of happy which i cant describe other than "more than nailed" (and make sme wonder again why some people here quotes the f+++ up intros and then dont quote something like this, makes me wonder if they take for granted or if they cannot be "shivered" anymore). I like to be shivered by the stones and that 1-2-3 riff did that to me.
Someone hear will tell me that I am in denial now but what I am talking about here is my perception of those clips (strictly)
so i hear Chuck enter the intro of LSTNT a little shy and keith coming in to sustain and support with a good riff (not hampton 82 but still, i think is good)
i hear keith leading hard Rough Justice and IORR also It's all over now seems very good and rhythm guitar driven.
SMU seems good as usual (i.e. IOW "official" clip)
i see him playing acoustic on rough justice and she was hot (which is fine with me as it just add something in the back of the songs, in most of the other clips is on stage doing BV or playing maracas (actually is backing mick in that during CYHMK). of course i havent seen/heard the rest but these 20mins of the concert makes me wonder and have a "reasonable doubt" about the "keith as disaster" sentence of some eyewitnesses.

[Edited by maumau]
[Edited by maumau]
17th June 2007 03:19 PM
open-g Here's some of my shots
It was friggin' great, enjoyed it very much and it got a smile
back to my face, after the lame and soundwise disgusting Frankfurt show.

as a reminder this is Frankfurt

and now P-A-R-I-S, yeah

17th June 2007 04:21 PM
PartyDoll MEG Thanks open-g for posting...Great photos!!
P.S.I was gonna copy them from IORR, if you didn't post them anyway
17th June 2007 05:17 PM
PartyDoll MEG wrote:
Thanks open-g for posting...Great photos!!
P.S.I was gonna copy them from IORR, if you didn't post them anyway

you're always welcome to do that, but I'll save you the effort when I can.
17th June 2007 05:21 PM
UGot2Rollme Just back from Paris, another very good show, certainly worth it - some random info and thoughts:

1. CYHMK - the intro may have been off, but the rest of the tune was bliss, with Keith adding nice rhythm "knocks", great interplay between Mick and Keith during the last part of the harmonica solo, where they faced off toward the back of the stage. Of course a super solo from Ronnie as already noted.

2. You Got Me Rockin on B stage was probably the highlight, Keith teased us towards the end with power riffs, Mick was going off, add libbing, great crowd reaction

3.. I Go Crazy - Lisa's moment into the sax solo was pure bliss

4. Waiting on a Friend - was beautiful, guitars were subtle, just Mick out their with excellent backing vocals

5. Keith was playing very well on Sympathy (unlike Zurich last year) and his intro into Satisfaction was very cool - heavy feedback. I really liked his set, he definitely connected with the crowd.

6. Didn't know Mick was fluent in French. He spoke alot to the crowd, but very little in English.

7. Crowd was enthusiastic, but front of stage was far from full, creating a strange scene with the back of stage standing room packed, so when Mick came over to the sides, he was greated by only about 5 rows of people standing..

8. We were in Circle of Gold seats, Bruce Willis about 5 rows in front of us enjoying the whole show. (Noticed him sitting on some fast ones, though)

Overall, there were some weak Keith moments, and I worry a bit.., but still our Love is Strong and the Stones continue to Keep on Rollin!
17th June 2007 06:47 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Based on your comments seems that Paris was really a great show! Great pics Open-G, apparently the first is from Frankfurt, am I right? ANyway in Josh words "Wide Open"
17th June 2007 06:48 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl LOL forget it, I already saw the pic footer and yes, it is Frankfurt!
17th June 2007 06:49 PM
Flairville Finally arrive home after a 3 hour delay and a 2.5 hour delay on the way there, don't fly with Flybe!
The show was brilliant, I was very worried about seeing Keith but he was fine and played great. Ronnie excelled himself all night. The setlist was a dream. There was a lot of room in the FOS area I ran around dancing for the entire show , there really was that much room. Massive thanks to Sessions Martin, Paulywaul, Beast and the rest of the gang for making me feel so welcome. After hearing CYHMK, Waiting On A Friend, She Was Hot, Its All Over Now etc I could have sworn I'd seen a clubshow.
Bring on Slane and 02!! Finally guys, stop worrying about Keith I'm sure it's just the ale! Ben
17th June 2007 07:49 PM
Lord (Hetero) Was the Paris stage different? That "roof" over them; those yellow joists?
It seems that Keith was allright in Paris. But some posts are making a huge deal from the fact that he was adequate - that he did not fuck up
Happy" intro.
17th June 2007 07:49 PM
MRD8 New on DIME this evening:


Lineage : Mic->Sharp MD-MT99 (LP2)->Cool Edit Pro 2.0
->Trader's little helper->Flac (level 5)->You!
Taped by titoux45

Set-list :

01 intro
02 let's spend the night together
03 rough justice
04 all down the line
05 she was hot
06 waiting on a friend
07 can't you hear me knocking
08 i'll go crazy
09 tumbling dice + band intro
10 happy
11 wanna hold you
12 it's only rock and roll (to b-stage)
13 it's all over now (b-stage)
14 you got me rocking (b-stage)
15 honky tonk women (to main stage)
16 sympathy for the devil
17 (i can't get no) satisfaction
18 brown sugar
19 jumpin jack flash
20 outro

This is the second recording i do, sound is not excellent but very listenable,
my micro was made with my hand, i used a micro for computer i changed a little, then i thank
it would be poor but finely not !
I was on the back of the stadium, on the sitted places, we hear a few persons speaking
between the songs, but not during the songs.

It was my first show of the rolling stones, I got my ticket last years but I cannot go to rescheduled concert, and I couldn't go to paris during the forty licks tour I was so young and father didn't want to go with me, I believed I'd never see them ! It was a great evening, the rain stoped for the show, even if the stadium was not full, I find the puclic very sympathic. I'm sorry for my english, I'll try to improve it....

I have recorded a part of the show of starsailor, but not the complete set of them, if somebody is interested in this, who send me a pm, i'll uploaded it.

I hope you'll enjoy it.

18th June 2007 04:25 AM
wane Hi all, please find my pics of Paris show, just follow the link and please feel free to let a comment...(better to see it 'Larger')

More to come with San Sebastian show next week (if the good Lord...etc...etc...)



18th June 2007 07:08 AM
Pierre Paris ! I arrived in the Stade de France around 18h30. The rain fell around 17h
but suddenly, by miracle, the sky was cleared up.

Present in the same place in 2005 for U2 concert in a SDF full like an egg, we
notice rather quickly that the Stade de France is not sold out. The high bench
are neutralized and covered with black tarpaulin with the Rolling Stones tongue.
The huge galleries closer to the scene, formerly filled by U2 fans are
completely empty. The french newspaper “le Parisien” and “France Info Radio”
talks about 45.000 to 55.000 spectators for this evening. That’s must be true.

We only attend the any end of Starsailor show, the sound was clear.The singer is
excellent, but the mission is impossible.... The band is obviously happy to be
here, opening for the Stones. Starsailor receives a real ovation, deserved I

21h20. Here they are. A riff is piercing the sky, Start me up !. The second
miracle is there, Stones are back in Paris, in 2007, after 45 years of career,
onstage in front of my eyes. Stones, citizens of the world. The sound is clear
and powerful, it is a good surprise. I will remember a long time the
interrogative murmurs and sometimes the mocking laughs (cruel with my owns ears)
which punctuate this beginning of the show all around me. Until CYHMK, Keith was
lost. Purely groping. Mick keeps the house, and Ronnie is very concentrated.
Rough Justice is quite good, all Down The Line too. Very powerful version. With
She Was Hot, a little wobbly, Stones confirm resolutely rock'nroll show option.
Love that. Mick is perfect, but occupies less space. It remains most of the time
in the center of the stage, guard of the fort and band cohesion, close to Keith
and Ronnie. Keith disappears durably from the screens. Waiting on a Friend is a
little disappointing version with my taste, rather dull. It misses the sweetened
nonchalance of the original version. But CYHMK atomic version, great Ronnie on
this one.

2 days later, I still find with difficulty the words to describe the homage paid
to James Brown. Lisa is really a great great singer. I'll Go Crazy play the
Stones. The audience too. Ovation. Perfect Tumbling Dice, with this evening the
New Orleans magic groove The set of Keith ? I kept in memory the splendid
version of Happy in Rio in 2006. The version of this evening is only one very
pale copy. The variation is abysmal. Nothing good, the song and the play of
Keith is catastrophic. Same thing during Wanna Hold You. The moment is painful.
Mick return for a very good IORR, B-stage witj It' S All Over Now ! I am 15
years old, and Jagger is a genius, You Got Me Rocking (average version) and
Honky Tonk Women which charms the assistance. A true shock on Sympathy For The
Devil. The lights are superb, Mick overhangs the scene and crowd. The guitars
are trenchant, perfect tempo. Satisfaction ! Keith is on the left and plays,
still and still. Mick seems surprised, he can’t sing the refrain. But the final
is very good. Rock' N roll in Paris . Keith completely misses Brown Sugar intro.
The bomb is defused. Too bad. A recall and only one, Jumpin' Jack Flash, but a very very good one. JJF is really the greatest rock' n roll song of all times.

It is already finished. Ovation for the 4 Stones. I look at the stage thatroadies already start to dismount. Will they come back in Paris ?

Pierre "Rob" TWIS
18th June 2007 07:30 AM
luxury1 I believe Mick's little bolero jacket is a L'Wren creation--Too Much Blood?? He's a good boyfriend...
18th June 2007 07:36 AM
PartyDoll MEG Here is a short clip of I'll go Crazy..Mick!!!!!

18th June 2007 07:39 AM
PartyDoll MEG Waiting on a Friend...

18th June 2007 11:18 AM
open-g Ah, nice to see my picture as todays header.

I haven't had the honour before
18th June 2007 12:19 PM
Straycat87 Thanks a lot for the report, the videos and the pics (and, as I'm a TWIS, a special thanks to Wane !)
I was at this show : brilliant (awesome Mick, perfect Charlie, great Ronnie. Very good Keith when he was in the show but sometimes, he seems to be real lost (lacks of concentration and/or memory problems ?)...
Anyway great show, audience on fire ; unforgettable rock'n'roll night ! onem ore time. And hoping it won't be the last time...
18th June 2007 12:48 PM
18th June 2007 01:45 PM
Straycat87 Yep !!!
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