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06-06-02 04:14 PM
CS Tricks are involved in getting good tickets
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He couldn't get no satisfaction.

Last month, Scott McClure of Des Moines was forced to navigate a maddening labyrinth of clubs, Web sites and phone calls just to try to buy a pair of Rolling Stones concert tickets - and he still came up empty.

The failure derailed his quarter-century record of attending every Stones tour.

"They're my favorite band, ever, since my first show in "78," said the diehard fan, also the manager of Peeples Music in Des Moines.

McClure's frustrating experience, which is being shared by an increasing number of concertgoers, began in early May. He sat in front of his computer and wrangled online for more than five hours to buy tickets to the Stones" Sept. 16 concert at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago.

First, he used his credit card to pay a $60 membership fee to a club that bought him the mere chance to purchase a pair of Stones tickets before they went on sale to the public. The face value of an individual ticket, at $50, was cheaper than the fee.

No luck, though. He couldn't get out of the online traffic jam.

So McClure gave up and went to bed, learning once again that you can't always get what you want.

The next day he waited on the phone for two hours to speak to a getAccess operator, cancel his membership and receive a refund.

"It used to be all doctors and lawyers who got Stones tickets," McClure griped. "This time it's computer geeks."

Had he gotten a ticket, McClure would have paid the $60 membership fee, $50 face value, a Ticketmaster service charge, a fee to the ballroom and sales tax - more than double the original price for the "privilege" of buying early, the privilege of wanting a ticket badly enough.

The privilege of being a rock fan in 2002.

It was so much simpler in 1978, when McClure's first Stones concert featured five bands at Soldier Field in Chicago for a modestly priced, easily obtained $20 ticket.

Today's consumers can be forgiven for thinking they need computer programming and accounting degrees, or at least a full day of vacation, to purchase decent seats to their favorite summer concert.

Fans have been trained for years to stand in line or jump on speed-dial the minute tickets go on sale. At least the playing field was level then.

The on-sale date was determined and publicized. Everybody scrambled at once, more or less on equal footing.

Today the date for public ticket sales is like crumbs for the saps who are out of the loop.

Fan clubs and other membership-based services distribute more and more of the best concert seats in "presales" before the public even hits a local Tickemaster outlet.
06-06-02 05:20 PM
mattb I got my fifth row Orpheum seat with no pre-sale, no fan-club.
06-06-02 05:34 PM
Saint Sway
mattb wrote:
I got my fifth row Orpheum seat with no pre-sale, no fan-club.

arent you the tits! congrats on being lucky.

the rest of us went thru hell
06-06-02 05:38 PM
mattb I was hoping for something a little further back. Maybe Mick will throw some water on me at the end for ol' times sake.
06-06-02 06:02 PM
Saint Sway yeah, maybe if you blow him for old times sakes
06-06-02 06:05 PM
nankerphelge Hey Saint -- you can hang out with luxury1 and me outside the Orpheum -- we haven't got tickets, but we can cause trouble and stuff!

06-06-02 06:05 PM
mattb Is he still into guys?
06-06-02 06:26 PM
Saint Sway count me in Nanker!
06-06-02 06:38 PM
gypsy I've been thinking of turning a few tricks for tickets myself lately...
06-06-02 07:44 PM
Cardinal Ximinez So what did Scott McClure think? Did he really think that it was gonna be a breeze getting Aragon tickets?

Now let's consider how many people were trying to get Aragon 50,000 people fair? Of course, with a pre-sale, only a small amount of the actual capacity is available. So let's say that 1000 tickets were available for pre-sale. Most people were buying a pair, so that means that there were only about 500 people that were gonna score...out of 50,000. See where this is going yet? 45,500 people were gonna be disappointed.

Anyone who thought that paying $60.00 to getaccess, or $90.00 to the fan club meant that club tickets were a were seriously fooling yourself.

I certainly don't blame the guy for being disappointed. I was disappointed too when I didn't think I was going to Roseland. But in my opinion Scott McClure of Des Moines Iowa set himself up for the disappointment by not being realistic. And if he thinks that he can't see any other shows because he missed out on the Aragon....well, that's his problem too. We all know that stadium and arena tickets will be readily available in the parking lot before the face or less. If he really wants to see the Stones, he still certainly has that opportunity.

Oh, and by the way, I got tickets for both MSG and Giant's Stadium from Ticketmaster during the public sale. I am not anywhere even close to being a computer geek. I still haven't figured out how to put pictures on eBay!

IMO, that article was slanted journalism. It only told a small part of the story. It makes the Stones look bad. THAT is what we should all be mad about.
06-07-02 09:32 AM
Joey 'I've been thinking of turning a few tricks for tickets myself lately...'

No need to turn tricks for tickets my Queen . Your Uncle Joey von " Rocco " is here it satiate your every need .

Come to Joey ................

Come to Joey .................

06-07-02 09:41 AM
nankerphelge C'mon Joey -- she has made it entirely clear that if anyone is going to enjoy those beautiful globes of pleasure, it is gonna be Riffy -- not you, not me -- Riffy.

Your job - drive the limo
My job -- apparently provide a lap upon which Jaxx is to sit (work it baby!)
Maxy's job - he is Julie the cruise director -- when he says play the fucking track -- it is to be played
When he says pass the chiba -- it is to be passed
When he says "hey Riffy, what are you doing" -- nothing will happen because the beautiful globes of pleasure will be hanging over his ears like earmuffs

06-07-02 09:46 AM
Joey 'C'mon Joey -- she has made it entirely clear that if anyone is going to enjoy those beautiful globes of pleasure, it is gonna be Riffy -- not you, not me -- Riffy'

Nanky , I just hope and pray that while I am driving the limo you guys do not make a porno movie in the back .

" The Limo does Gypsy " or " C10's and the Gypsy "

Hell , look out Vivid Video here we come !

Rocco Joey

06-07-02 09:54 AM
nankerphelge I don't think there'll be any porno movies being made that day -- there won't be enough room! We already have somewhere around 58 people slated to be packed into the limo like some frat-prank gone bad. If even one of us guys got a stiffy, the windows would blow out.

But since we'll all be packed in like sardines, we would appreciate it if you could hit a few little bumps here and there. Just no big bumps please -- even at a diminutive 5'3", Jaxx could do some damage to lil' nanky if'n we hit a pothole or something. I'd sure hate it if it looked like Keith's fingers the next day...

06-07-02 09:57 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Unfortunately, the background music that we would have blasting would be way too good for a Vivid flick. FPM's new camera is also way too nice to risk getting gooey bodily fluids all over the lens!

On the other hand, we would all get to pick neato "porn" names.

I'll be "Dick Herman".
06-07-02 10:00 AM
Joey I will be " Joey Dee Reams "

06-07-02 10:17 AM
nankerphelge Jack MaHoggoff!
06-07-02 10:49 AM
Cardinal Ximinez No, wait...I wanna change to "Kenny Lingus"!
06-07-02 10:53 AM
Maxlugar I'll be Eric Shun. Say it fast.

Joey, the only thing you'll be driving is your cock into your hand as you wait for the call in your hotel room that never comes.

"Walk to MSG with me while a Black Limousine passes us and hits a puddle and drenches us in scumy NYC puddle water, Ronnie!"

Mamma Lamma HUH!

Mamma Lamma HUH!

Mamma Lamma MAXY!
06-07-02 11:04 AM
Joey 'Joey, the only thing you'll be driving is your cock into your hand as you wait for the call in your hotel room that never comes. '

You make Joey giggle !!!!!!

06-07-02 02:53 PM
gypsy You guys need to pay attention! It is not "Riffhard," but "KeepRigid" who is my beloved.
And, your limo ride sounds more like something out of "Boogie Nights."
06-07-02 03:20 PM
nankerphelge Right -- Riggy, not Riffy -- I apologize for not paying closer attention my dear. And I'm sure Riffy is now crying that those two knockout knockers aren't going to be gracing his head in the limo!

06-07-02 03:27 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hmmmm you rollerskate?
[Edited by Cardinal Ximinez]
06-07-02 04:37 PM
gypsy >>Hmmmm you rollerskate?<<

Every chance I get!
06-08-02 11:14 AM
luxury1 Hey--I am feeling very left out of all this MSG limo ride stuff, as I ain't goin' to that one. Aren't any of you maniacs going to Giants Stadium, FLeet center, Molson centre?. I have lots of my very own goodies galore to share-------
Oh yeah, I will be hanging out in front of the Orpheum too--just to piss off mattb an make him nervous.
06-08-02 11:22 AM
nankerphelge luxury1!!

Where you been?

I sent you a "private message" thru here -- hope it worked it was my first time (be gentle!)

You gotta do the MSG limo -- hell if you are gonna be in NYC anyway for Giant's stadium, just come down a couple days early. I'm sure tickets will show up somewhere -- eBay has a boatload of MSGs -- I suspect as the concert nears, there'll be some fire sales.

Plus you gots me wondering about them goodies you keep talking about. I bet it ain't Ben & Jerry's !!!

06-08-02 11:37 AM
Cardinal Ximinez I'm going to Giant's with my family(and Marko, he's like family...with an accent!!). It's a HUGE parking lot. I'm not sure how we'll hook up. I've only been there a few times....anyone know a good landmark where we can link up at?

BTW, I'll be on my best behavior at that show...I'm taking my 6 year old. No chiba for the Cardinal.
06-09-02 08:30 AM
Honky Tonker I'm in the same boat, Cardinal. Taking the kids for the first time. Never thought the Stones would be family entertainment! Always used to Keef-out for the shows! Gotta maintain my cool this time though.
06-09-02 08:44 AM
luxury1 Nanky!!
I did get a private message while I was at an IBM Corporate Technical Recognition Event ( I can't say that with a straight face) in Naples, Florida--believe me, I was a fish out of water there. ANyhow, it was just the regular Rocks Off board--didn't see anything "private" there. My Oh my, aren't we getting personal now?!.I can't figure out how to do a private message either.
We must find a landmark in that Giants Stadium parking lot. I've been there a bunch of times, but for some reason, have no recollection of anything!! I will ask some friends of mine who retain more brain cells if they know of anything, and will report back.
I can't swing MSG this time--maybe when they come back in 2003??
06-09-02 10:21 AM
nanky IBM! -- you an Essex Junction type??

I know a few of them folks. Even tried to get a job there a few times! They wouldn't have me. Said something about only hiring smart people!!

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