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Beggars Banquet's sessions - Olympic Sound Studios, London - 10th June 1968
No Expectations and Sympathy For The Devil
Dean Goodhill

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Topic: Contest Time!!!! Return to archive Page: 1 2
05-20-02 10:55 PM
Cardinal Ximinez OK, now that the ticket furor has died down a bit...let's have some fun!!!

First off...the prize.

You will be playing for a CDR copy of Mickboy's excellent "Main St. Revisited" and if'n ya already got that, then I'll send ya Mickboy's "Down In The Court Remastered".

Main St. Revisited is a friggin' revalation. I swear to God, you won't believe your ears. Once you hear this, you'll understand what a shitty job Vigin did on it's remastering program. Plus the bonus disc of outs is fantastic...and they are clearly in the best sounding quality of ANY release. Once this baby goes in yer CD player...forget it, it's there forever. You'll never listen to your official version again.

The "Down In The Court Remastered" is just the absolute best version of the Earl's Court '76 show out there. The sound hits you like a friggin' sledgehammer. Just spectacular.

Now....the contest.

Write me a poem. A poem about how the Stones music has affected your life...keep it short...I don't want any epics...I don't care what style you doesn't even have to rhyme...

I will be the sole judge on this one. No offense, but I think the last time I let the board vote on the winner, it just turned into a popularity contest. I don't want that this time out. So I'll be the one who decides who gets the yummy prize. Be creative, be jubulent, be metaphorical, be witty, be whatever....just let it loose and have a good time.

Good luck!
05-20-02 11:00 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Here's one I wrote back in 1998 LOL, the name is Anybody seen my downers?

Click on this portion of the poem!

Silver bells is a ringiní, ringiní up inside my brain, ding dong oh yeah.
05-20-02 11:02 PM
The Eggman Meh!...I can do better!
05-21-02 12:20 AM
TomL Fucking Stones, They are a ringing
And my wife is a tingling
Stuck it up her ass, not to fast, walking in a winter wonderland.
If you see me wondering, I'm looking for extra tics, pumbing
Ronnie's in goood shape, Keith's in good faith, let me see ya crazy.
I know it's stunning, but it's a sickness that's been running, till the day I die, don't know why,


If you have some extra tix, call on my dix, gladly aplease, COD please, walking in my bliss next year.

05-21-02 01:18 AM
KeepRigid I AM
the rolling fucking stones
always have been
and you can't do shit about it
my mind doesn't know where it is
my heart is beaten black and blue
my dick is live at leeds
my soul is keith richard
coming down off smack
and hurting
like hell
i feel cro-magnon
i can't get off
i can't forget
i don't know what i'll do
with the rest of my life
05-21-02 02:44 AM
gypsy So, Cardinal, do you consider yourself a connosieur of poetry?
05-21-02 07:49 AM
stand back & here we go


(with apologies to coleridge)

it was big and it was yellow
with a stones tounge on the side
and the boys within that cabin
on an invisible wave would ride

keith he was the skipper
a strong man thru & thru
he'd hold the line with steely nerve
when the sky turned black & blue

mick, well he looked to the maps
to plot a steady course;
the quickest way to the harbour
where all the girls were...of course!!

ronnie was the first mate
he'd see the work got done
and would always be there to keep the watch
upon the rising sun

& charlie manned the tiller
& steered our merry band
so despite all the noise from upon the bow
they actually hit land

some say that ship was haunted
with the ghosts of those from within their rank
those lost at sea, man-over-board
or made to walk the plank

& yet while they seem a happy crew
you'll see if you know how to look
that ever since ol' stu's been gone
they've been needing a good cook!!

cardinal can we have more than one entry??...i'm working up an haiku...thanks

05-21-02 07:57 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy KALI
by The Savage Young Xyzzy

As I wander down the bleary streets the sounds of the maligned exiles bleed in our ears, I sit and wonder, oh Walt Whitman, where did you go wrong?

Richards whose mind is pure Open G!
Richards whose blood is running heroin!
Richards whose fingers are ten fret-smashers!
Richards whose heart is a stuttering dynamo!
Richards whose love is the draconic chase!
Richards whose soul is the music he makes!

Two bands diverged in the sixties's flourescant woods,
And to hell with it, I took them both.

I have purhased
the tickets
that were for
the Fleet Center

and which
you were probably
for black limos

But in the end the tickets purchased were such that throughout my mind as I feel the the sweet juices running tumbling aching down my throat I know somewhere Ian Stewart smiles on my birth and glitters in the eternal daybreak of what was once mere dunes of iron and as I laugh in the darkness of the crashing mineral compounds screaming my joy to the roaring guitar and I say yes and by yes the world screams yes and I say yes.

(dum diddle dee dum dum...)

-The Savage Young Xyzzy (with thanks to Allen Ginsberg, Robert Frost, William Carlos Williams, T.S. Eliot [somewhat], and James Joyce)
05-21-02 08:01 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy stonedinaustralia, that was great... and you can sing it to the Gilligan's Island theme!
05-21-02 08:14 AM
recordal I firts heard the Stones in 1968
I stopped in my tracks they sounded so great

Then came Beggars Banquet I knew it was done
The Stones were my band pretty much the only one

Other rock bands they came and they went
But with Exile On Main St. I was now hell bent

First saw them in Toronto in '72
Now I was hooked to the Stones I'm true blue

I lived their lifestyle for the next 30 years
Had a lotta laughs and quite a few tears

Keith was my hero and still is today
I'm a Rolling Stones man what more can I say
05-21-02 08:28 AM
FIJI JIM Well, Keith looks better than in 72
But whats going on with his new hair dew

Charlie looked good in his usual suit
Quiet as always as if he played the flute

Ronnie was there with drink in hand
lets hope it was non-alcoholic so he can stay in the band

Mick led the boys up to the stage
A place he will be in 3 months ready to rage

I feel sorry for these cities as we all arrive
with weed in our pockets, bottles strapped to our side

We will rock along with our favorite band
dancing in the aisle, cold beer in our hands

We will all need a rest after this tour
and fuck all the people who said it would be a bore

I think this tour will be out of sight
If you think any different
Fuck off and good night
[Edited by FIJI JIM]
[Edited by FIJI JIM]
05-21-02 12:07 PM
56DeSoto Okay, here's a true story/poem:

All Down the Line

False dawn scuffs over the abandoned
Fayetteville train station
as I stall and start down
through Dickson Streetís light humidity fog.
An echo of old wood and steel string
trips against the brick buildings.
Thatís Johnny. He taught me for free
because I wore a Rolling Stones shirt.

I went from G-chords to Open-G,
from folk to blues acoustic rock.
He taught me to beat my guitar
from solid wood into holy ventilator.
Now Arkansas, a pawn-shop Gibson,
Sway and Howliní Wolf
live in my desert town dreams
as Exile spins lost in vinyl night circles.

Letters stopped years ago
with that southern Stones playing man,
but I still carry the grit of forty years
of sweat and roll under my fingers
and Iím grateful to open
the black case of a love beaten guitar
and know that I finally found my ventilator.

05-21-02 12:51 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Wooooooo Weeeeeeee!

That's the spirit! Keep 'em coming...

To answer a few questions that were posed...

1.) Let's try to keep this to one entry per person. If you post a second entry, that's the one that I'll go with. In effect, a second entry wipes out the 1st one.

2.) My dear gypsy, I am a man of many varied tastes. I may not be a poetry afficianado, but I know what I like....I don't spell very well either...but I don't really care...

Keep up the good work Rocks Off! There's some stiff competition posted here...let's see some more good stuff!
05-21-02 01:49 PM
Honky Tonker Jagger is the original punk,
Ronnie is a fucked up drunk,
Charlie is a cool motor scooter,
Keef is a big coke tooter!

Ready to rock in 2002!
05-21-02 04:00 PM
Nasty Habits .........The first albuM I bought
....................was DIrty Work.
...................UnderCover's singles had hooked me good.
..."Had It with You" Killed me. It was too rude.

.....Shoplifted Wal-MArt for Hot Rocks
............................Never suspected
..........................I'D get my soul stole.

........................RocKed at Busch Stadium
.....on the Steel WheEls tour - thought I was
...........................gIlded Stones golden boy.
.....Found Welcome To New York
......................and Had my ears molested.

......................NeveR a doubt in my mind --
............The best soUnding rock'n'roll band ever.
.....Energy, looks, wilL, attitude, songs;
........They showed mE how to walk that dog.


[Edited by Nasty Habits]
[Edited by Nasty Habits]
[Edited by Nasty Habits]

Four edits. I know. Terrible. But the spacing was a bitch.
[Edited by Nasty Habits]
05-22-02 07:10 AM
MarthaMyDear How about:

I'm poor from the tour

LO FRICKIN' L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P I'm just kidding... But, that's my poem and if I think about it too much I might not stop laughing (or crying, which might be more likely)... lol.................... :P OH, WHAT THE HEY!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! ROCK ON!!!

*** Martha ***
05-22-02 07:17 AM
MarthaMyDear HEY!!! lol..................... :P I might post another poem, so when is the deadline, Cardinal? Please give it some extra time, but any time is good... I want to sit down and think it through... lol.......... :P THANK YOU!!! HE!!! HE!!! TINGLE TINGLE AND RING-A-DING DING!!! Oh, whenever the deadline is is fine...

*** Martha ***
05-22-02 07:34 AM
Staffan Here's my submission:

Although I'm not a Street Fighting Man
and never been to San Fran,
I love the sixties best
B2B, come on, give me a rest

1969 was a strange year
filled with both joy and fear,
At MSG they played so well
In Altamont they were in Hell

My love for this rock'n'roll band
has gone way out of hand,
Even after the upcoming tour
I will still want more.
05-22-02 09:55 AM
Riffhard Hey Cardinal Ximinez,
I hope this contest will go on for a little longer.I'm working on my 3rd draft of my poem.It's a struggle.By the time I'm finished I hope to make Walt Whitman proud!Just another day or two should do.

Riffhard Whitman,Blimp 5
05-22-02 09:37 PM
Cardinal Ximinez As long as folks are still putting up new entries, I'll leave the contest open....but no longer than Sunday evening....
05-22-02 09:59 PM
Scottfree Uhh, can I just buy them?
05-22-02 11:41 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Buy what? The prizes?

Selling those things would be in violation of several different laws. I do not sell boots. I give them away, or I trade for them.

But in this case...the object is to have gotta play to win.
05-22-02 11:44 PM
Scottfree Roses
Stones are the greatest
much better than the Who
05-23-02 01:17 AM
KeepRigidsLawyer "Selling those things would be in violation of several different laws. I do not sell boots. I give them away, or I trade for them."

It is wise that you know your limitations within the law, Cardinal Ximinez.
05-24-02 11:58 AM
quackenbush When I was fourteen, crammed between two competing car salesman hawking their wares, Satan screamed his solicitations for my sympathies over the radio, somehow hoping to reach my young soul. My ears opened as if I had eaten from the Tree of Knowledge; forever banned from the teenybopping bubbledom, Covered with overgrown brush, the path from the mindless dumbness of Eden led me to a great door; upon opening the door, a magnificent black and blue musical soundscape of not only Stones but also of waters, berries and howling wolves. The five aging wonders, who ruled the land, pounded spikes for the tracks of the steel wheeled warhorse into the muck of my terrible new home. Not having the fare or the care, I did not get on the train; but I followed the tracks like a hobo.

05-24-02 12:27 PM
Riffhard Ignor the bastard as he toils and sweats.He's on a mission.He calls them old vets.
"Their old,their wrinkeled,their hair has gone gray.They still expect us to pay,pay,pay?!"
"For what,for who,do these old men play.Surely not fans.They've all died away."
His pad and his pen sit like weapons.He bitterly bitches"They arrived in a Zeppelin!"
"My,oh my,the gullibility of some.People pay thousands.I didn't pay one."
The tickets are free for the poisonous pen.His way has been covered by slagging at them.
Oh he'll love the show.That is for sure,but in tomarrows paper his pen will play the boar.
Fear not true Stones fans.The Blimp will desend.We will all be laughing till the very end.
The pen dries up.The paper turns yellow,but the memories remain as the writer eats only Jello.

Riffhard Whitman Emerson
05-24-02 04:04 PM
Riffhard Please excuse all the typos and mispellings.When the creative juices are flowing I just go with it.Grammer be damned!
I also forgot to title it.
So let's call it,"The Poison Pen,Slayed"
Yup,that's it.That sounds artsy fartsy enough!

I hope I passed the audition.

Ralph Waldo Riffhard Emerson Whitman Shelly
05-26-02 01:37 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Are we done? Anyone else?

This is gonna be really hard to judge.
05-26-02 05:26 PM
Scottfree I tell ya I'm daamned impressed; my simple mind has to stick with the Roses & Violets followed by there colors!
05-26-02 10:03 PM
gypsy Cardinal! The suspense is killing me! Who's the winner?!!!
*gypsy starts to panic*
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