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Announcing The Tour - NYC 1997
By Fernando Aceves
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04-25-02 07:54 PM
FPM C10 From the Chicago Sun Times

Stones start up U.S. tour plans

April 24, 2002


The Rolling Stones will announce dates May 7 for their 40th anniversary U.S. tour.

The band is planning to play a club show, an arena show and a stadium show in each major market, and sources say the group will likely perform here in late September at the Vic, the United Center and Comiskey Park.

There is no official word yet on exact dates, when tickets will go on sale or whether the Stones will once again set a new high in ticket prices for the best seats.

04-25-02 08:32 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey Flea!

Feel like going for a roadtrip on May 7th?
04-25-02 08:56 PM
Joey I am so excited that I am Posting this with my penis .
04-25-02 08:56 PM
nankerphelge Tingle fucking tingle
04-25-02 09:01 PM
SatisfactionUK Anyone know which credit card has the highest introductory limit? Im gonna spend like $5000 on tickets and pay it off over 10 years.
04-25-02 11:32 PM
Cardinal Ximinez wrote:
Hey Flea!

Feel like going for a roadtrip on May 7th?

Yes. Yes, in fact, I do.

Hope they announce it in NYC.
04-25-02 11:41 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Cool. Let's see if we can get press passes.
04-26-02 07:49 AM
Maxlugar I'm so excited that Joey's a dick!
04-26-02 09:11 AM
Joey 'I'm so excited that Joey's a dick! '

You're being very Truculent this morning .
04-26-02 09:24 AM
Maxlugar Whatever truculent means, if it's good I'm it.

Muhammad Lugar, Three time World Heavy Weight Champion poster.
04-26-02 09:27 AM
Joey Maxy ....

If the tour kicks off at MSG this fall , do I still get to come party with you in Oyster Bay and have you take me to " Faces and Names Lounge " and have you show me around NYC ?

" NYC Me Ronnie "


The Joey , C10

04-26-02 09:32 AM
Maxlugar No.
04-26-02 09:53 AM
Joey " No "

No ?????? You make young Joey cry like Baby !

M. C. Joey

The Joey , C9

Established 1999 ( March 6th 1 :20 AM )

04-26-02 10:44 AM

Joey...don't cut in on me and the Lugar.
Yer way outta yer league on this one ; )

04-26-02 11:18 AM
Joey Annie ......

I would like to nuzzle you .


04-26-02 11:29 AM
Scot Rocks thanx that news has made my day. More importantly however I feel it is a very good excuse to get wrecked on excessive amounts of, "yeah give me a Jack D. and a Bud"..."Heaven"

Roll on the Tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04-26-02 11:37 AM
nankerphelge I sit here in not-so-sunny California this morning, patiently awaiting more news and thinking about making this evil case go away so I can return to Sweet Virginia and prepare for my tour which coincides with the Stones'.

I will be making a stop by NYC to see Max, hopefully he will let me drive his limo to the show.

I will be making a stop in Atlanta.
I will be making a stop in Philly.

I was in a great Palo Alto CD shop yesterday.
Can anyone give me the scoop on:

3CD set (covered with red prickly tongues) - VL in Europe (Holland?)

Steel Wheels rehearsals (2 CD set)

No Security in UK (1 or 2 CDs)

Should I bother with any?
04-26-02 12:39 PM
Moonlight Mile Hey Joseph,

I'll go with you to the Names and Faces before the MSG shows. I consider myself a regular there now. I know some of the babes who push the hootch too. They will be happy to romp with us at the end of the evening. We may even end up back at Mookie's Cookie Nook.

Speaking of evening, its Friday. Most have you have been screwing around and wasting your employer's time and money all week - its time to celebrate! Yes, celebrate the freedoms you take for granted and have done virtually nothing to create and/or guard by getting totally piss-blitzed and listening to some Stones boots. You deserve it! Yes, you do.

"Skip the boring steps when no ones watching, Ronnie!"
04-26-02 12:42 PM
The Eggman See U all in TO, or Winnipeg
04-26-02 12:50 PM
glencar How will the tour be announced? And how do I start a thread here?
04-26-02 01:07 PM
Joey 'I'll go with you to the Names and Faces before the MSG shows. I consider myself a regular there now. I know some of the babes who push the hootch too. They will be happy to romp with us at the end of the evening. We may even end up back at Mookie's Cookie Nook. '

Thank You my Brother......... I look forward to it because instict tells me the opening gig will be in NYC and as Steelie and I can verify , there is nothing like the OPENING SHOW !!!!!!!

May Eleanor Mondale visit you this afternoon .

Yes !!!!!


04-26-02 01:36 PM
Moonlight Mile God almighty christ above willing, the only thing visiting me this afternoon will be a bottle of rotgut swill with one of those "X X X" labels plastered on the front. To kill the demons that dwell within, Joey. To KILL the goddam demons that dwell within!

Hey did you know that Joey Heatherton used to party backstage with Keith Moon whenever the Who played MSG? Kind of ironicalistic, don't you think?

"Perfect sleeper, buy a perfect perfect sleeper, Ronnie! By Serta."
04-26-02 02:33 PM
Maxlugar Moonie! Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy??!!!

You are at a crossroads on this issue.

One road leads you to Faces and Names to stare at the Stones savy B2B picture (With Bill Wyman added) and to stare at Jude the bartenders ample Chesticles. Worthy goals, yes. Worthy goals for a run of the mill trip to NYC.

For the other road leads to a Black Limousine full of sweaty, coughing, hacking, farting, burping, puking, laughing, smoking, drinking, rockin' good time posters! And then to a Stones show and then back to the Black Limousine! We'd look so fine Moonie! You in white and me in green! Come. Ride with us.

I hope you choose with your heart young Moonie.

Besides, I'm working on getting Joey to drive.

Ma-ma ma-ma MA!

Ma-ma ma-ma MA!

MAXY!, C9!

04-26-02 02:43 PM
Joey "Besides, I'm working on getting Joey to drive. "

Hell Yes I will drive . Bank on it !!!!!!!

M .Joeyfly ( The Joey , C10 )

Established 1999 ( March 6th , 1:20 AM )


04-26-02 03:03 PM
be true Yes, May 7 in NYC, but they are not gonna do press conference in Central Park because blimp cannot get on central park. So, it might be Van Cortland Park in Bronx. Well, stones members, see you at there on May 7. See ya.
04-26-02 03:26 PM
nankerphelge Ah, excuse me, dibs on driving the limo here.
I called it first

I've even been practicing:

"Yes, Mr. Lugar"
"Right away, Mr. Lugar"
"As you wish, Mr. Lugar"
"Hey all you sluts, get in the car, Mr. Lugar wants a word with you"
"would you care for some chiba, Mr. Lugar"

If I can't drive, I want to hang out the moon roof with gypsy. Topless of course
04-26-02 03:56 PM
Maxlugar Oooohhh Nanky!

No! No! No!

You are in the back with us.

Leave the driving to the scumbag hack poster! (Please don't tell him I called him that, he's DRIVING for God's sakes!)

No Nanky, you are in the back with us and yo will be dealing out that smooootthhh chiba puff.


04-26-02 03:59 PM
Gazza New York shows should be at the end of September,apparently (maybe 4 of them...)H

>.How will the tour be announced? And how do I start a thread here?

with a press conference on May 7th

Look for a big Stones tongue on the main message board that says "POST" beside it if youre starting a thread (there'll also be one at the bottom of THIS and every other thread..)
04-26-02 11:25 PM
Moonlight Mile Maxwell! Didden know you were serious about this limo deal. I'm in all the way, no matter the cost. I'm fucking serious. This is coming up sooner than we think. Nanky, CX, FPM? Rest of all yins that can git thereabouts? It will be fucking mongo glorious! Shades of Caesear riding triumphant and orbs and shit and . . . it will be fucking monglorious!

More shit overheard on the Fall 2002 limo ride to the Stones show at MSG:

"Can't say as I've ever heard that before, Mr. Luger."

"Whoever smelt it dealt it, Mr. Luger."

"There are two police cars behind us, please restrain them, Mr. Luger."

"Are you now denying that is your signature, Mr. Luger?"

"Why does this idiot next to me keep repeating everything you say, Mr. Luger?"

"How did you know this is where the 'rocking' whores hang out, Mr. Luger?"

"I saw them on the '74 tour, Mr. Luger."

"Explain to me again how the hell you guys met, Mr. Luger?"

"I don't see why my tip depends upon who I voted for Mr. Luger."

"Several of them seem strange to me, Mr. Luger."

"Everyone knows what 'wingy dingy ding ding' means, Mr. Luger."

"You're paying for the dry cleaning, Mr. Luger."

"The show was over hours ago, can you please get them to shut the fuck up, Mr. Luger?"
04-27-02 12:06 AM
glencar Thanks, Gazza! Living in NY, I might make it to the press conference.
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