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Topic: What brand of CD players? Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
04-13-03 12:52 PM
Factory Girl It appears that my Sony 5 disc is on its way out. I will be replacing it shortly. I would like to get AIWA, but am having trouble finding it. What other brands of cd player components do you guys and gals recommend? TIA!
04-13-03 01:14 PM
marko that depence which you mean?I have bang&olufsen cd player.
Also i can use,by both dvd´s as an player,and also my stand
alone one.Then we 3 portable cd players,one sony and 2
philipps.So do i like music?
04-13-03 01:51 PM
Honky Tonk Man I have an aiwa 3 cd changer and aiwa turntable. I also have a Sharp mini-disc player

Yes Marko, we all know you like your music!

04-13-03 02:35 PM
steel driving hammer For you, get a Coby or GPX CD player.

They go great with Memorex discs.
04-13-03 03:58 PM
Strange_Stray_Cat I have an Yamaha dvd player, which I use as cd-player.
And a portable Philips, which I hardly use.
04-13-03 05:39 PM
Factory Girl Steel driving hammer- stop sending me pictures of yourself.

Also, i'm not not interested in your opinion.
04-13-03 05:44 PM
steel driving hammer
Factory Girl wrote:
Steel driving hammer- stop sending me pictures of yourself.

Also, i'm not not interested in your opinion.

Then don't read it.

Hey our whole time trading (3 years) I've only sent you 2 pictures of me at Howe.

Stop making it sound like I do it all the time.

2 times (out of 3 years) is nothing.

04-13-03 05:50 PM
Factory Girl Sdh-just go away. TIA!
04-13-03 06:27 PM
vampire Sony is always good. I have a portable Aiwa that don´t play my CDRs, except if i record them in 8x.
04-13-03 09:05 PM
steel driving hammer
Factory Girl wrote:
Sdh-just go away. TIA!

Huh, you focus on my posts alot.

Just don't read them, it's so simple.

I just post the truth...

I'm glad and was laughing that Nanky did what he did.

Please don't ask for anything else from my massive Stones collection.

Don't respond to this post even, please.

Girl, don't go away mad, just go away...
04-13-03 11:19 PM
Madafaka I have a Sony and a Pioneer cd player.
04-14-03 12:23 AM
ianbillen I suggest getting an SA-CD player which will be able to play regular CD's that you now have in your collection and also SACD's. You can get a decent Sony SA-CD player or Phillips or another top brand for $200.00.
Most SA-CD's are hybrid meaning they can be played on either SACD player or a regular CD. However I really suggest an SA-CD player.
Here is why:

SACD (Super-Audio Compact Disk) works using a new recording technique called DSD (direct stream digital). This samples the recorded sound that is to be transferred from it’s natural analog waveform to a recorded digital format 64 times that of a regular CD. So there is that much more room in the new format for the true sound per second of music. Also it eliminates a lot of filler samples that are used in standard PCM recording for the encoding scheme since now there is so much more room per second. This aspect of the DSD technique makes the music so clear and realistic. The result is pure sound with such realism and a wide sound stage. It really recaptures the original sound extraordinarily well. My friends who are not even close to being audio files are totally impressed. As my one buddy put it….”it is a whole new Audio experience”. I run everything on two channel stereo.
-My Speakers are Dogg Digital Audio SL-1200's
-My SACD player is a Sony C222-ES
-My Receiver is a Sony STR-DE985
-The system is wired using Monster XP-CI speaker cable.
And I am most pleased with normal Cd's. But let me tell you SA-CD sound is a whole new audio. It brings the songs to life. I just played some of the Rolling Stones remastered CD's recorded over 30 years ago and it sounds more realistic than things done today. The highs are so high. You can hear every nuisance that took place in the studio recording room some thirty years age. You can actually hear Keith Richards touch the strings at times without really hitting any chords. It makes me not want to leave the house!
Anybody hear an SACD? (you need an SA-CD machine to play them) Trust me it is we'll worth it and most SA-CD's that come out are hybrid layerd meaning you can play them on a regular CD player...without the SA-CD format but still they will be there for when you upgrade. I bought Hot-Rocks and Let it Bleed. Love in Vain, Street Fighting Man, Midnight Rambler (Let it Bleed Version), and Honkey Tonk Women shine. Anyone had the oppurtunity to listen to the remasters on an SACD player as myself? If not check em out.
P.S. I have been a total Stones Fan since I was 8 (now I'm 32, seen em 10 seperate times since 1981) I have heard and owned every song they ever did as far as albums go. So of coarse I knew every song on both of these albums by heart. But I never heard the songs like this. It really .....somehow....I don't know how but it does, really captures the soul of the band on the SACD format like I haven't heard quite before on a recording.
The fuckin Stones rock. It's as simple as that.

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Rocks Off Member

Posted 04-05-03 07:02 PM
Great review, but sadly, the 2002 ABKCO remastered version doesn't was released here in Brasil yet.
04-14-03 12:37 AM
Sir Stonesalot A CD player is a CD player is a CD player. The brand really doesn't matter. Buy whatever is on sale at Best Buy or Circuit City.

What is really important is what you drive your system with, and what you hear the music coming out of. In other don't matter what you are playing the music in, if you are driving it with a crappy recvr, and shitty speakers. Invest in a top rate recvr, and kick ass speakers.
04-14-03 07:39 AM
Factory Girl sdh, you are a pathologigal liar. When you started posting at Gasx3, you said you were an African-American Fed Ex driver with dreadlocks. You also posted on Gasx3 that you got married. But you admitted later that it was a lie also.

You were the only one here not to offer a re-weed of We Love You Comp. Were you too drunk and selfish to play by the rules?

You don't have a Massive anything. I never wanted anything from you. By the time Keno banned you, you were thoroughly despised at Gasx3. Even P can't stand you. To quote SB, you're a "Still Drunken idiot". Rinse and repeat.

I defended you at Gasx3 b/c I felt sorry for you. I tried to be nice to you, but you're an angry drunk waste case. You never apologized to Keno. You said you have nothing to apologize for. You can't even comprehend your own actions. You have no concience.
04-14-03 08:06 AM
egon whatever you by (sacd, cd, dvd/cd)
makes sure it's philips (or aristona, marantz, b&o as it's the same)

1st of all they invented the thing, 2nd it's dutch :-)
but 3rd and most important, it has the best corrector.
meaning it will still play scratched cds, where other players don't. and you still don't need to spend a lot of money on it.

i guess it's smart to buy a sacd player as more and more albums are coming out on this 'format'. it seems to be the 'future'.

and make sure it plays cdr & mp3. (most new ones do anyway)

if you don't have a dvd player you might consider buying that, so you'll have 2 in 1.

if you do this, go for the ones that play; all the zones, cdr, mp3, and jpeg(fotos). (again most new ones do)

04-14-03 08:44 AM
steel driving hammer Factory Girl just leave me alone please.

04-14-03 08:48 AM
Factory Girl sdh, you started attacking me without provocation. Consider stopping your attacks.
04-14-03 09:06 AM
steel driving hammer Please, just forget fuggetaboutit.

Turn the cheek and stop harrasing me.

04-14-03 09:13 AM
Factory Girl sdh, you are a passive-aggressive drunk. You started harrassing me in a thread about cdrs. Immediately Cease and Desist your attacks.
04-14-03 09:16 AM
steel driving hammer I'm a happy go lucky drunk actually.

Please don't respond to any more of my posts.

I'm begging you!
04-14-03 09:47 AM
Factory Girl sdh, cease & desist your attacks.
04-14-03 09:51 AM
steel driving hammer Please leave me alone.
04-14-03 09:56 AM
Factory Girl Leave me alone, insipid troll.
04-14-03 10:00 AM
steel driving hammer Another attack from you?

Please, just your taking up space here that others don't want to read.

Again, just please leave me alone.
04-14-03 10:04 AM
Factory Girl Cease and desist. You're desperate for any attention, even negative. Lets end this now. Don't reply anymore.
04-14-03 10:06 AM
steel driving hammer Finally!
04-14-03 10:13 AM
Factory Girl You had to have the last post...
04-14-03 10:17 AM
steel driving hammer And so did you.

04-14-03 10:27 AM
Factory Girl Yikes
04-14-03 10:31 AM
Ctiger2 I think SDL and FG should get married. They would make a nice bickering couple.
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