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Topic: 2002 Tour-Opening song?? Return to archive Page: 1 2
02-28-02 10:15 AM
One of my Fave things about an upcoming Stones tour is to think, if I was them with that vast catalogue-
what would I /or they choose as the opening number.

First lets review

'72'73 ~Brown Sugar
'75'76 ~Honk tonk women
'78~ Let it rock
'81 ~ Under my thumb
'89~ Start me up
Voodoo~ Not fade away
BTB ~ Satisfaction
No Security~ J.J.flash

Going backwards here?
maybe Brown Sugar will open 2002?

What would you LIKE to see them open with?

What do you think they WILL open with?

If indeed a new album is due, they rarely if ever open with new material any more.

My feeling is they will dig down deep to a very early number ala 'Not fade away'-

I wanna be your man?
Route 66?
Any track off Englands newest?

lol I bet even money 'Last Time'may have a shot!

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02-28-02 10:28 AM
sandrew We had a long thread about this a while ago. I'm still going with "If You Can't Rock Me."

The band's on stage, and it's one of those nights...
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02-28-02 10:29 AM
T&A I think Brown Sugar is the most likely opener. I think Everybody Needs Somebody to Love would be the coolest opener. Can just hear that riff now....dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum...I need you, you, you....
02-28-02 10:37 AM
nankerphelge It has to be well-known -- a 40th anniv tour has to start big, finish big and be big throughout. I still think Sympathy would be an awesome opener -- it is well known by all, it is a highly versatile song -- don't believe me, listen to R&R Circus, Ya Yas, Love You Live, Flashpoint, and the B2B versions -- it can range from true to form to disco to haunting.

They could easily use the beginning of the song just like they did with Not Fade Away in '94. It would also give Keith a chance at a blistering solo right out of the gate. Everyone in the place can sing to the Woo Woos and it would give Mick a chance to put the Lucifer thing right up front to the masses.

Sympathy -- it ain't my favorite Stones tune but it would be a stunning opener.
02-28-02 10:44 AM
Oops,sorry I missed that thread.
How long ago was it?

I don't see 'If you can't rock me'
it seems to have fallen to the side as a forgotten 70's number( to the multitudes anyways)but definitely not an opener.

Brown Sugar I am leaning toward as well,

A short snappy version rather than the long drawn out closer/encore
ala the re-vamped JJ FLASH.

Added live wish list

Mother little helper

I just wanna make love

Have you seen your mother baby?

re-install Shattered
I'm sure the Shattered live jinx/curse is over lol
02-28-02 11:49 AM
marko Paint it black
02-28-02 12:00 PM
Happy Motherfucker Sympathy would be the coolest and straight to the point opener. Think about the first line of the song, that fits perfect for a tour that is focusing on longevity.
02-28-02 12:34 PM
Maxlugar In think Sympathy would be incredible if it started with 5 minutes straight of wicked bongos and torch bearing voodoo dancers all over the place.

But I think sympathy may be too long for them to start with these days.

They need a quick tune to get their blood a pumpin.

I say Around and Around.

"Front door was locked, yeah the place was packed....."

02-28-02 01:06 PM
nankerphelge Yeah I agree -- I might have a fuckin heart attack before this tour gets a rollin'.

Just got back from lunch up here in Boston -- had myself an oyster sandwhich and two "Harpoon" beers -- man are they good! I wanna see the Stones in Boston this year and get drunk on harpoon and Yankee chiba.

Then I want to see them again in Syracuse, with Orangeman chiba.

Then I want to see them in NYC after getting faced at the Casa de Maxy with Ground Zero chiba.

Then I want to see them in DC, with Jameson's Gold whiskey and Rennaissance II chiba.

Then I want to see them in Pittsburgh with OC beer and Steeler chiba.

Then I want to see them in Cleveland with Milk Stout and Hall o Fame chiba.

02-28-02 01:11 PM
Maxlugar Stop it Nanks! Stop it!

I'm on the wagon here! You're killing me!

This sucks! I'm not even looking forward to Friday night.

02-28-02 01:23 PM
Stonesdoug Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
02-28-02 01:26 PM
moy Everybody Needs a little bit of chiba
02-28-02 02:48 PM
Scottfree How about this for a chilling opening, and never before performed!! Time Waits for no one, you want to talk about every emotion! I hope they will give us peaks an valleys of emotion! And please, please have Down in the hole in the set list.
02-28-02 03:04 PM
Oh my!!! heh

Hmmm, While Sympathy would be a cool opener-it is rather too long and too slow in tempo for an opener.
Especially a so-called 40th anniversary ex-tra-va-gan-za where they need to remind the world of who is the worlds greatest Rock/Roll band after all.

With that in mind,a Chuck Berry opener(acknowledge the roots) wouldn't be too far off.
Maybe a Berry song they have never done!!??
Or if not that then perhaps 'Carol'???
Oh,the staggering possibilities.

I'm still wagering on
Brown Sugar.

What does one put on an Oyster sandwich?
02-28-02 03:22 PM
nankerphelge Beer!

It's actually a fried oyster po'boy, on a sub roll, with tomato and lettuce and a spicy mayo. It's pretty good.

With Harpoon beer.

And Sympathy can be very up-tempo -- certainly enough for an opener. And it can be tailored (not Taylored) so that it is no longer than Under My Thumb was in '81. And it is such a visual song -- ther possibilities are really endless.

A Chuck song would be good, no question -- it really rocked in '78. But my bet is half the people at those shows had no idea what they were listening to. Around and Around would do it though.

But I have noticed, listening to Ya Yas and Perth '73 versus the Double Door show and B2B show, that without Bill, the Chuck songs are just not as good. They don't seem to have that umph they once had.

Sympathy -- they gots to open wid it
02-28-02 03:35 PM

willie and the po' boys eh?

OK, I can see a tidy spiffo wham bam Sympathy now.
Heh a 3 minute 'M.Rambler' would be spec-tac-u-lar.
Was also thinking 'Rip this joint' would kick things off nicely but the lyrics are rather dated,maybe one of the reasons its been ditched.

I have agreed, they may be allowed to open with a streamlined Sympathy lol
02-28-02 04:11 PM
JaggaRichards Mother's Little Helper

They should ALWAYS hit the ground running!
02-28-02 04:29 PM
winter I would like to see sympathy as an opener, if it can be worked in from a good intro. Personally, I thought the intro on the no-security tour was great. The boys strutting back stage to what I believe was a heavy re-mix of might as well get juiced, the intro tune stops, and bang - the first cord of JJF. Very similar to continental drift/start me up from the '89 tour.

To me, sympathy as an opener would be similar to Honky Tonk Women as an opener from Love You Live and not fade away from the Voodoo Lounge shows. Each a great opener, but a more gradual momentum than start me up/JJF.

Can you hear me knocking might work, but the Jam (which I love) might drag a bit as an opener.

The bottom line is that I hope they open with something that they've never opened with before. The more surprises the better.

02-28-02 04:30 PM
beer aint NOBODY harpooning me!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!

They Should have the instrumental track to "Just wanna see his face" playing over the sound system kind of like they did with "fanfare for the common man" at the beginning.Very dark and a voodoo type vibe. Then they should open with Street Fighting Man.
02-28-02 04:45 PM
Yeah, but the thing with 'Sympathy'again is its become a second half/ act 2
segue from small stage/to the final build up for some time now,and I think its used as a second wind/breather for the final blast for Jagger with its long intro-mid-tempo pace- and long solo/outro.

'Street fighting man' would be a nice kicker if revamping the closers is the new trend.
02-28-02 04:49 PM
nankerphelge I saw the Cars many many moons ago when they came out with Candy O -- and instead of the PA system playing various roadie-mix type stuff, because they had so little material at the time, the Cars had some of their instrumental music piped in to set the stage for like 30 minutes before they showed up. I think the Stones should do something similar -- an audivisual warm up to jolt the senses a bit for maybe 30 minutes befoore the actual show.
02-28-02 04:50 PM
Gazza With that in mind,a Chuck Berry opener(acknowledge the roots) wouldn't be too far off.
Maybe a Berry song they have never done!!??

"You Cant Catch Me" fits the bill in BOTH categories and IMO is one of the best half dozen songs they ever recorded. Thats the one I want dusted down for this tour more than any other.
02-28-02 05:07 PM
Joey Gotta go with Gimme Shelter ......

Man that would be cool to have Keith start out the show with those haunting opening arpeggios of his .........

Later ,


The Joey , C10

02-28-02 05:31 PM
Fabio Hot Stuff I would like to hear....CAN''T HEAR ME KNOCKIN'!
what a feroucius intro riff...." gna-ra-tuh-ta-ra-ta-da!..."
Yeah, but I know it's impossible...
But the best for me is AROUND AND AROUND.....
Talkin' realistic maybe Brown Sugar.
02-28-02 09:33 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 Songs like the Last time and Mother's little helper being played as openers or in the setlist would be a bad idea because there are lines people will get confused that it will final tours. i wouldn't recommend sympathy for the devil as an opening song because sympathy is more of a song you would play in the middle or the end of a show. I recommend songs like around and around, everybody needs somebody to love, brown sugar and maybe not fade away as opening songs.
02-28-02 10:02 PM
02-28-02 10:39 PM
nankerphelge Its gonna be Sympathy
Doesn't matter if it is usually at the end
Doesn't matter if it is usually longer
Doesn't matter if it is usually a second wind

Sympathy will be the opener
It will be great
You can all thank me later

God damn it I am drunk in Boston
03-01-02 05:51 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 no gimme shelter is better at the middle along with sympathy. also when the stones keith should open with something that he always plays a telecaster on.
03-01-02 06:44 PM
quackenbush I'd like the Stones to play a different set each night of
the tour. It would be more exciting than the fixed set that
they usually go with.
03-01-02 07:48 PM
Mother baby I thought you guys didn't appreciate nostalgia.
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