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02-05-02 08:37 AM
NewGuyInTown I think that record is great, listening to the guitars, I think this was a peak for Stones. Both Keith And Ron is playing great and tight. That Tattoo you era might been the best they did, listen to Rons solo on Worried about you, you who doubt his potential, Or that extasic version of Beast of Burden b-side to Going to a go-go, Ernieīs sax-solo, Mickīs singing, Rons soloing! That Hampton show where the live video of Going to a go-go is from is magic all through! They still write great songs and there is still life!
02-05-02 08:44 AM
NewGuyInTown Phty-phty-phty such a pretty girl!
02-05-02 09:12 AM
Maxlugar I like Still Life too. I really don't have a problem with that album other than some songs were cut like Imagination.

That aint Woody on Worried About You though. It's Wayne "I'm not Bill Perks" Perkins. If Woody ever dreams he can play a lead like that he better wake up apologizing! Whoa yeah! Amen!

But your essential comment is true. '81 was a great year for them. The guitars were meshing real well. Try the boot Welcome to Phoenix for some great '81 action.

02-05-02 09:59 AM
NewGuyInTown Are you sure itīs not Ronnie, If you see the simple-start-me-up-kind-of-video to worried about you, well he must be imitating quite well then? Indeed, itīs him on Beast of burden live and thatīs not bad a lot of feeling. And if you listen to the kick ass "Atlantic city" ( steel wheel ) bootleg, he sure gets his ass togheter on start me up, so even if he messes it up sometimes nowadays I think he has done some great fills. The nice thing about Still Life is that he and Keith collaborates really well!
02-05-02 10:15 AM
marko 81 tour,their best no doubt about it,and 82 euro tour is
their best summer tour,Guitars were loud and clear,micks
voice was nasty&dry,bill was at his best,so was charlie.
Then you add,Earnie watts(gene barge in europe),youīll get
perfect mix of stones music.
Btw did you guys new that,just before still life was released,a wrong set got out,by an accident!About 5000 copies of 2LP version got out,with full set list,more songs.
This set was valued of,1000 dollars after it came "out".
So now it must be 5-10 times of that value.
Btw iīm listening frankfurt 30.6.82 show,vgp just released
this,no speed problems,as the old tape used to have.Do you
guys have any shows from 82 tour?
02-05-02 10:15 AM
Mathijs Wayne Perkins did the lead guitar on Worried About You, not Ron Wood (or even Mick Taylor as some people think).

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02-05-02 10:30 AM
T&A The man's right about Perkins...who by the way played a few very small gigs in the Bay Area a few years ago and leaked cassette copies of a new album he had finished (don't know if the album saw the light of day).

Problem with Still Life (like most Stones live albums) is not what's on it, but what's not. '81 was a good tour - highlights night in and out being Whip, Limo, Let it Bleed, Imagination (which was edited down inexplicably, much like SFTD on Flashpoint). Basically, Still Life does not begin to reflect a "good night" on the '81 tour. The gaggle of quality boots that are out from this tour are all much, much better documents of the tour than Still Life. The Stones have yet to release a definitive live album (Ya-Ya's doesn't quality, in my mind, due to excessive studio overdubs).
02-05-02 01:41 PM
nankerphelge I spent a good portion of last Friday listening to Perth '73, Brussles Affair, Handsome Goils, and Hampton '81. And as much as the '81 tour holds a special place in my heart since it was my first tour, I really find '81 to be disappointing.

The guitars do not sound clear to me -- they sound very tinny. Jagger's voice was not all that good. Keith and Ronnie just didn't have the umph that they had in '78.

For my money, I think the '78 tour was better.

Maybe I need that Pheonix show to change my mind.
02-05-02 02:35 PM
Maxlugar Nanky, you do need Phoenix and I'm the man to give it to you.

You see, my brother, Phoenix was the show that was filmed for the LSTNT movie. So they were "on" that day/night.

Much the same way that I now on "smack" again. It's a terrible turn of events and Imm sheeescmm mmmsshhh shmiuuullllll mmmck mmmmmm sssmmmmmmmm........
02-05-02 02:43 PM
nankerphelge You may be right -- but the Hampton show that I have was simulcast on radio and TV, and much of it ended up on Still Life -- so you'd think that they would have been "on" for that one. And don't get me wrong -- I like Hampton very much -- I just think that damn Handsome Girls is the best.

02-05-02 03:29 PM
Maxlugar I have the Hampton video and its great. But I think they were a little tired by then. Wasn't that the last show or close to the last?

Plus they were so spent from doing those sheep in the bathroom.

But Mick did run through the audience around the whole arena during Let Me Go. That was pretty big of him.

You must get Seattle '81 on video too. That is a hard ass show right there.

And I think George Thorogood took a lot out of the audience. Holy Moly was he "on" that night!

Speaking of "on" I just have to smmmuuuuu mmmmmmmm sllllllooonnnggg hhhmmmmmmmmm.... smoooooottthhhhh..
02-05-02 03:31 PM
steel driving hammer Marko is that frankfurt 30.6.82 better than 29.6.82?
Got the 29th on disc and that show played on a good system sounds so good.

They were on fire in 82.

02-05-02 04:56 PM
nankerphelge Ahhh '81 -- what a great year.
Graduated from high school.
Go to college
Get fucked up
Stones tour

Yes Hampton was the last of 50 shows and I think they were both tired and drunk as it was Keith and Bobby Keys' birthdays. Some of the show is great. I can see where other shows such as Seattle or Phoenix might be it -- in the movie, I think the footage of the band during Satisfaction is just awesome -- they were on fire.

I need a Buffalo '81 boot just for old times' sake
02-05-02 05:07 PM
Cardinal Ximinez The Phoenix '81 show is riddled with fuck ups...which is kinda cute, IMO. I forget the exact song, but doesn't Mick forget the words, and sing the same verse like 3 or 4 times?
Which song was that? I'd go play it to find out, but I'm too fuckin' lazy to walk all the way downstairs.

That's also one of the reasons why LSTNT is a hodgepodge of different shows...they didn't want to show the warts.

Anyone heard the Jersey Devil set yet? If so, post a review please.
02-05-02 05:16 PM
Bob Tamp I always thought LSTNT and Still Life were a waste of time.
The sound on the original movie was muddy at best although some say the imported dvd sounds good.
The problem with Still Life is just laziness. If you listened to all the boots from the tour, you could easily find better versions of each of the songs. At least that is my opinion.
02-05-02 09:37 PM
Maxlugar Yes Ximy that's on Let It Bleed. Charlie and Ronnie forget to come in on that song and it's just mick trying to get the thing going with his accoustic. Over and over again is the same verse. There are some other technical glitches but for the most part its great. Oh and in the movie LSTNT, its the same version of the fucked up Let It Bleed but they cut out the beginning. That's why that song is cut to practically already in progress!

02-05-02 11:30 PM
the lepper Still Life 'aint all that IMO.....The guitars sound like their coming out of a transistor radio. BTW, were the Stones using those crappy Mesa-Boogie amps on that tour?Charlie sounds as if he's on speed...."Let Me Go" is just rediculously fast. Mick's singing so-so. If studio overdubs are what made Ya Ya's sound so great, then I'll take the overdubs. That record sounds amazing. I'll even take Flashpoint over Still Life.
02-06-02 02:07 AM
Happy Motherfucker Crappy Mesa-Boogie amps! Are you out of your fuck'n mind. That is the best all around amp on the market! The Stones have used them since the early 70's and made some pretty damn good albums with them and done many tours using them. Even to this day they are Keith's favorite. I happen to know, I have three of them and they have never let me down going on 18 years now! It's a MESA-BOOGiE dude, not a fucking crappy ass Peavey!
02-06-02 03:00 AM
marko Iīve ordered jersey devils set,but the european one,it will
take some time to get it,,,,,iīll let you know guys.

Then maxy,let it bleed on LSTN is from new jersey!not from
Phoenix,possibly from the firts jersey show.Tumbling dice is!so is sheīs so cold.But youīre right about seattle shows,
do you have both of them?Do you have houston as well?

Then that washingtons bastard,nanker,you want Buffalo-81?
my cdr is from 2nd get tape,its ok recording,good memory!
just e-mail me.

And tony,i watched yesterday that c-10 tape,damn guys,i miss
you more even now.that frankfurt isnīt that EX as is the
day before show,performance is,but quality isnīt.Its still
ok cd,its "usual" 82 quality.Feel free to send some blanks.
I would buy,but,,,,WE`RE possibly going to BUILD a HOUSE,
so thats takin all my extra time now,and cash,to get everything in order.

And nanker,you MUST get more BOOOOOTS!has marc recorded for
you that 78 tour rehearsals? 4 or 6 cdīs?YOU NEED IT!

then do you guys have those philly 89 rehearals?

hey guys,why donīt fly over here,,just before xmas,i got 16
new video tapes(all 4hours),we could sit,drink beer and watch those tapes,,,,maybe iīll leave that on 2003 summer,?
02-06-02 07:09 AM
steel driving hammer Marko I'm comming over right now buddy!
Having trouble finding yer place though, been to
Viialo, Lempaala, Toijala, Kulju, Laitikkala but No MARKO!

Last I heard, Ronnie is afraid to fly now?
Ronnie will do a acustic blues/faces/jam w/ Stewart?
Actually I'm looking foward to that.

So, is your Goddess ITDW back on the shelf?

Mine is.

Take care my brother.
02-06-02 07:45 AM
Maxlugar Are you sure about that Marko? I could swear LIB is outdoors on LSTNT.
02-06-02 08:09 AM
nankerphelge marko you crazy bastard -- you are right I do need more.
I will get in touch with you re: Buffahole '81 and I shall petition the good Cardinal for a special dispensation.

Okay, all you crazy boot bastards got me hooked -- just when I think I'm out they pull me back in.

02-06-02 10:24 AM
T&A Jersey Devil is great. Sound is on a par with Kings of Drugs (hartford). Performances vary on the 3 shows. Highlight for me is the rarity of Down the Road Apiece in place of 20FlightRock on the first show. Done at a break-neck pace (a la Rip this Joint), the whole thing clocks in at around 2 minutes. Ronnie and Keef doin' their Chuck Berry thing at its finest. Definitely worth the price alone (of CDR's that is! :-)

Someone mentioned the Let Me Go on Still Life - I gotta believe that was sped up from the original tape....sounds artificial to me...can't believe they'd do that again after the ridiculous Tom-foolery on Got Live if You Want It..
02-06-02 10:32 AM
sandrew Regarding the amp debate, Keith and Ronnie use Boogie speaker cabs - the amps themselves, far as I can tell, are several Fender tweeds. The technique is called slaving, right? Help me here, fellow guitar freaks.
02-06-02 12:45 PM
marko hey maxyman,just check the LSTN,let it bleed is indoor
version-new jersey.
Iīm not a guitar freak,,,i know some,but maijhis knows
much much from tell me pages,there he just explained what they used on 81-82 tour.It was very
simple way they did it back then,nothing extra.

ouh guys,you better have that anaheim-99 boot!damn what a
show,boys are "boiling" during b-stage set!Ronnie kills you
on out of control&when the whip comes down.....
02-06-02 04:03 PM
T&A If the Anaheim 99 we're talking about is the Shine a Light soundboard - aside from the small stage where the guitar
mix is passable - this soundboard stinks....virtually no Keef guitar, similar to the problem with the 3/15 Philly board.
02-07-02 02:56 AM
marko I agree with keef sound,,,but i disgree otherwise,you can
hear OTHERS!which is nice,you hear ronnie&darryl.And ronnie
isnīt that bad at all,,,he actually plays.
02-07-02 10:29 AM
T&A to each his own, I guess. I can't imagine why anyone would want to listen to a stones show where you can't hear Keith. Ronnie & Daryl? Whatever!
02-07-02 01:26 PM
marko maybe because we know how keith plays,and i have plenty of
other boots(sbds)where i can hear keef.
02-07-02 03:07 PM
T&A interesting point. but, aside from the odd curiosity of what the Stones sound like without Keith, is it really something that bears repeated listenings? I mean it's like listening to a Dylan song "without the words." For me, the Stones and Keef's guitar are practically synonymous.
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