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Getting the Torrent:


1.      Choose and installa Client Software (hotlink to client software section in torrents toolbox)

2.      Open that software

3.      Click on torrent file to go directly to thedownload OR click on your Audio GEM to get more information about the file. You can also access the download from the details page.

4.      When prompted, click OPEN FILE

5.      When prompted, indicate where on your computer you want the file saved. You may want to createTorrents Downloaded File in MyMusic or on your Desktop

6.      Leave your computer on and let the file download. Be patient. This takes time, possibly 12 hours or more depending on the number of Seeders. Periodically check your Client Software to make sure that the Tracker Status is OK

7.      Once your download is complete, LEAVE YOUR TORRENT(completed file) OPEN for others to share to avoid Leech status. Eventually Leeches get banned.


Now that youíve downloaded the Torrent:


1.      Torrent Files will come to you in one of two formats:




2.      Burn your files to CD. Using BurnAtOnce (hotlink: which can compile and burn audio disks in FLAC, WAV, MP2, MP3, and OGG formats. Most gaps in your song files can be eliminated with this software.


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Burn Software


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