Temple Charles Lee (b. June 25, 1978 d. November 1, 1998)

Words from his cyberpals.

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You will never forgotten, Rest In Peace, Temple.

Brian Jones Fan Club

I first met Temple a few years ago on the old Stonesworld board. Liked him immediately. He was bright and very knowledgeable about the Stones (as well as other things). And he was funny! Many times I got my laugh for the day from something Temp said on the board. It amused me that he seemed to post about 3000 times a day in those early days, but his enthusiasm was very endearing and infectious.

As time went on, Temple and I corresponded off and on. I remember how very excited he was when I was able to get him an original LP of Satanic Majesties Request and he wrote and told me how his granddad made a custom frame for it so he could hang it up along with his other prized Stones memorabilia.

After a couple of years, the Stonesworld board began to break up and people went their way but we still kept in touch. A number of people had suggested that since I am such a big Brian Jones fan, that I set up a web site and message board for him. Temp was one of those people, and encouraged me to give it a try. (I knew nothing about doing a web site and needed all the encouragement I could get!) He was also one of the first ones there when I did go ahead and create one and I valued his posts. always intelligent and thoughtful.

In one of my last emails to Temp, I asked if he was one of the "characters" on the Stonesworld board: "Hopkin the ferret". Hopkin was the result of a "name the baby ferret" post I had put on the board. That's the name she chose to answer to. Shortly after that little "contest", a "hopkin the ferret" began to post on the Stonesworld board.

The posts were funny, creative and most always ended up being a conversation between "Hopkin" & myself. I looked forward to those posts alot. Of course it was driving me crazy that I didn't know who Hopkin was! I had suspicions that it might be Temple, and in that last email; he almost, but not quite, admitted it. I'll never know for sure, but there were no other posts or emails from "Hopkin" after Temple passed away. Every time I look at her, I think of him.he'd like her I know that! I think he'd appreciate her personality which is so much like the fictional Hopkin's!

I was in the process of trying to obtain another LP for him when I received an email from a mutual friend, that his Dad was posting on various Stones sites. Had a bad, bad feeling; hoped it was only a sick "joke" on somebody's part, but I wrote to his Dad and that's when I learned of Temple's death. I was shocked.. not Temple, not my buddy.

I still deeply miss him..his emails, his posts, his enthusiasm, his friendship and his support. I never knew till I read the newspaper articles, that he was only 20; I always assumed that he was an older fan like me. I think I will always miss Temple; though I never met him in person, he was my friend.

Gerry Seda

(Owner of Brian Jones: Like a Rolling Stones Message Board)

I first met Temple on the Stones World message board in January of '97...I'm known as an authority on bootlegs and mostly posted info and reviews on them there...Temple started emailing me asking for which ones to get and I started sending him tapes and before long we were very good friends...we moved on to the Voodoo Lounge chat room then eventually into Backstage...he started building a collection of boots and we started trading them...Temple knew more about the Stones than anybody I had ever known...obscure details and other trivia stuff...I'm 47 so I thought of him as a little brother...or a son...we drifted apart when he got a girlfriend and started doing more things with his friends at school...the way it should be! Then I got emails from some friends that his Dad was looking for me...I had already read of his death and was shocked and horrified...more so because it came the day after my birthday....the letter I got from his Dad tore my heart out...I thought about Temple when I saw the Stones in Ft. Lauderdale in March...I think about him every time I get a new bootleg, what would Temple think of this....I think about him everyday and I pray for his soul and peace of mind for his family. Temple was the best friend I've ever made on the internet...God bless you my good friend!

Mr. D (Bob McCombs)

I first met Temple on line in April 1997. His enthusiasm for the Rolling Stones was impressive. He quickly emailed me when I stated that I hadn't a copy of one video & offered to make me a copy of his. I was shocked to hear about his passing. He was such a nice funny guy. Great sense of humor. Rest in peace Temple...

Blue (John A)

I remember almost putting up an MIA post last fall when he posted nothing about the new CD, the upcoming tour, or anything. We all know why that was now. When his father posted looking for Mr. D, I had an uneasy feeling. Temple was not only a very knowledgeable guy, but funny, and pissed people off too. He will certainly be missed by many of us.


May your son always be remembered on this board alongside that other great person who we all love and miss so dearly


Rest in Peace, Temple. You are missed on the message boards, but your presence is still felt.


I did see his posts yet never chatted with him. I still feel very sad, as he was taken away far too soon. I feel very deeply for his parents. He seemed to be on his way to a great life. I can only pray that all the good memories will help his family out with the healing. God Bless you, Rest in peace my dear Temple. Love


The thing I will always remember about Temple was how he was always the first one to try to help out others when questions were posted at the old Stonesworld board. His answers were always correct, too. He also was not afraid to speak his mind, which in turn cause him some problems with a small few there. I will always remember how diplomatic he was when dealing with those flames compared to others.

Temple was a true Stones fan and a good cyber friend to many of us. It's just so sad to see that he was cheated out of so many years of his life. We will never forget you, Temple. Rest in peace, buddy.



I talked to Temple many a night, and early morning, at the Voodoo Lounge chat board. I got to know him a little bit. Although I am damn near 50, and he was a "kid", he was wise beyond his years...I'll miss him. He knew a lot about boots and a lot about life, and he knew how to have fun, which most people never really learn how to do...not really.

The next time you have a few too many, or even one too many, keep him in mind and don't drive. I think Temple would want it that way.


I have no words at the moment; temple was always a MUST to read

Moyette Meyran

A post with his name was a valuable and worth reading message.


The way he used to talk about any topic, his well-supported replies and answers, and his style made me think always that he was an old fan, an active witness of the Rolling Stones-Scene since it all started... but he was only 20 years old!

Temple: The Rolling Stones Community lost a friend, the world lost a potential great music critic. Your soul is in heaven's rock section; you are in our memory and in our hearts. Keep on Rocking! Your friend always.

Gerardo Liedo. (Voodoo Chile in Wonderland)