Temple Charles Lee (b. June 25, 1978 d. November 1, 1998)

Words from his relatives and friends.

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"He had a good sense of humor; he's always been fun to have a class with,"

David Baldwin (friend of Temple since 7th grade)

Temple and his good friend, Emily Grossell, at a Halloween party a few hours before he was hit by the car.

"Last year he was not enrolled in Music 43 but attended some of the classes because of he really like music and he was interested in the class."

Emily Grossell (Temple high school Classmate)


"Friends and family of a UNC junior killed Sunday described him as an avid reader who loved music as much as he loved life. "

I think about Temp every Halloween, as I also often do throughout the year. I have to admit, even though we have pictures of Temp, seeing this site has me choked up. He always looks younger in pictures than I remember him to be in my mind. He's one of the few people that I really looked forward to knowing for a long time. I remember after the funeral Jay (Temple's brother) told me that this (Temp's death) is a travesty. Your right, it is. I feel like the entire human race lost out that day. Temple was really markedly different than so many other people I have met before. He was special. I've known several friends and family members to die since Ive been alive, but his is one of the few that still hurt if I think about it too long. All I can do is be glad that I knew him the time that I did, and hold on to the great memories and the few tidbits of knowledge that I gained from his friendship. (Including a heightened appreciation for the stones :)

Barry Allen