Magazine Covers

The following is a compilation of Magazine covers; the first part is Rolling Stone. The covers were taken from our collection of magazines and the book Rolling Stone - The Complete Covers 1967-1997. Many of them can be seen in the Rolling Stone site, but not all.

No. 15-10th August 1968 -Dean Goodhill

No. 19-12th October 1968-Ethan Russell

No. 39-9th August 1969-Jim Marshall

No. 49-27th December 1969-Baron Wolman

No. 50-January 21st 1970-Michael Maggia

No. 65-3rd September 1970-Film Still

No. 89-19th August 1971-Robert Altman

No. 112-6th July 1972-Annie Leibovitz

No. 129-1st March 1973-Annie Leibovitz

No. 152-17th January 1974-Robert Grossman LOL (No Stones)

No. 191-17th July 1975-Annie Leibovitz

No. 195-11th September 1975-Annie Leibovitz

No. 251-3rd November 1977-Annie Leibovitz

No. 268-29th June 1978-Annie Leibovitz

No. 273-7th September 1978-Lynn Goldsmith

No. 324-21st August 1980-Julian Allen

No. 356-12th November 1981-Annie Leibovitz (paste the Urls to see actual size)

No. 359/360-24th December 1981-Lynn Goldsmith

No. 409-24th November 1983-William Coupon

No. 413-19th January 1984-Bonnie Schiffman

No. 441-14th February 1985-Steven Meisel

No. 454-15th August 1985-Albert Watson

No. 536-6th October 1988-Albert Watson

No. 560-7th September 1989-Albert Watson

No. 573-8th March 1990-Neal Preston

No. 689-25th August 1994-Anton Corbijn

No. 723-14th December 1995-Peter Lindbergh

No. 775-11th December 1997-Mark Seliger

No. 828/829-16th-23rd December 1999-Old photographs. Mick Jagger by Jim Marshal. Keith Richards by Peter Beard

No. 830/831-30th December 1999 and 6th January 2000-Old photographs by Michael Cooper. Click HERE to see a better resolution pic of the main cover


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