The Ian Stewart’s Home Page

Or Stu a’la Rocks Off


b. July 18, 1938 - d. December 12, 1985


Ian Stewart was the second Rolling Stone after Brian Jones and before all others. He was the first to respond Brian's ad in Jazz News; he joined Brian and Jeff Bradford. Then Mick Jagger met them at the Ealing R&B Club and joined their rehearsals, bringing his mates Keith Richards and Dick Taylor. Stu was the first person Keith met when he auditioned for the job.

Being the second, he is known as the sixth Rolling Stone.


This is a humble space dedicated to Stu.



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Stu in the Studio (solo, with the Rolling Stones and as guest)

Stu on the Road (As Road Manager and Pianist)

Anecdotes, biography and Photo Gallery (Under construction)

Present at the Creation: The Ian Stewart Interview by Lisa Robinson

Words from his friends and fans (Include yours! Click here)


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