Inspired during a REAL Cold Turkey experimented by a poor Voodoo Chile suffering of Stones withdrawal

First post on Monday, March 16, 1998 9:49 PM ET on the late RS Forum


Here I lie in my Neighbourís bed, having The Worst cold turkey ever...
itís because I have 35 days without seeing the Stones Live. I need an
overdose, a hot shot of vital, crude, raw and nasty Rock & Roll talking
about sex and drugs, in the Babylonian atmosphere of indulgence and
shameless pleasures! Thatís the only solution I have.

Oh Help me Dear Doctor Iím damaged, please Mr. Jimmy, Fiji Jim, Mr. D,
and Sister Morphine turn this nightmare into a sweat dream, and you cousin
cocaine donít let your cool, cool hands on my head, I had enough, I
think Iím Going Mad.

Iím having hallucinations; Hey Gazza is there any of the Tolkienís green elves
missing in your country? Here I have a lot of them in front of me
singing backwards "This could be the last tour, this could be the last
tour, maybe the last tour I donít know..." They are wearing a T-shirt
with the words "REDRUM EPAR" on them. Please turn this nightmare in to

The jamming session I went yesterday with Jimi Hendrix and special
guests Brian, Nicky and Stu was Just my Imagination, but helped a

Silver bells is a ringiní, ringiní up inside my brain, ding dong oh yeah.

Please Linda lend me your gun (sniff sniff...bang... drip, drip) or Flip
the Switch, if you donít do it I could stick a knife in my heart suicide
right on this cyber stage, yes, Iím insa-ya-yane! But I know itís only
R&R but I like it!

Hey jaxx, I donít care too much about the Aftermath, keep some Hot Stuff
from the Brown Sugarís paper fountain during the encore... the bleeding
volcano, you know the psycho-delicases!

Iím willing to do everything to get the concert tickets; I cannot sell
my soul again, I did it a lot of times in the past, never delivering it.
If you want, go fuck my wife (donít come back), but let me warning you She
Was Hot and now She Is So Cold.

I need it so bad...the only solution is another concert! Please Stonesí
cyberpals help this poor boy, the Prodigal Son of the tenth show Bitch,
the 3rd world Voodoo Lounge Chile. Have mercy! You Got The Silver, the
only thing we need is send ten dollars to the Church of the Sacred
Bleeding Heart of Jesus located somewhere in Los Angeles California, and
next week theyíd say your prayer on the radio and all my dreams would
come true. If not, at least youíre gonna have Some Girls (with, you
know what kind of eyes), and maybe tickets for everybody. But do it now,
you know Time Waits for No One!

Iím Coming Down Again, Iím down on my luck and I canít harmonize, My
heart is beating louder than a big bass drum. Iím Dazed and Confused
(oops a fuck up on my part, please read Sad,
Sad, Sad instead); Iím a fool to cry! Iím feeling so stoned, ooh so
distracted, ainít touched a thing all week.

PLEASE STONES, youíre gonna come back to North America, there are only
confirmed concerts in Canada and the USA, remember that Mexico is also
part of North America; in fact, we trade under NAFDA (the North America
Free Drug Agreement)... PLEASE cross the border again... Mick I will
pour the drinks for you, on the way down to Mexico are you ALREADY OVER
ME? OVER ME(xico)!!!!!!!

Please Lisa do the Harlem Shuffle, Dance Little Sister Dance, "mueva las
carreras", do it up now, I wanna be your Slave, ("quiero cai
que no te la vasíacabar"), please Gimmie Shelter, just a kiss away. If
you ever get back to Mexico City, girl, Iím gonna make you scream all

HERE IT COMES AGAIN! 19 Nervous Breakdowns and then the Cold Turkey...
please HELP... HERE IS
ughhhhhhh!..................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!..........sheeeeesh! Oh
fuck! ................. Hey turkey please hold you (wild)
horses!..........&%$&%$&(/&&%! Ughhhhhhhhh! Uuuufhhhh!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! OH FUCK!

I gotta go; itís medication time...

Anybody seen my downers?


End of Poem... please cry!