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Dublin, December 1993
Thanks Irina!!



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Topic: One year ago: CLUBSHOW PRESALE MADNESS Return to archive
12-01-03 01:56 PM
TooTough All of you remember this week!
Any memories?

Freitag, 6. Dezember 2002 09:55

Earlier this week, The Rolling Stones unveiled their plans for the Australian and European legs of the massive 'Licks' World Tour, with the band set to trek through 22 major cities during June, July & August 2003. 'Licks' World Tour promoters announced 19 shows in Australia, the UK, Germany, Holland, Sweden & France.

Currently, The Rolling Stones Premium International Fan Club is proud to present the following pre-sale opportunities on the following shows:

Paris, France:
July 7 Bercy
July 9 Stade De France
July 11 Olympia

To gain access to your tickets, please visit us at Select your venue and become a member and the Fan Club will issue you the code you need to complete your ticket purchase on the local ticket agent's website. Please act now, as availability is limited.

Check back often for ticket availability

Thank you!

The Rolling Stones Official Fan Club
12-01-03 02:13 PM
glencar On eyear ago today I was flying back from Vegas. What a gas, gas, gas! I'd seen a show at the Hard Rock that was OK & then took a chance on a show at the much larger MGM & that one rocked.
12-01-03 06:18 PM
stonedinaustralia yes, a year ago on 5 december i got home from work and checked out the board to find a post from fmk saying that the fan club enmore tix were on sale - (thanks fmk) - what followed was about a half hour of high pulse rate madness -i had to join the club (that took about three attempts) and then i had to order tickets (that took a couple of attempts as well)

while all this was going on i was coming back and forward to the board to get help with the fan club subscription/ticket purchase process - a big thanks to moonisup who was on line at the time and gave me a couple of tips

finally, the confirmation e-mail came back from tickitek and i felt a huge rush/wave of relief (which i sometimes think i can still feel) and my heart rate began to slow to something resembling normal

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12-01-03 07:13 PM
Angiegirl I am experiencing severe RSI again suddenly, might be psychosomatic due to seeing the subject of this thread!

Gawd, what a week we had. One whole year ago! All the excitement and stress sitting in front of my pc and hitting refresh for 12 hours straight to get tickets for Vredenburg! Calling my mum to tell her we would be going to a club show together, but I was so out of breath from jumping and screaming in my room when I got the positive message from the Ticketservice, that she didn't understand a word I was saying to her through the phone...

Then sitting in the freezing cold outside the post office for a night to get the rest of the arena and stadium tix (Dec. 7). Being interviewed on the radio. Cool times!

Having every show still to look forward to. Worrying that 8 months was a very long time and what if one of the Stones would drop dead in the meantime? (I seriously had those thoughts). More and more shows added to the list as winter turned to spring and spring was ending. Counting weeks and days (first weekly and then daily) till the first show. Then we decided to go to the Euro opening show in Munich, cause we couldn't wait till July 7 in Paris...

Going to Paris by bus for the Bercy show, and returning to Holland 30 minutes after the show. When I got home I immediately called the international train service information number to see if i could return to Paris by high speed train the next morning. Boarding the train and finding myself back in Paris again within 34 hours... scoring a front-of-stage ticket for the stadium, hanging outside the Olympia for 2 days and most of the nights hoping to get lucky. Getting lucky at 10.42 AM on the Olympia theatre show day when I slid my credit card through the machine at the Olympia box office, taking one of the 50 tickets for just 56 euro...

Meeting Too Tough in Paris in front of the Olympia, exchanging addresses to send each other the different setlists we managed to get during shows...

Going to the Vredenburg show, lots of friends managed to get tickets on the show day, a room filled with familiar faces. O yeah, and the Stones of course, that was nice too .

Being 20 metres from the train station in my home town, intending to get the train to the Amsterdam stadium, and getting a call on my mobile from my mother telling me she just heard on the news it's not going to happen due to Mick's throat. Still going to Amsterdam to meet fans and friends and instead of the show having a Mexican dinner with lots of laughter and beer, maybe even having a better time than we would have had in the stadium (if we thought about the previous' day show...).

The hot summer, all very hot weather during the shows. What a difference with the summer of '98 when we had so much rain during shows (Malieveld Den Haag comes to mind, I wonder why...).
2003: Munich, hot. Oberhausen, hot. Bercy, hot. Stade de France, hot. Olympia, hottest. Prague, extremely hot. Rotterdam, warm. Ahoy, cold in the early morning queueing, hot in the afternoon. Vredenburg, warm. Amsterdam ArenA, warm. Dublin, not too warm, just nice. London Wembley Arena 2+3, hot again. Amsterdam, warm and rain and cold an hour and a half before the show.

Then it was time for my last show this summer: in Amsterdam in September. Going to the Amstel Hotel to see the Stones leave for the stadium, getting my picture taken with Bernard Fowler (). Going for a burger and then on to the stadium and it started to rain, first time I was grateful for the much-hated roof of the stadium .
The rain obviously marked the end after 15 shows.

And now all I can do is watch Four Flicks and think back at those great, great days, so much fun with loads of friends.


Thanx for the topic. I'm a sentimental fool.