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Topic: Goddess enters at No. 44 in the UK Return to archive
11-25-01 03:24 PM
Fedepeti Mick Jagger´s album "Goddess In The Doorway" enter this sunday at number 44 in the UK charts
Look at:
11-25-01 04:02 PM
HandofFeet Looks like the tv special helped out, as that's certainly better than that initial figure of 85th. The bad thing is that, while people (on this board) said the album was poorly marketed over there, with almost zero promotion or airplay, all of the reports are stating it had a "massive" campaign.

It makes it out to be an expensive flop, which usually steers people away. The good news for Mick is that it isn't a film, where a dismal first-week total pretty much ends any chance of reaching an audience.

11-25-01 04:22 PM
jean-pierrre M It's not bad .. Paul Macca himself entered at 46 last week
and I don't see him this week...
11-25-01 04:40 PM
Gazza well well well..

Paul Mccartney of the infallible Beatles enters at #46 and Mick is at #44

Considering McCartney's solo work will always outsell Jagger and the Beatles will always outsell everyone,never mind just the Stones,I'd consider Paul's album to be the bigger flop (and the reviews for his album were almost universally very positive)

Two things you WONT see in the UK press in the next few days:

1) The press admitting it wasnt QUITE the flop they thought/hoped it would be and devoting the same column inches to the fact as they did when gloating over the poor first day sales (if anything,the idiotic Dominic Mohan in the Sun will say that if it wasnt for their "Mick Aid" campaign it wouldnt have charted at all..)

2) the same press gloating over the relative failure of Paul's album. The Beatles seem to be untouchable when it comes to this kind of press (not that I wish them any ill will - theyre my 2nd favourite band and I hope paul's album does great too,but theres certainly double standards here)
11-25-01 04:45 PM
Gazza >The bad thing is that, while people (on this board) said the album was poorly marketed over there, with almost zero promotion or airplay, all of the reports are stating it had a "massive" campaign.

To a point yes - however whilst the FACT that Mick had an album out got a lot of mentions in music magazines and the press,that alone wont make people buy it. Very few people will buy an album they havent heard anything from.

When it comes to helping to promote a new release,theres no substitute for airplay - and theres been nothing on the music channels and minimal radio airplay. Next week its BBC Radio 2's "Album of the week" (this station now has more listeners than Radio 1 since its shifted its demographs and target audience) so maybe that'll help things further.
11-25-01 04:46 PM
KeepRigid And Mick didn't even need to cash-in on the WTC bombings to do it.
11-25-01 04:51 PM
Gazza Good point!!

I think the motivation for Paul's MSG show was straight from the heart OK, but theres no doubting the fact that playing new songs in front of a global audience helped!
11-25-01 04:58 PM
KeepRigid I was also thinking along the lines of "Freedom", which no doubt boosted US sales.

But yeah, hearing the new songs in an emotional state like that definitely gave them a special meaning for many people.
11-25-01 05:15 PM
HandofFeet So if Paul actually sold less than Mick, where were the first day reports of his poor sales?
11-26-01 01:02 AM
Amy340 You were right, Gazza. In today's Sun, Dominic Mohan claims "We Did The Trick For Mick!".

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