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Aragon Ballroom - Chicago, September 16, 2002
By Roostah and/or PhilA aka SparksWILLFly!

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Topic: First Stones Memory Return to archive
11-30-02 11:22 PM
throbby One of my friends showing me (a sheltered 12 year old) the cover of Sticky Fingers and the amazing zipper action.
11-30-02 11:25 PM
full moon Have Mercy!!!!!
12-01-02 01:59 AM
stonedinaustralia god, i'd probably have to spend 32 hours in a sensory deprivation tank to call that one up - but it was possibly hearing "the last time" - i can definitely r-ecall hearing "satisfaction" on the radio

i still have a clear, distinct and undisturbed memory of reading about the redlands bust in the newspaper in '67 - i was nine - in a way from that moment on i was hooked - these cats were living a life i could only imagine existed -but, boy did i want in!! - even then i can recall being impressed with keith's "cool"

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12-01-02 03:41 AM
FotiniD Very first memory: sitting in the living room and watching Satisfaction. Seeing Keith taking his guitar off to bring down the "nutter". I must have been about five years old when I saw that. I remember thinking "he is bad" Things change
12-01-02 05:15 AM
sonicrock i remember my sister goin to a school trip in england, and ask me what do i wanted from there she was 9 i was six, and i did ask for a rolling stones record, she brings me back the satanic majestic request what a gift for a 6 years old young boy it was in 1973, i recall me listen to it over and over on my parents record desk
12-01-02 08:29 AM
cabledogg2 I don't think it's my first memory but one that sticks out is the Saturday Night Live appearence , that was just too cool!!!!!
12-01-02 02:37 PM
luxury1 I had the 45 of As Tears Go By that I would play over and over again on this little pink "record player in a box" I had in my bedroon.
12-01-02 03:00 PM
Gazza I'd heard OF Mick Jagger but knew nothing about him or the Stones. I was 10 years old and there wasnt much about bands like that in any pop magazines I read because they were full of stuff on Slade, Gary Glitter, David Cassidy and the Osmonds.

There used to be an afternoon pop show on ITV called "Lift Off" in the early 70's. UK readers of a certain age may remember it (especially the men as it was presented by a gorgeous, dusky girl called Ayisha).

It wasn't bad at times and they occasionally had good bands on, although it was aimed at kids in what seems in retrospect a patronizing kind of way,. Being in the middle of the glam-rock era God knows what the nation's under - 11's must have thought the afternoon that Ayisha introduced the next act as "and here's our friend David Bowie with his pals The Spiders From Mars and he's going to tell us all about their nice friend,the "Starman"" which was the cue for these four incredibly effeminate looking creatures to come on and sing to baffled 10 year olds about some guy who was 'afraid he'd blow our minds'...we were all very innocent back then.

So, one day in autumn of 1973 they showed a film of the Rolling Stones singing their new record - "Angie" (the version where Mick's wearing the hat). I asked my cousin - also called Angie,ironically enough - who it was and being 3 years older than me,she knew. "oh,so THATS Mick Jagger then?" I replied...

Cant say it changed my life as it was another four years before I owned a Stones record (the TV advertised Arcade double album compilation "Get Stoned") but it was certainly my first memory of the band.
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12-01-02 08:21 PM
nankerphelge Sitting in my friend's basement playing pool and listening to his older brother's Hot Rocks albums front to back and being blown away that any band could have that much good shit from '64 to '71. I mentioned my amazement to another friend who gave me a listen to his older sister's extremely beat copies of Sticky Fingers and Exile. I've been on a binge ever since...
12-01-02 08:27 PM
Jaxx we used to go shopping on sundays. i remember being in some discount store called Valley Fair and seeing the album Exile on Main Street. the images on the cover scared the hell out of me. the guy with the balls in his mouth totally freaked me out at that young impressionable age.
12-01-02 08:31 PM
nankerphelge I had the greatest T-shirt with that guy on it -- silkscreened in bright orange and yellow with "Rolling Stones" below in that classic Exile script. Lost it during a power Nolte in '84. I've never forgiven myself...
12-01-02 08:32 PM
Jaxx oh the pain, the agony. sometimes items lost can be found on ebay......i don't know if anyone can get THAT lucky, tho.
12-01-02 08:36 PM
nankerphelge Yeah I've looked -- nuthin'!

But still I search....

12-01-02 09:38 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I was at camp with a dear friend of mine, a speedfreak, alas (poor guy had it prescribed to him - all kindsa nasty side effects - he'd go for days without sleep followed by days where all he did was sleep), but he did have a weathered CD of Let It Bleed, and that was all I played over those three weeks.

Apparently licking CDs is better than cleaning them with water as the enzymes in your mouth help to re-seal the cracks.

This was what I learned after that CD was battered beyond reocognition.

Looking back on it, I think I was just desprate to hear "You Can't Always Get What You Want" one more time...

-tSYX --- But if you try sometimes...
12-01-02 09:45 PM
Stonesthrow Hearing Tell Me and then Not Fade Away for the first time in 1964. Beatles, Beach Boys, and everybody else be damned.
12-01-02 10:08 PM
sammy davis jr. The neighbor girl directly behind my house, who was always the object of my fantasies, invited me over and was being very friendly. I don't even remember WHY I was there, but sheeeiitt I was there. She lit some incense and threw on the "new" Stones album Sticky Fingers...I had heard Brown Sugar on the radio and dug it, but when I heard Sway I was transfixed. The growling guitars, Mick's drunken vocal, Mick T's flowing leads. When I heard it I was literally floored how cool this music was. Well we began getting flirty with each other, just getting good.....then her mom came home and started screaming at her and bitching this poor girl out endlessly. I always wondered "What If"? But that was the day I became one of us. I bought the album the very next day.
12-02-02 01:42 AM
gypsymofo60 Anyone who has 25 times 5, (video), will see my first memory of the band, first real memory. August 1964, Ready, Steady, Go, and The Stones doin' Little Red Rooster', I'll never forget that, or the howls of outrage drowning out the TV volume. Similar parental outrage nearly 12 years later, all four Black & Blue promos on an Aussie show called Countdown. Great memories all.
12-02-02 06:27 AM
parmeda I have my parents to thank for this...had my dad not been a fan himself, I don't think I would have known the words to many of their songs back in the mid 60's. But I think it "clicked-in" when I saw them on The Ed Sullivan Show. It took 10 more years after that in order to finally see them live...
To this day, I still have this thing about placing a face with a name...
12-02-02 03:55 PM
jb Making out with Cathy Mikalakis while listening to JJF...