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When The Whip Comes Down
Kiel Opera House, St. Louis Missouri - July 11, 1978
By Chief Moon



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11-21-03 06:16 PM
Some Guy We all know that a little drinking is going on, and Stones blasting in the background( F the neighbors, it's the weekend) but what is the main course tonight. How ya living, What ya eating? For me tonight kicking ER loud (did I stress LOUD) and making homemade Chili!! Plenty of brew, but I make a mean ass Chili!! It is on!
11-21-03 06:24 PM
Some Guy Ya Mama!
[Edited by Some Guy]
11-21-03 06:29 PM
Ten Thousand Motels Eat, drink & be merry. I just forgot about eating.
11-21-03 06:54 PM
Some Guy Thats some good chili!
11-21-03 07:02 PM
SHINE A LIGHT pasta with a salad.
11-21-03 07:06 PM
nankerphelge I was thinking of preparing a nice veal parmesan with prociutto and eggplant stacked in between and little green olives on top. Maybe a nice polenta with sun dried tomatoes.
And a side of fresh applesauce with cinnamon.

But I think I'll just have a whole fuckin load of red wine instead!!!!!

"I wouldn't eat that shit with your mouth Ronnie"

11-21-03 07:11 PM
Some Guy Don't forget the greens! You need your greens. The dark green
11-21-03 07:14 PM
nankerphelge Yeah I've had a couple of those already tonite.

Luv them greens!!!

I was getting tired of moonie, out there in Seattle, sapping that fuckin minibar for all its worth!!

We all have the right to little bottles of booze and intimacy kits, dammit!
Of course, my wife's not around.
Guess I'll pour the booze on my hand and get my date drunk...

11-21-03 07:15 PM
Ten Thousand Motels I'm salivating. Post your best chile recipe. Or how to cook venison. We're overrun with with venison this year for a change.
[Edited by Ten Thousand Motels]
11-21-03 07:19 PM
Some Guy I've never had venison. Chili with beer, Italian sausage, black beans, too drunk to recall the rest. Nanky blow a shotgun in the palm of your hand, couldn't hurt
11-21-03 07:23 PM
nankerphelge We're overrun with dear too this year.
Freakin carcasses all over the roads everywhere.
Big fuckin dear too!!!
Not bambi
Looks like some bio experiment gone horribly wrong.

A couple of years ago they sent a bunch of police "sharpshooters" out at night with night vision, and secret decoder rings -- the WORKS -- and they couldn't do a damn thing about the population. Just pissed off the dear, now they are on steroids!

What they need to do is hire my hometown.
Just go to where I grew up, hire the town, and let them at it.
Guns, bows, and the occasional chase-them-down-and-bite-them-to-death dudes!!!

Anyhow, herd would be under control within minutes and there'd be venison stew for the whole lot of us!

[Edited by nankerphelge]
11-21-03 07:25 PM
Some Guy Gonna need some cilantro and fresh roasted garlic
11-21-03 07:30 PM
glencar Basic cheeseburgers with mashed potatoes & some sort of veggie.
11-21-03 07:32 PM
nankerphelge That's it, I'm getting wings!

Oh this is gonna be a great buzz tonite!
11-21-03 07:33 PM
Some Guy Three Mile Island wings? You gotta Hooters there?
11-21-03 07:40 PM
Ten Thousand Motels Pies. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. But they don't bake pies much now. Even though I had some really great apple pie last week.
11-21-03 07:41 PM
nankerphelge Yeah -- but we have a place right around the corner that makes Buffalo Wings just like you are in the middle of Buffalo, at the Brick bar -- deep fried to a lite crispy perfection with the most tender and succulent inside - the correct amount of butter and Tobasco and


I'm droolin' like Nick Nolte in a Hawaiian shirt!
11-21-03 07:43 PM
Some Guy Get it Bee-Yaatch!!!!
11-21-03 07:53 PM
nankerphelge Hey!

Betty Fuckin' Crocker!

You want recipes ... try Better Homes & Gardens.

You want food -- get some Buffalo wings!!

11-21-03 08:08 PM
gypsy Yeah. And no one knows how to eat pie the right way.
11-21-03 08:09 PM
Some Guy Hey!!!!!
11-21-03 08:09 PM
Some Guy We aint talking wolfpuss are we?
11-21-03 08:20 PM
nankerphelge Wings are here
I am happy
11-21-03 08:20 PM
LadyJane What's this...the topic is Buffalo wings???

Food for the Gods!! Hmmmmm...just looking at a takeout menu.

Nothing like Buffalo Pizza and Wings


Nanky...You're confusing the Brick Bar (lots of Molson) and Anchor Bar (home of the Chicken Wing)
[Edited by LadyJane]
11-21-03 08:26 PM
nankerphelge Yes it is -- I got 30 to go!

Wow they are good
I'm sweatin'!

Gotta roll of paper towels and the whole room stinks

God this is great!

11-21-03 08:28 PM
Some Guy Bro, can YOU eat 30?
11-21-03 08:29 PM
nankerphelge I got some extra for breakfast!

I'm a left-over nut!

11-21-03 08:36 PM
Some Guy This is SOmeGUy's old lady:
I don't think this pie eating needs a recipe
11-21-03 08:41 PM
nankerphelge She's right!

Ya just get one yer miner's helmet with the little light
And get in there and get busy!
Just like "Lickey"
The 8th Dwarf!!
You don't hear much about him, but you notice Snow White was always smiling!!!!

[Edited by nankerphelge]
11-21-03 08:43 PM
Some Guy This is Some Guy's Old Lady:


Smiling is as smiling does!
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