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When The Whip Comes Down
Kiel Opera House, St. Louis Missouri - July 11, 1978
By Chief Moon



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Topic: You got me rocking...riff Return to archive
11-20-03 01:49 PM
Moonisup Does anyone know the riff (open-G) for You got me rocking, or a link to a tab???


11-20-03 02:13 PM
Poplar AHHH "You Got Me Rocking" .. the great latter day Stones war horse.
Like so many others, this one is in open G ... try it any other way & you're dead before you pick a note.

tune down, and pick out the main lick on strings 1 thru 4. you can do it by ear. It's typical Keith: all finesse.

the verse chords are chopped out at 7th, 5th, 3rd frets...
the bit before the solo (if i remember right) : F E D...
the solo - keith plays it up around the 12th fret.. watch 4 Flicks @ MSG- nice shot of the solo.

just get in open G, and it's one of the easiest Stones songs around. I've heard it criticized as "paint by the numbers rock" ... maybe .. but I love it.

ps - one of my 4 Flicks highlights is the MSG take on this song. Keith rips it up, and looks like he's having a good time doing it.
11-20-03 02:44 PM
Moonisup allright, thanks.
I figured the chord out already, I knew it was in D.

11-20-03 04:10 PM
marko it is NOT open G its standard D.
11-20-03 04:18 PM
Moonisup well, marko, I really think YGMR is in open G, you can easily see that if you look at the way keith positions his hands on the neck!!!
11-20-03 04:22 PM
marko nope,not the album one.just read tabs of the VL album.
I think only Love is strong&sparks will fly are on open G
tuning,rest of the album is standard.
11-20-03 04:33 PM
Moonisup oh hmm maybe you are right about the album version!
But I was talking about the live version, wich is in open G. Maybe Mathijs knows if the album version is in Open G.
However most tabs are wrong. If you look at tabs of let's say Crazy mama, wich is in Open G, well you see that most of the tabs are just for standard tuning! But well, that doesn't matter, most of the time chords match

11-21-03 02:22 AM
marko Besides,sometimes keith changes his tunings,on tours,i mean
nest tour,he might play paint it black without capo....
his been playing paint it black with capo since 1998.
Its now just hell lot of better.....i mean,also,he may now play ygmr on open,and on voodoo standard.
11-21-03 06:43 AM
Mathijs YGMR on the album is played in open G, not standard tuning, it's quite obvious to hear. Tabs are always wrong.

11-21-03 07:57 AM
John Wood I agree You Got Me Rocking is always in open G. I think these days Keith only uses standard and open G tunings (with capos). Ronnie also uses standard tuning and for slide guitar open E.
11-21-03 11:48 AM
voodoopug I've messed around with it before and what seemed to work if my memory serves me correct is to tune the top strings (low ones) in open G and tune the bottom two strings in standard E to get that little riff, but i think this song has a few hundred ways to play it. I could be wrong as i am certainly no guitar virtuoso
11-21-03 09:28 PM
stickyturd The You Got Me Rocking riff goes like this:

--tune to open G
--fret your fingers like a standard tuning D sus 2 chord, in other words, just fret the G and B strings, but leave the e alone.
--Okay, now here's my hopefully unlame attempt to tab it fast:


Repeat wherever you need to. Hope this helps.

11-21-03 09:29 PM
stickyturd Sorry, I fucked it. The note on the G string is always either 0 (g) or 2 (a), I accidentally put a 3 in there. Make that 3 a 2.

11-21-03 09:39 PM
J.J.Flash Hi Russ! I think you are right! The great Soul Survivor gave me that "tip" a few time ago and it was exactly how you said to Rik. 2 guitar players can't be wrong!
11-22-03 05:15 AM
Moonisup thanks!
11-22-03 05:27 AM
egon muppy, where is SSC?
11-22-03 05:32 AM
Moonisup well, at home!
Or do some shopping, I mailed him this morning, and got one back, so he isn't dead.
Another thing, maybe he is seeing Sinterklaas, he arrived this morning in Velsen, so good chance he's in Breda too!

11-22-03 06:37 AM
egon let me Rephrase;

why doesn't he post anymore?

ps; do you think sinterklaas will come to france to visit all the dutch children?

or is there no point in putting my shoe next to the fireplace (aka central heating)?
11-22-03 06:52 AM
Moonisup well if Sinterklaas travels from holland, hm maybe they french think he has something to do with slavery with zwarte pieten. I put my shoe in front of the fire place and got a bottle of wine!