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Topic: Goddess in the Doorway... Return to archive
11-20-01 04:21 PM
Mathijs Today I have bought Goddess in the Doorway, and even though I had listened to most tracks for the last few weeks, I was still curious to listen to the complete album. I have made some (very) negative remarks on this list about this album, and I was hoping my opinion would change after listening to the official release. I would first like to state that I like old-time Rolling Stones: raw, dirty and had driving R&R. I love everything they did from 1967 until 1983, with the 1975 and 1981 tours being my favourite. I dislike anything that has to do with either Matt Clifford or Chuck Leavell. I liked She’s The Boss (it was the first “Stones” release I was old enough to experience), I loath Primitive Cool –there just isn’t anything good about that album in my opinion, and I love Wandering Spirit. Here’s my track to track opinion of Goddess In the Doorway:

First thing I noticed is the picture on the back sleeve: it’s in mirror reflection!
Visions of Paradise: I quite nicely written song with a good chorus, but a VERY slick production, and the Matt Clifford strings are horrible, these are out-dated since 1988. The production reminds me of Say You Will, and I don’t know if I will still like the song in six months from now.

Joy: my god this is simplistic…this is a real throwaway, I bet Bono wasn’t in the same studio as Jagger, it’s not even a real duet.

Dancing in the Starlight: I like this song, it has a smooth drive, a great chorus and some great Jagger vocals. I love the percussion of Lenny Castro, a great overall song.

God Gave Me Everything: I am not too fond of Kravitz, and I think he is one of the worst drummers around. If I want Kravitz (and I don’t) I will put on one of his albums. I just don’t like this song, it misses some great turn-around, or a catchy phrase. It just doesn’t rock.

Hideaway: what an terrible intro!! What a horrible flute! War fuckin’ Baby! Who made this cheap junk? Oh I see, Wyclef “I turn every old hit into a new one with some slick production” Jean. I do like the heavy bass, it’s funky in a way. That’s it. Play it once and forget about it!!

Don’t Call Me Up: it starts as Primitive Cool meets Always Suffering –this is my definition of “cheesiness”… ”People ask have you seen her / I say not for a while / I’m gonna see my girlfriend way down in Argentina / We’re gonna have a blast for awhile”. Mick! I am throwing up by now!!

Goddess in the Doorway: ah, some 80’s dance tune, wasn’t this already old in 1988? Catchy vocal line though, it sticks in your head.

Lucky Day: ah, what do we have here! This is a great track! I know this bass line, but I can’t remember from what. I love this song, great brass section, great groove. More of this Mick!

Everybody Getti…turn it off, turn it off!!!!!

Gun: damn, my CD player skips, I thought I skipped Everybody Getting High! Oh no, it’s some attempt for a dance tune again. Mick stop it!! “You already crapped out twice”!!

Too Far Gone: Could be of Voodoo Lounge –Baby Break it Down stuff. Quite nice though, great drumming, nice guitar work. I like it.

Brand New Set of Rules: hey, Already Over Me! Let me see –no, Keith isn’t on it. Keith should sue Mick for credit –“because I am your brand new fool” –ring a bell? Nice song, bit cheesy, but o.k.

And then the best part of the album –the hidden track! Great stuff, Mick imitating some ballroom diner party piano playing –glasses tinkling, people talking, Mick with a double tongue la-di-dadling “Goddess in the Doorway”. Love it! Reminds me of “On With The Show”, great stuff.

My overall opinion: it just simply is me! I don like this kind of music! I love Mick Jagger, he IS the best ever Rock performer, I can watch Gimme Shelter, L&G, LA Connection, Let’s Spend The Night Together one million times, I just bought Hartford 81 and played it already 10 times, but sorry, solo Mick Jagger just isn’t my cup of tea. It sure is not bad music –but it’s too smooth, too Americana “power pop” for me, I just simply miss the tension and edginess of Keith and Charlie. Shoot me for it –I will give this CD a few more spins and the put it next to Primitive Cool and my Michael Bolton collection.

11-20-01 05:03 PM
KeepRigid Everybody likes the raw, dirty days of the Stones (although I'm not sure that's how I'd describe Still Life and the 81 tour)- but did you really expect this to be like that stuff?

Your review is cool with me- my peers have always been into "hipper" stuff than the Stones, while the older fans have always been more into the "golden" years- so I've always been a Stone alone when it comes to their stuff.

But I do have to question your state of mind on two tracks.

GGME sounds like the Mick I love from the Stones, but apparently I'm one of the few around here who thinks it rocks. I played it for a friend who only listens to something if it's hard rock and he loves it.

As for Lenny's input, I liked his first couple of albums, but have lost all interest since he started aiming for the Top 40 crowd. To me, this is one of the best songs he's done in a very long time.

I also think Don't Call Me Up is one of the best tracks on here. Listen to Mick adlib the first verse over the outtro- man, that's just classic Mick!
11-21-01 06:57 AM
marko I agree with you 100%.Don´t call me up grows on me.

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