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Topic: No new Stones album? Return to archive
11-20-01 12:41 AM
Happy Motherfucker After seeing some of the interviews with Mick, it seems a little suspect him saying that there probably won't be a new Stones album to coincide with the tour. After all it was Mick that said many times that he does'nt like to just rehash the old stuff, that he likes to keep it fresh with new material. This keeps The Stones from falling into that paper-thin trappings of nostalgia. My thinking on this, is that the band maybe planing alot of dates at smaller venues and going back to the basics. Doing some killer tunes from the early days. I don't know what reason the band would have for a full blown stadium show without new tunes. I don't think any of the boys want to be tagged as just cashing in. They are still a very big part of the music industry and I'm sure want to be seen as such. Whatever it is that they are working on I'm sure it will be great and will catch the public by surprise! They never stop amazing us do they! Got any words on this?
11-20-01 02:55 AM
yellow1 Current train of thought is that they'll release a Tattoo You style album, except this time they won't lie about it...
This album had been prepared for release in 1999 under the title "Memory Hotel", but it seems Keith decided to save the songs for a better occasion. I'm guessing he didn't want his EXCELLENT "Make It Now" from the VL sessions to go unnoticed. Not a great live song though !

In an interview to Le Monde, Mick said that he was currently touching up old songs.
11-20-01 03:54 AM
Mathijs Word was that the Stones/Klein were planning to release the 60's back catalogue in 1999 with bonus tracks, as well as a BBC sessions compilation CD, as well as a 4 CD set with outtakes form the Voodoo Lounge and B2B sessions. As with ALL fucking Stones projects, things were cancelled, and the fans were given the trully horrible No Security CD. Jagger has indicated in interviews the last weeks that the Stones were absolutely not planning to release any kind of Anthology series, as nobody was interested in going through all the tapes. No plans are made for recording a new album. If the Stones tour next year (and that is a big IF) it will be a nostalgia kind of Goodbye tour, with all the hits passing by. A future record might be released AFTER the tour, either live or in the Tattoo You style. These are Jaggers words....

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11-20-01 10:18 AM
T&A I also strongly believe that a Tattoo You type disc will be released in conjunction with the 2002 tour (there's no if about the tour, by the way). Mick especially understands the power of marketing and have a product to push. A tour makes no sense without the product---even '99's add-on tour was ostensibly to push the No Security release.
11-20-01 10:56 AM
KeepRigid They'll have a new album, and I wouldn't be surprised if it ISN'T just cobbled together from outtakes. All of the press we're currently reading is from interviews Mick has done well in advance of his album's release date.

The latest rumours have suggested that the rest of the Stones want to record a new album, hence Mick already being through with the Goddess in the Doorway world tour.
11-20-01 10:57 AM
yellow1 I don't know what's happened to you Mathijs, but after your scathing and ridiculous attacks on Mick's latest CD (you went so far as to say that She's The Boss was better and that Primitive Cool was horrendous when it did contain at least 4 very nice songs), you're now talking complete BS. I don't know if you're joking but you've got your facts wrong..."Memory Motel" wasn't supposed to be a 4CD set and it wasn't replaced by NS because NS was released in 1998 for a start.
And either you haven't read Mick's interviews because you're still so disgusted with Goddess (LOL) or you're just talking BS again, because what he said was "not an ENTIRELY new CD" a few times and that he was "working on completing older tracks that could build up to a very good new album" in the French newspaper "Le Monde". That to me is a VERY clear indication of a "Tattoo You II" coming pretty soon, which is pretty good news.
On top of that ~Aqob(sp?) has cryptically referred to recent LA sessions (remember when Mick and Keith were spotted there together earlier this year ?) to finis these tracks in the can with the help of Blondie Chaplin or ROb Fraboni.
Heck they might even resurrect some remaining 77/79 sessions, since Mick rerecorded 6 vocals back at the Power Plant at the end of 1993 (That's where the b-side version of "So Young" comes from). Mick sais in AOL chat once that "Fiji Jim" was another of these tracks.
11-20-01 12:18 PM
T&A Fiji Jim is, IMHFO, the best unreleased song the Stones ever laid to tape.
11-20-01 02:53 PM
Mathijs Well, time for a defence I suppose! I will be the last one to admit that I am disappointed lately in the Stones and Mick Jagger. I have been waiting eagerly for Jagger’s new album for at least half a year –and it REALLY disappoints me, I think it really isn’t any good. I quite like She’s the Boss –mostly since it was the first “Stones” release I was old enough to experience. And still, there are some good songs on it in my opinion. I loath Primitive Cool –there just isn’t anything good about that album in my opinion. The combination of Wandering Spirit and the good news that Marti Frederiksen and Joe Perry were involved in the new record, made me having good hopes.

The Stones have disappointed me too. For the last couple of years the most beautiful anthology series, BBC sessions and boxed sets appear on the market –The Who, Beatles, Bowie, Zeppelin, S. Ray Vaughn, and what do we, fans of the biggest band around get? Zilch, nothing, zero. Just an edited to death No Security live CD.

About the Stones anthology series: after the Beatles anthology series and the VERY successful release of the R&R Circus (it sold more copies then Steel Wheels), Klein and the Stones seemed to be willing to compromise. Talk was of a re-mastered sixties catalogue (released on ABKCO and distributed by Universal) with several bonus tracks on each CD. Further the BBC was interested in releasing the BBC sessions. As always, the Stones and Klein clashed again, and everything was cancelled. Then, Jagger planned to promote the NS Tour with a 4 CD set of outtakes (indeed, also with the 77/79 tracks on which Jagger did some rework) and alternate mixes of Voodoo Lounge and B2B. For unclear reasons the project was cancelled, and the live No Security was released instead (the worst selling Stones album to date). We can debate about the facts, but these facts have been confirmed by members of the Stones management in Amsterdam, Holland (Promopub is located on De Herengracht 554, Amsterdam).

Jagger has stated in various interviews, e.g. the one in Amsterdam and London, that neither he or Keith was interested in releasing an anthology-like album. He cringed when thinking of going through the tapes….Jagger has said that “we’ll cook something up for the next year”, leaving absolutely blanc what that will be. He did say that an NEW album is most unlikely, and when something will be released it will be something like Tattoo You. When the Stones gathered in Paris for some overdubs for No Security, Don Was did prepare some tapes with older tracks. I don’t know what happened since then….

11-20-01 05:39 PM
yellow1 "I loath Primitive Cool –there just isn’t anything good about that album in my opinion"

Don't you think that's a bit excessive...What about Party Doll, at least !!!!!

Back to the "new" album. There's a BIG difference between an anthology and a Tattoo You like album. An anthology is going to have most of everything that's releasable (check out the Beatles' Anthology) and most of it uninteresting but to completists. On the other hand a "Tattoo You" type album will have the BEST songs not used on recent albums for various reasons. It doesn't mean they're bad tracks, far from it, just that they needed more work or a different mood. That's EXACTLY what happened for Start Me Up, and that was their last hit, so...
Besides, only the VL sessions have been leaked, but nothing from Steel Wheels or Bridges To Babylon, so it would still be NEW Stones music for most of us (except the 4 or 5 individuals like Karnbach who have access to goodies like that) and if they didn't tell you they're old songs, you probably wouldn't know better !
Don't spoil your fun because you somehow feel betrayed...I, for one, am thankful that they're still delivering music and good one too. I've listened to Mick's album over and over again and I must say I enjoy it, not the least because for the first time you can hear his excellent rythm guitar clearly, like on the title track.
11-20-01 06:28 PM
Child of the Moon Personally, if they do put out a Tattoo You-style album, I'd like to see Zip Mouth Angel released. This is one of the most BEAUTIFUL songs they never put out.

BTW, someone posed the question to me of, "If Voodoo Lounge were ten songs, what would you keep on there?" Here's my ten-song VL, in no particular order...

Love Is Strong
You Got Me Rocking
Sparks Will Fly
The Worst
Out Of Tears
Blinded By Rainbows
Thru and Thru
The Storm
Zip Mouth Angel
New Faces

Moon is Up came in very close, though, as did Honest Man.
11-20-01 06:50 PM
Mathijs Umph…..Party Doll...sorry man, I just can’t…I hate it!! If you point a gun at me I would say Peace for the Wicked COULD be a nice song, but….do you know the “unplugged version of Party Doll –just Mick and Dave Stewart? That’s how it could have been….

Oh yeah, there’s a big difference between a “new” album and an anthology series. We mustn’t forget that the Beatles released an anthology series for the money –M. Jackson holds the rights to any OFFICIAL Beatles song, and NOT on the outtakes –so releasing an anthology means cashing in for the Beatles themselves. For the Stones it doesn’t work like that –of the sixties catalogue they only get the writers credit, and that’s about 5 %of net sales. If you’re worth about 1 billion (as do Jagger and Richards) you don’t mind that much anymore…

To, there seems to be something special about the music the Stones made between 1968 and 1983. It thrills me, it excites me, it makes me want to dance, it makes me feel alive. And no matter what state the songs are –just mere rehearsals like Woodstock 1978, or finished product like Strictly Memphis and Fast Talking, or any live concert- it just hits me. And from 1989 on –at least after Keith’s Talk is Cheap- it just doesn’t work for me anymore. ON B2B there are a couple of great tracks, but anything else….But I continue being a fan, just because things like Hartford 81 and Stones Touring Part 1972 keep being released.

11-20-01 07:01 PM
yellow1 Yeah I saw that acoustic version on TV in France in 1987. Pretty good, but hey, it's the same song on the CD...I know just produced (differently). I see why you think Ronnie's latest CD is great ;-)
Sorry to say so, but Talk is cheap was a "throwaway" album in terms of songwriting. None of the songs on there is finished, more like jams, i.e Big Enough, etc...Main Offender was a bit better, especially thanks to Words of Wonder and Hate It...My point is that Keith seems to have trouble focusing and coming up with finished songs (Thief in The Night, Thru and Thru, or how can I stop). That's something you gotta give to Mick is that he can be concise and write good songs and It's sad that you think he should stick to acoustic guitars, he'd probably be bored to death if he did that and wouldn't produce anymore music.

PS - Jackson owns the rights to ALL the songs origianlly published by Nems/Northern Songs and that includes most of the songs on The Anthology. As far as Mick's and Keith's fortunes they're a lot lower in the neignborhood of $150million than McCartney's or Lennons that reach $1 billion. Check your facts man !
11-20-01 07:15 PM
Mathijs I agree with you fully: Keith is the one to endless jam, the one who is having problems to focus. Jagger can focus, but he has problems to be “real”, it always sounds too slick. Therefore, if they compromise –some great tunes come up!!

There has been a lot of guessing of how much the Stones own, figures ranging from 50 million to 5 billion go around, and US150.000.000 has been used by the press lately, but it is actually quite simple to figure out: Forbes magazine has put calculated that the Stones have grossed about 500 million US$ on the tours from 1989 until now. Putting in mind Jagger and Richards wrote virtually every Stones song, they have put Jagger/Richards third in the ranking of richest popstars: Bowie was number one (he has sold his Bowie Company stocks in beginning of the 90’s, and is now estimated to own 1.5 billion, McCartney was second with 1.2 billion, Elton John was fourth, M. Jackson was seventh or something, he didn’t write that much….

11-20-01 07:47 PM
Angiegirl Mathijs is right about Jagger's words (at least in Holland, maybe he saves different answers for different countries!). I read 3 Dutch interviews and in all of them Mick is saying not to expect any sort of 'previously unrealesed jewels' in the near future, from their own hand. He said: "Let someone else dig through the dusty cellar, I'm not interested. They can do that when we're gone."

In another interview he said (about plans for next year): "Maybe a tour with a new album, or maybe just a tour, or maybe just an album". So of course he won't reveal anything. This interview was done before the Stones supposedly met and Jagger had to 'promise' to focus on the Stones next year. He won't give any interviewer a straight answer. He knows how journalists and fans pin him down to his words and see everything as a fact and a promise. It's even useless to ask him this kind of questions, IMO.

Another quote from Mick from an interview this month: "The Stones and's just a different animal."

We also had a short interview with Mick about political issues (war in Afghanistan) and he talked about the difference between European and American effects of the attacks and about different points of view between them both. Quite interesting to see him serious in stead of teasing the talkshow host earlier that night during the (in Holland) infamous interview.
11-21-01 08:18 PM
yellow1 Don't know what interviews you're referring to as I thought I'd read all of those linked here and don't remember seeing anything sounding even close. It sounds like you're incorrectly paraphrasing what he said.
Fact is in the "Le Monde" interview done at the beginning of the month, he did say that there were interesting songs in the can and that they could make a very good album and that he was currently working on these songs, among other things.
Not something anyone could have made up !
11-22-01 02:17 AM
On top of that ~Aqob(sp?) has cryptically referred to recent LA sessions (remember when Mick and Keith were spotted there together earlier this year ?) to finis these tracks in the can with the help of Blondie Chaplin or ROb Fraboni.
Heck they might even resurrect some remaining 77/79 sessions, since Mick rerecorded 6 vocals back at the Power Plant at the end of 1993 (That's where the b-side version of "So Young" comes from). Mick sais in AOL chat once that "Fiji Jim" was another of these tracks.

Hell, babe, it's Blondie AND Rob-- Blondie for back-up vocals {you know K's comes&goes ; ) a lil guitar, some percussion, and Rob engineering it-- i wouldn't lose any sleep over this thing-- they know eXACtly what they're doing

that's how it's a-workin' ; )

And so it shall be!


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