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By Jeff Christensen (Reuters)
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Topic: I kid you not: The Liz Hurly Mick Jagger Connection Return to archive
11-18-01 08:58 PM
Jaxx LOLROTF. i guess if you're "being mick" you are one degree of separation from just about ANYBODY!

(for you, my friend: dead flowers wrapped in rag sheets aka roses for your grave....)

The Sun
Bing's Such a Rat

in Los Angeles THE heartless father of Liz Hurley’s unborn baby forgot his worries over parenthood yesterday — by flirting with a string of Hollywood beauties. Millionaire rat Steve Bing refused to meet Austin Powers star Liz after she flew to America to see him, preferring to go out partying with legendary womaniser Mick Jagger.Liz, 36, was left to seek comfort from old flame Hugh Grant as Bing laughed and chatted with gorgeous girls at Mick’s album launch.Grey-haired Bing, 35, seemed particularly keen on one pretty brunette in a sexy zebra-print dress.The film producer — wearing denims and trainers — touched her arm and shoulder as they swayed to the strains of Mick’s raunchy new tracks.

Two other petite stunners stayed at Bing’s side throughout the three-hour event in Los Angeles, taking turns to chat with him.Bing, heir to a £400million property fortune, was the centre of attention — and Liz’s unborn child seemed the last thing on his mind as he cheered and toasted fellow romeo Mick.Bing swept Liz off her feet after she split from Hugh, then fled when she revealed she was pregnant.Hollywood is now buzzing with talk of Bing dating a mystery girl, known only to be a gymnast.But despite his latest romance, Bing happily flirted with a Liz lookalike and enjoyed an intimate chat with another raven-haired beauty.One of his pals told The Sun: “Steve is having a good night. He is very good friends with Mick.

“His girlfriend isn’t here right now. She’s a gymnast, but Steve still has a good time no matter where he goes.”Bing clapped and danced as Mick launched new album Goddess In The Doorway with a six-song set at the El Ray concert venue in Beverly Hills.He looked relaxed and happy at the VIP after-show bash, saying: “It was an amazing set, and it is so good to see Mick genuinely happy.”But when asked about fatherhood, he said: “I do not want to discuss it. I have absolutely no comment to make.”The Sun told on Thursday how Bing had refused to see Liz or even take her calls when she flew to LA.He went to Las Vegas with pal Mick, while Liz went for dinner with Four Weddings And A Funeral star Hugh, 41 — 18 months after the end of their 13-year romance.

Former Estée Lauder model Liz has confirmed that Bing is the father or her baby, but he has told friends he is unhappy at her decision to go ahead with the pregnancy.Bing has previously been linked to movie beauties Uma Thurman and Sharon Stone, and a source said: “Steve does not like commitment. He very often has a few women hanging around him at any one time.” Money can't buy manners By SHARON HENDRY WELL, well — just look who’s leering at other women while his pregnant girlfriend has to rely on an old flame for comfort. Steve Bing made his thoughts on fatherhood abundantly clear with his behaviour at Mick Jagger’s party.

No woman was going to drag him away from his playboy lifestyle. The signal he was sending out seemed to be that while Liz Hurley might be winning the publicity war, he was still the centre of attention on the party circuit. In short, he didn’t give a damn. The multi-millionaire grinned from ear to ear as a dark-haired beauty leaned ever closer and made a huge show of laughing at his undoubtedly inane conversation. Isn’t it amazing what money can buy? After all, how many other men with grey hair and average looks could attract the attention of such a nubile young woman within minutes of walking into a room?

But money can’t buy manners. Because while Bing was lording it up at a swanky showbiz party, Liz was left carrying their baby. Liz may not be one to miss an opportunity to hog the limelight, but no woman deserves to be so publicly humiliated by the father of her child. She made a brave decision to keep her baby and tell the world how happy she is. The least she can expect is for Bing to keep his antics out of the public eye. Bing’s behaviour wins him a place in the love rats’ Hall of Shame with Will Carling, Ally McCoist and Liam Gallagher. Perhaps he thought that being linked to Liz would help his fledgling film career.

Maybe she thought his wealthy Hollywood pals could boost her earning potential. Either way, she now appears to be just one more Bing conquest. Unlike countless other single mums, Liz has stunning looks, ample money, a good friend in Hugh Grant and a family who adore her. But the years ahead will not be easy unless she and Bing can salvage friendship from the wreckage of their relationship. Let’s hope they sort it out for their baby’s sake.

[Edited by Jaxx]

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