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Topic: State of Keithism Return to archive
11-14-01 09:26 AM
Joey State of Keithism

Hello My Dearest Stonesified Kin.............

This morning , as I was drinking some 'Keith Juice ' ( Vodka ) from my 'Keith Cup ' ( coffee mug ) that I have strategically and cogently located in my shower stall , your young boy Joey decided to play hooky from work and immerse himslf in a state of 'Keithism ' all day long .

That is right......a state of "Keithism " in honor of my personal hero .....A Mr. Keith Moon . My punctilious and assiduous nature demands that I put all cavils aside and drink screwdrivers till 10 :00 AM , rummers ( Rum and cokes ) until 12:00 , Caribbean Coolers and other fruity drinks all afternoon , and then Jack Daniels and coke for the evening hours as I watch the sun set in the delicious Blue Red and Grey .

" Keithism " is graceful , intricate and works its subtle charms at its own pace. While that means it isn't a knockout on the first drink , it's a real grower a quietly addicting numbness that slowly works its way into the subconscious. It's also an uncannily natural extension of one's signature personality but surprisingly, it never permutates into something nostalgic or cardboard cutouts here ............. just revelation of one's own identity through small, thrilling sips , giving the individual depth and character, and fitting a person comfortably into their favorite watering hole ( Charleston's anyone ??????) And that's as delightfully unexpected and peculiarly beautiful as anything else you are likely to discover in this world .

Hug Me .

Joey von Keithily Drink

Anyone care to join me in a little " Keith Juice " ????????

11-14-01 08:26 PM
Maxlugar This post went over better at that OTHER site.

We are better here.

C'mon Joey try harder! I've seen you do it and I know it will happen again for you.

Post, you bastard, POST!
11-14-01 10:08 PM
steel driving hammer LOL Lugar! Yeah! Come on Joey, that ain't nothing.
Don't you worry, try a little harder.
7 more days till we all get drunk at home and listen to
Jaggers and Woody's solo shit.
Only them Stones.
11-15-01 03:13 AM

Hey i don't mind so much the "subtle references" to that OTHER board {!!!!} but c'mon. Baby let's break it down : )
message boards are simply NOT things to take to heart too seriously, or literally; they're just a bit of fun with people you come to know&love, but in a sort of long-range cosmicray kind of way. I particularly find it amusing that political issues caused the rift; but even more {practically giggling}so more the moral issues. It actually puts me in a pretty sad frame ; ( The whole fucking mess, nappies&all. )

Actually i find it all quite fascinating. I've written a twenty-one page paper on all you guys so far-- It's the "Definition Internet" ! So let's talk aboutMickthePuff's bass playing, and has anyone heard him on bass recently? I'd be interested to hear.

Really. This board against board stuff is fairly annoying, too; there's still quite a few very good people over there at that OTHER board ; )


11-15-01 07:06 AM
Maxlugar AzQ'n'F'n B!

I loved you ever so much more when you could take a joke!

Please return that "Annie" I once knew.

Thanks in advance!

Maxy Von Annie
11-15-01 10:27 AM

Maxy Von B!!!!

It's not the Annie that has "changed" *tho momentary Ziggy Stardust madness does overtake sometimes, as well as the thin white duchess madness*

it's you guys. You've changed; slightly bent a pale bitter too early on to drink.

But ah Love you all. Always will ; )

11-15-01 10:37 AM
Joey Joey need coaching and counseling .

But he would post alot better if SOMEONE would send him a copy of that " Double Door Video " that everyone is getting but young poor boy Joey . After all , I was in Chicago on business that September and was drinking in the " Wicker Park " area of Chicago the night before the " surprise " gig ....Hell , everybody knew it was going to happen , it was just a question of what night on that particular week .

Seems like a hundred years ago......

Joey von Double Door

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