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Today 32 years ago - Jimi celebrating his last birthday
Photo by noted philosopher, sound engineer and producer Eddie Kramer

[Ch1: Sike-ay-delic 60's] [Ch2: Random Sike-ay-delia] [Ch3: British Invasion]
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Topic: Would this be good or bad? Return to archive
11-13-01 09:02 PM
steel driving hammer If Mick got Brittney Spears pregant?
I think that would be perfect.
Imagine that.
11-13-01 09:17 PM

Oh SteerMeRightSteelie!

The baby would look like EVERY other child Mick fathers.His genetic predisposition makes anything else quite impossible. Now if YOU dig the thought (i do: One name: JAMES ;} then so be it. But at this stage of her game, Bratny'd make Madonna look like a DAMNED good mama ; ) and that ain't saying much.

Now if perhaps one of Mick's paramours decided to ADOPT the babe, that's QUITE another story, innit. Vanessa Nuemann, lose the diaphragm. At least you got a brain, chile.

11-13-01 09:18 PM
Cardinal Ximinez The only thing that would be more perfect would be if Mick got her pregnant with my dick.
11-13-01 09:40 PM

Oh man....gurgle,gurgle, please change my nappy, mummy ; )

Love you true~
11-13-01 09:43 PM
Maxlugar Did you see the cover of Rolling Stone?

Made my lone Custard Shooter stand up and salute!

Then I had to change my nappies.
11-14-01 01:32 AM


You CANNOT tell me YOU changed yer OWN nappies. Just admit your mummy did it and be done with it. It's OK. Really.

I understand.That tit job really did a number for her "career", din't it?

11-14-01 07:37 PM
Cardinal Ximinez When I run for President(I'm not old enough yet), one of my platforms will be free tit jobs to any woman that wants one. Bought and paid for by US tax dollars. The only catch is that once they get healed up, you gotta display them proudly for all the world to see their glory!

Some of my other platforms...

Not only legalize pot, but make it's use manditory. This will stimulate the economy by causing an increase in spending at fast food places, and convienence stores. Also there will be no need for speed limits because everyone will be driving around real slow. Road rage will be diminished because no one will give a shit about when they get anywhere anymore.

I will insist that my wife be called "The First Babe".

Instead of Hail To The Cheif, I will have "Midnight Rambler" played as I enter a room.

I will create a new Cabinet post called "Secretary of Rock N Roll".

No one has to work on nice days. But you gotta go to work if it rains, even on weekends.

Right beside every water fountain, there will also be a "Milk Stout" fountain.

I will enstate a national holiday on Aug. 1 as "Rolling Stones Day". There will be no work, no school, just parties in the streets with Stones music blasting from the windows of every home!

So vote for me. Everyone who votes for me gets to ride on Air Force 1. We will re-enact the famous orgy scene from Cocksucker Blues. Yay!
11-14-01 07:46 PM
Maxlugar They won't find a hanging chad on my ballot when I vote for you. Can I call you SIMY?
11-14-01 09:57 PM
steel driving hammer Have a glass or 2 of 1721 Portugesse wine on me Maxlugar.
The album will be in our homes just 7 days from now.
Can't forget Ronnie's, or can you? Nope.
A big belly to belly hug you bastard.
Stones. Stones. Stones.

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