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Today 32 years ago - Jimi celebrating his last birthday
Photo by noted philosopher, sound engineer and producer Eddie Kramer

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Topic: Where's Ronnie????? Return to archive
11-13-01 03:53 PM
KeepRigid When I pick up my copy of Goddess next Tuesday, will I also be able to find Not for Beginners in stock? How come online retailers such as Amazon don't have it listed? I'm not gonna have to order it am I?!

I realize Ronnie's not on a label as big as Virgin, but shouldn't we at least be trying to get our act together?
11-13-01 05:19 PM
11-13-01 05:27 PM
starfucker78 Here are some small samples:
11-13-01 10:45 PM
KeepRigid Thanks for the links.

Still no listing on, though.
11-13-01 11:48 PM
KeepRigid Really great tracks! Ronnie's back to his soulful tricks on 'Are you behaving', I really dig that one. I also think 'King of Kings' is screaming out for Keith's ragged acoustic stylings. It would've been killer to find it on the next Stones title as well.

And do my ears deceive me, or is 'Be beautiful' a finished version of 'Interludings' (from Never a Dull Moment) after all these years?
11-14-01 12:40 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Thanks for the link I downloaded all and they are all great, what a pity they are so short
11-14-01 12:53 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Some of the credits

Jesse and Leah Wood, Ian McLagan and Andy Newmark in all tracks.
Willie Weeks (Are You Behaving; Interfere)
Bob Dylan (Interfere; King Of Kings)
Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana (Interfere)

11-14-01 01:06 AM
Cardinal Fang No, your ears do not deceive you. It IS Interludings from Never A Dull Moment. Pretty wild Huh?
11-14-01 01:18 AM
Cardinal Fang I have an promo copy of Ronnie's Not For Beginners and according to the album liner notes, Ian McLagen only plays on R. U. Behaving and Interfere. Andy Newmark only plays on R.U. Behaving. Martin Wright plays drums on everything else except for Interfere which as you stated is by DJ Fontana. Bob Dylan plays on Interfere as well as King of Kings. Bob's a pretty decent guitarist too. A good album that at the moment I prefer to Mick's.

Later, Cardinal Fang
11-14-01 01:25 AM
yellow1 What you waiting for, put it on the WEB !
That way we can all give you a hard time for your comparison to Mick's...It would be quite EXTRAORDINARY if Ronnie, who from his latest performances on tour can seemingly barely play his guitar anymore, were to come up with well written songs and inspired playing...
11-14-01 01:35 AM
yellow1 Ok just listened to the snippets linked from above. Didn't realize you were joking !
This sounds like outtakes of Izzy Stradlin' recordings...Why did he even bother ?!
11-14-01 02:14 AM
KeepRigid At the very least, how about making one or two tracks available to us who can't wait another week, Fang?

I'd love to hear the rest of 'Are you behaving'.
11-14-01 12:13 PM
moy it will be a great album, no doubt about it, i just heard the mp3 files and they kick serious ass

go ronnie go!
11-14-01 03:10 PM
the lepper Thanks for posting the samples......sounds so-so IMO. Anybody know where I could find a CD of 1234-my favorite Ronnie CD? I saw one in Toronto several years ago and am kicking myself that I didn't buy it. I give Ronnie and Mick credit for still wanting to make new music, but face it, any one of us could release a CD and it would be just as relevent in today's music climate. The only real weight the Stones carry these days is as an oldies act, albeit a GREAT oldies act. God getting old sucks.
11-14-01 09:28 PM
yellow1 I got 1234 on CD if you're interested
11-14-01 10:03 PM
Cardinal Fang Hey yellow1 !!

I hope you don't mind but I just poked around your ftp site, and read your resume.

Four years at Cordova huh? I am a third generation NATIVE Sacman! I don't know if you've been back lately but you wouldn't EVEN recognize Folsom Blvd. anymore. I guess it IS a small fucking world.

Anyway, since you know where the Sac 6 Drive-In is, :-) I'll gladly upload Ronnie's album to your ftp. I only have a 56k modem though. If you want to? Set up an "upload" dir. and get back to me.

Later, Cardinal Fang
Marconi Ave. & Fulton Ave.
11-14-01 10:21 PM
yellow1 er...I'm not sure I'm following here.
send me an email at so I can figure it out !

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