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Topic: yet another Mick interview... now in French Return to archive
11-13-01 12:14 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Taken from Le Club Des Stones

"The assertion of ego, chronic temptation of Mick Jagger ",5987,3246--243591-,00.html

Translation using internet tools

the singer of Rolling Stones publishes on November 20 its fourth album solo, " Goddess in the Doorway ", which testifies to the capacity of intact seduction of the voice of Mick Jagger. In a maintenance in the " World ", the dandy quinquagénaire explains his personal step and evokes, with a distancié humour, his statute of star of the rock' roll.
At the beginning of November, Mick Jagger took his districts with the Hotel Plaza-Athenaeum, in Paris. Slackened, charmer, the British singer comes to present his new Goddess recording in the Doorway, eight years after a preceding album in solo. The small pocket, a photograph of Karl Lagerfeld, represents the Co-leader of Rolling Stones of back, slightly déhanché, the hand taking support on a guitar. For the World, Mick Jagger returns on his course as a soloist, the process of creation of this fourth opus to appear Tuesday November 20 and his statute of rock'n'roll-star.

" You wish that we speak in French ?

. He is a little too early for me... 13 . 30.

. Since 1985, you recorded four albums apart from Rolling Stones. It is rather little to speak about autonomous career.

. It is about a parallel advance, that all the members of the group, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Ron Wood or Bill Wyman, when he was still with us, carried out. A manner of creating apart from Rolling Stones which has a sound, an identity, an attitude, very definite codes. Even if if sometimes we like to leave what one awaits from us.

. You present Goddess in the Doorway like a collection of " very personal songs ". But isn't this it towards what must tighten any artist ?

.. Of course, any creative act is personal. With a song, one can address to somebody in a direct way, to reveal precise emotions. There is also a narratif mode, which translates observations, more general experiments. In this album, there is a share of reflexions on the life at a certain time. That can be me, but in fact also situations apply to mankind.

. Your voice releases a subtlety, a fluidity which dissociates at the same time your preceding albums and some of the " stereotypes " stoniens, the falsetto for example...

. I am very happy. I did not have to work particularly to arrive at that. It is a natural process when one works with other musicians, in any case that should be thus. Of course, one can be always satisfied to repeat tested formulas it is simpler, one knows where one goes.

. The general atmosphere of the disc, even if some topics are rather dark, could be summarized by the term " joy ", joy , which is besides the title of one of the songs. As if everyone had arrived at the studio and hop !, 1, 2, 3, 4, it left.

. The majority of the songs were written this year. I have a small studio in my house in France. I took my guitar. Matt Clifford, the keyboard, came. We had rather quickly the general structure. I played the majority of the parts of guitar. Then, with the studio, we made the parts of battery, of arrangements, with sometimes a guest for certain solos or a its private individual, like Pete Townshend or Lenny Kravitz, who already took part in my other albums. Compared to Rolling Stones, that was a very fast process. The album represents this temporal compression. A little like paintings David Hockney, which one knows precisely, by looking at them, in which year they were carried out.

. This concept of tension, urgently, is one of the bases of the rock'n'roll.

. In a certain manner, the sound of the rock'n'roll reflects its time. It is not a question of mode, but of energy, inspiration at a given time. What does not want to say that sometimes the long term, the reflexion are not necessary.

. There are many biblical references in the texts, the name of God is quoted on several occasions. Is this related to a particular spiritual control ?

. The gospel is a song of religious nature, by certain aspects the blues also with its set of themes to espoir/désespoir. The country finds its roots in the English anthems of the XVIII E century. All that nourished the rock'n'roll. A good share of the culture Anglo-Saxon, literary, musical, is related to interpretation, the inspiration of the Bible. That regularly was present with Stones or in my albums. But this time in a more direct way. More than one musical point of view that from what could come out from an intimate relation to spirituality.

. In its autobiography, Iggy Pop explains that with end of each concert it has need to know if it has be good, that he has an intense need to know if the public liked, to know that it was liked. Do you feel similar impulses ?

. I do not leave scene while asking around me : " Then it was how ?"... There can always be somebody who says to you that it was null. A concert, it is not only one relation between that which is witness and that which is on the scene. One comes to spend a good moment with buddies, to drink glass, to listen to good music if possible.

" At the Stage from France, in Paris, for example, when we played with Rolling Stones, it was not me, Keith or Charlie who were to be good, it was all the environment. Public, the place, moment. That can seem a commonplace, but it is this unit which must be effective. That I am alone good does not have any interest. Any human being needs approval, of the regard of the others. Sometimes, for an artist, that is transformed into search of what resembles worship. It is possible that that is an effective engine to carry out a spectacle.

. Your first disc solo, She' S the Boss , could be interpreted like a destruction of your image of rock'n'roll-star, tempting superman...

. It was especially, at the beginning of the years 1980, the reflection of this period which made it possible to the women to reach significant stations in the operation of the company. My glance on this projection. Now, one could see an attempt, more or less conscious also there, not to let me dominate by a certain public image.

. In the Hideaway song, you speak to disguise you, change the color of your eyes, to hide you. Does that translate your desire of a certain anonymity whereas you are one of the stars of the rock'n'roll most known ?

. The famous lament of the stars : " I have enough of it, leave me quiet !"... I am not especially nostalgic one animated period of my public life, but I do not seek either to erase it. What I wanted to point, it is, more than the idea of anonymity, than it is increasingly vital to keep away of what is called the " modern life " with this social pressure on the success, the money. I know that by c.ur, that was most of my life.

. In connection with Rolling Stones...

. Will we set out again in round ? Probably, but I do not know yet when.

. ... Is it envisaged to publish, as for the majority of the great groups, an edition enriched by the recordings of Rolling Stones with news, detailed booklets, certain mythical concerts ?

. Our albums were republished for the format of Unquestionable CD were remixés, others not. We do not have control on all the tapes. With regard to the news, there are many documents which are dispersed on illegal recordings, generally of bad quality. That could make some good albums. I work on top in this moment... inter alia things. "

Remarks collected by Sylvain Siclier


Music with the cinema, adventures without Stones

Michael Philip Jagger was born on July 26, 1943 in Dartford (Kent). With the five years age, it is provided education for in the same school as Keith Richards, future cofounder of Rolling Stones, which, with the guitarist Brian Jones, the bass player Bill Wyman and the beater Charlie Watts, will begin their conquest from the world in January 1963, in London. Jagger records its first album solo, She' S the Boss , in 1985. The disc Primitive Cool follows in 1987, then Wandering Spirit in 1993.

The singer was also an actor with the cinema. He interprets Turner, rock'n'roll-star recluse in the Performance film-worship , realized by Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg in 1970. He is the Australian gangster Ned Kelly for Tony Richardson (1970), then incarne Vacendack, a hunter of premiums of XXIe if 2nd cle in Freejack, of Geoff Murphy (1992) and Greta the drag-queen in Bent, of Sean Mathias (1997). Mick Jagger has also coproduit, with Lorne Michaels, the R 3rd hundred length m 3rd trage of Michael Apted, Enigma, a film D ' espionage romantic. In 1968, Jean-Luc Godard had included S 3rd quences on L ' recording of the song Sympathy for the Devil, by Stones, in his One film Plus One.

11-13-01 12:52 AM
yellow1 You won't understand from the translation, but right at the end of the interview, Mick says:"En ce qui concerne les inédits, il y a beaucoup de documents qui sont dispersés sur des enregistrements illégaux, généralement de mauvaise qualité. Cela pourrait faire quelques bons albums. Je travaille là-dessus en ce moment... entre autres choses."

He's WORKING on putting an album togther from unreleased songs !!!!! "Memory Hotel" here we come...back !

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