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Topic: The Rolling Moans--The Rolling Stones have Clashed with Mick over his Solo Tour--"Commit To Stones G Return to archive
11-11-01 11:17 PM
Jaxx The Sun
November 12, 2001

Rolling Moans

Family picks ... Mick with his son Gabriel in a candid scene from a new documentary about the singer

THE Rolling Stones have clashed with Mick Jagger as they hammer out details for their 40th anniversary tour.

At a stormy meeting Mick was told not to spend any time next year promoting his solo album Goddess In The Doorway — out next Monday — and commit himself to the Stones’ gigs.

WE know who the f**k Keith Richards is! Picture: LFI

Following the showdown, which was led by guitarist Keith Richards, Jagger was forced to promise to devote all his time from January 1, 2002 to the band.

My exclusive pictures are from an intimate video documentary about the making of Mick’s album. The programme, to be screened on Channel 4 on November 22, was to kick off six months of promotional activity for the album.

Song birds ... Elizabeth, 17, and Georgia, nine

Now the best Mick can hope for is to release one single this year and fit in a couple of gigs before going back to being a Stone in January.

A band insider told me: “Keith and the rest of the band want to devote themselves to the tour. They don’t want Mick’s solo work to take the gleam away. There were strong words and Mick’s camp agreed.”

Hall's not well ... Jerry wants film fees

The Stones want to record a new studio album for their 40th anniversary as well as put on spectacular stadium shows across the US and Europe.

The Stones may face another problem. Pals fear for Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards’ health as I’m told they are both partying heavily.

Oh what a DRAG!!..Clown prince ... Mick larks about on holiday in Mustique

Under fire Mick has also got into a row with ex wife Jerry Hall over allowing the TV cameras virtually unlimited access to film the documentary called Being Mick.

She is seen asking whether she or her children will see any of the proceeds.

Worry ... Ronnie Picture: SYGMA

At one point she tells him: “I know you are making a lot of money from these videos. Me and my children are in this a lot — are we getting anything?”

Other scenes show Mick playing with their three-year-old son Gabriel and daughters Elizabeth, 17 and Georgia, nine, singing backing vocals.

[Edited by Jaxx]
11-12-01 08:00 AM
nankerphelge Well that doesn't sound too promising, now does it?!

Shades of '86, no?

To sum up what we've heard over the last few days -- sounds like little to no effort on a new release although maybe some re-heated left-overs (better than nothing? I hope), a front man too preoccupied with his solo work, and two guitarists whose ability to play is at question.

And how much for tickets for this event?

I have always been a staunch fan of the band, but if ever the phrase "going thru the motions" appears to apply -- it would be this 40th anniv. tour. This should be a time of great things -- retrospective -- a chance for renewal and to show the world why they still have the title. Instead, it is quickly stacking up as an afterthought tour.

They had better get their shit in a pile.
11-12-01 09:09 AM
Cardinal Fang Is it just me or does anyone else find it amusing that the picture that has the caption that starts out "Family Picks" is a picture of Mick with his son picking his nose?

Probably just me?

Later, Cardinal Fang

P.S. Hey Nanker! Long time no something or another!
11-12-01 10:49 AM
Amy340 I'd take this article with a grain of salt, I mean, it's in The Sun afterall
11-12-01 11:30 AM
KeepRigid Actually, I got excited reading that the Stones wanted to record a new studio album and do a big tour of US and Europe...doesn't sound like an afterthought tour to me. It sounds like Charlie and Ronnie are interested in doing things big for the 40th.

But it is the Sun, and this just sounds like they're looking for some dirt on the band. Wasn't the plan all along for Mick to do a little promotion for the solo stuff, then rejoin the gang next year?
11-12-01 01:07 PM
nankerphelge Cardinal Fang -- how's things?
How's tempers and tantrums over at the ol' homestead?

11-12-01 01:21 PM

I told you he was pissed ; )/
11-12-01 05:03 PM
Gazza I>s it just me or does anyone else find it amusing that the picture that has the caption that starts out "Family Picks" is a picture of Mick with his son picking his nose?

Well yeah..its a "pun" after tabloids tend to do that for headlines..Pics? Picks :? geddit? LOL

Well..its good in many ways...I'm more confident that we'll now see a Stones studio album to support the tour rather than have the venture just seem like a thrown together afterthought and retrospective "cash in" like it was beginning to sound. This is still a working band making current records after all,not some mostalgia act (something Mick always swore would never happen)

Hopefully,it'll also provide enough impetus for Keith & Ronnie to get in shape,and its disturbing as it is to read that in their current state of health,their ability to cope with the rigours of touring is in some doubt. I actually doubt its too far from the truth to be honest. I dont subscribe to this "keith will go on forever" myth that many people seem to buy into anyway and the image from it which he seems intent on living out. For every year hes been around in the last 2 decades,hes aged two years as far as I can'll catch up with him sooner or later and I hope he and Ronnie will realise theyre not 21 any more and get their act together.

11-13-01 09:46 PM

So Gazza,

I agree {relUCTantly, i may add} but we've discussed the "cause". Now let's just know it's only a bit of a small mistake ; )

That's all. All ends well, this. He's got enuf arse-kickers round him ; )

11-14-01 01:07 AM
yellow1 The good news is also that Mick gave us a kick-ass CD full of great tunes and it seems that unlike in 1993/94 when he was short of ideas for VL, it won't be a problem thanks to the aborted "Memory Motel" project getting a new lease on life !

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