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Today 32 years ago - Jimi celebrating his last birthday
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Topic: It's Friday Night...... Return to archive
11-09-01 11:53 PM
Cardinal Ximinez ....and where the fuck is MaxLugar!

If I know my Maxy, and you all know I do, I'm betting he's falling down, sloppy speaking, piss the bed, drunk. Oh yeah, and he's got friggin' Dirty Work blasting at Maxy volume! Still, that's no excuse. He is falling down on the job. We gotta have our Friday Night Post!

Since Maxy is away numbing away the pain of his beloved Yank's World Series loss with mass quantities of vodka and Snapple, I'll try to fill the void....for one night only.

Noooooooooooooooooooooobody expects the "Goddess In The Doorway"!

You guys heard any of that puke? Good God, I'm glad Mick got that shit out of his system. Ooooof, it makes my nuts shoot up into my body with such a high velocity that my feet lift off the floor. So to get my nuts back in their ballsack, I gotta slap sumtin good in the ol' CD sumptin GREAT! Lemmee see....Ahhhhhhh, here it is, The Stripped Companion. Perfect. My poor balls, that are stuck so high up in my gut, I think they are nuzzeling my liver, will crawl back down into my scrotum at the first notes of "Honest I Do". I mean, they wanna hear better, and everyone knows that you can't hear very well if you are nuzzeling a liver...ask Larry Hagman.

Yeah yeah yeah, Stripped Companion is for something awesome. More awe-inspiring than a Curt Schilling splitter. I got 2 words for ya...Handsome Girls!!!! Look, if you don't have this thing, I don't care who you gotta blow, GET IT! Here's the deal. For optimum listening pleasure, roll a big fatty, pour yourself a tall one, turn the volume knob up to 11 (if your volume knob only goes to 10, get a new stereo), and blast your eardrums into Drivegasm. Anyone who says Ronnie never pulled his weight in the Stones, never heard Handsome Girls. Man, I swear, you can SMELL the cocaine when you are listening to this boot. Good stuff too, not that kerosene smelling stuff. Watch your chest. You can see your heart beat in time with the Drive. No shit. It's crazy. I defy anyone to listen to all four discs, and NOT do the air guitar at least once. You can't help yourself. You just GOTTA! You ain't human otherwise.

So I'm gonna slink away from the keyboard now....I ain't Maxy, but it comes from the heart....

The Rolling Stones....a way of life.

Thank you...and good night.

BTW....Nanker....I friggin' HATE Heineken. Overpriced skunky ass bathwater. Yings for me. Black & Tan, or Lager, either one. Red Star my ass. I hear Mao was into that whole red star thing.

11-10-01 03:47 AM
marko Hey you bastard mate,its morning over here,,,drinkin 1st cup
of coffee.Yam,,btw i just nearly received the cd´s which you
send me!but finishian bastards at the custom,they took it,
and i must pay some cash or do somthing else to get it in
here,i dont know why they did it.I can bring 30 cdr´s here
for,maybe i should shoot those bastards.And you´re
damn right about ronnie,,,,but hey,why not Atlantic city
show or tokyo 90 or tokyo 95,or new jersey-97 and many
people says that ronnie sucks,no was man,,to me taylor sucks.fucking quitter.I know ronnie isn´t the best guitarist
in the world,but he gives a perfect lift for stones music,
specially when they´re playing live.Btw mate,when i get your
cdr´s i will do anaheim-99(sbd) and that kings of drugs boot
as well,,,,,more shows(reasons) to get drunk,,,,
see ya later alligator
11-10-01 07:22 PM
Miss U. Hey Cardinal, where ya been!
What's with Maxy laxing on his Friday night duties of late?

What a coincidence you should mention Handsome Girls....I just received these gems TODAY!! Yes, mates, you're lookin at a handsome girl virgin about to indulge in a life-altering moment! ANd for the occasion, I'm trying something else for the first first taste of Corona. And some Smithwick's Irish ale to go with Ronnie's riffs. If that doesn't do it for me, there's always Labatt Ice. Might as well get juiced! Wish me well.....I'm about to blast off into the stratosphere and may not find my way back...
11-10-01 07:27 PM
Miss U. Oh...I forgot to add that I just listened to snippets from Mick's new album for the first time....2 minutes of all the songs...and I really like Lucky Day, Dancing in The Starlight, and Hideaway!! I thought Joy sucked though. Goddess in The Doorway was so-so. The words to Everybody get High are funny.
11-11-01 05:45 AM
marko yep so funny,but true!
11-12-01 04:03 PM
Joey Annie....

Would you like to " Chase the Dragon " for the very first time ?????

11-12-01 07:58 PM
Maxlugar You did a great job with the Friday Night Post, Ximy!

I wish to promote you to Pope.

Pope of all things Stonesian.

Hug me......

Someone remarked that this place doesn't have the numbers of posts that that OTHER place has.

Do you what to know why?

Because this place does not have 25% original posters and 75% people posting with 10 different names.

That is why I love this place.
11-13-01 10:18 AM
Joey I know what you mean Maxy ....... I sure in the Hell hope that Larry Hagman guy stays away from here . The last thing this board needs is to have that guy rootin' around this site trolling for livers .

Hug Me..........

" Lose a shoe up my Ass Ronnie "

Joey , C10

11-13-01 01:13 PM
Maxlugar Amen to that my Stonesilicious, effervescent colleague.

We don't need Hagman prying this place for more bubbly, frothing,
shinning, pink livers.

Shit, his latest still has that "new liver" smell.

"Hug Me, Ronnie!"

Maxy Von Stonesilicious de Effervescent.
11-13-01 01:56 PM
Joey "Stonesilicious, effervescent colleague "

You make Joey giggle .

Hug Me.........

11-13-01 08:48 PM
Joey wrote:

Would you like to " Chase the Dragon " for the very first time ?????

Oh MyJoey, saying "the very first time" to the Q is like asking BeenLudicrous if his feet stank ; )

Chasing the Dragon. Baby, that's old, love.

11-13-01 09:06 PM
Cardinal Ximinez You know AZQB, when I read that post from young Joey, I almost crapped my pants.

Honestly, and this is gonna wig you out, I think he mistook Miss U for you. Look at the thread, and where he posted.

I am now ducking.
11-13-01 09:10 PM

Yes, my dearest Cardinal,
that MUST have been his confusion after he finally found his smoke. There simply cannot be another valid explanation, no? And how come no e-mail back from the hookedup basement, my love?

11-13-01 09:37 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Was I supposed to email you?
11-13-01 09:38 PM

Yes! Just to tell me what you think of what i think ; )

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