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Topic: Mick Jagger/Keith Richards Tribute Project by Kat Kramer Return to archive
11-07-01 07:34 PM
Luck Thought all ofyou might be interested in this....

Kramer's ambitious multimedia project pays homage to the songwriting duo with an all-star CD, companion film documentary and coffee table book
Billy Preston, Ivan Neville, Terry Reid, Jimmy Rip, Bernard Fowler, Mick Taylor and other Stones-associated musicians on board
As The Rolling Stones' 40th anniversary on July 12, 2002, gets closer by the day, vocalist and artistic visionary Kat Kramer is poising to make a little history of her own with a multimedia project that pays homage to the corner Stones of this global institution. Kramer calls her tribute to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards The Glimmer Twins (which is the notorious songwriting duo's collective alter ego), and includes an all-star CD, a companion film documentary of those once-in-a-lifetime recording sessions and a coffee table book of still photography of the musicians involved, captured by award-winning photographer William Claxton (whose impressive archive includes Steve McQueen, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Mile Davis and of course, The Rolling Stones). Kramer plans to release The Glimmer Twins triumvirate to coincide with the band's four-decade benchmark.

"This is a historical look at Mick and Keith as songwriters," Kramer explains of The Glimmer Twins.

Not merely a Stones tribute album with live action and freeze frame visual accompaniments, the passionate Kramer is staying true to the Jagger-Richards legacy by working exclusively with those musicians and producers who have been directly involved with either of the two artists' solo careers, the band as a whole, or both. As a result, Kramer has garnered a stellar line-up of enthusiastic participants, including duettists Billy Preston (who's also producing some of the tracks), Terry Reid and Ivan Neville, producers Jimmy Rip ("Jimmy's the man when it comes to Mick's earlier solo material," Kramer insists) and Bernard Fowler ("The only person in history that's worked with the Stones on their individual projects – he practically is a Stone," Kramer points out), guitarist and former Stones member Mick Taylor, guitarists Waddy Wachtel and Bobby Womack, versatile musician Bobby Keyes, drummer Jim Keltner and an ongoing A-list of other Stones affiliates. Kramer approached each for the genuine essence they would contribute to The Glimmer Twins, as well as on-camera historical perspectives on the band, revealed in conversational interviews with Kramer. The rare documentary footage will also contain recording outtakes from the album. Some of the artists have already laid down tracks, while others will step into the studio in the near future.

"It's amazing, all the musicians that are signing on to do this," Kramer says.

With almost two years of production behind her, coordinating the complex logistics of musicians' schedules with studio time, along with Claxton's availability plus a videographer, Kramer is also fielding offers coming in to K n' K Productions (of which she's vice president), from record companies, film distributors and book publishers. But Rolling Stones fan websites caught wind of The Glimmer Twins early on and have been keeping close tabs on Kramer's progress almost on a daily basis.

"This project has a built-in audience," she marvels, surprised at the initial and persistent response she's been receiving. "And every day there's a new development to this work in progress."

A bona fide Stones expert and audiophile, as well as a great vocal talent in her own right, Kramer has meticulously culled the songs she's performing from the band's lesser-known works, with a focus on those from Jagger's and Richards' solo forays. While "Satisfaction" has been done ad nauseam by teen pop divas and bar bands, Kramer has taken the musical high road, emphasizing a historical exploration far beyond that enduring hit. While anyone can belt out a Stones standard (and there are plenty of them to go around), Kramer's track listing includes "Shine A Light" and "2000 Light Years From Home."

Observing that Jagger and Richards are underrated as separate songwriting entities, Kramer is drawing upon Jagger songs "Sweet Thing," "Just Another Night," "Angel In My Heart," "Party Doll" (a haunting duet she has recorded with Billy Preston) and others, along with Richards material "Make No Mistake," "Words of Wonder," "Hate It When You Leave" and more. Further exemplifying the Glimmer Twins’ diverse songwriting talents, Kramer has also taken on "What’s Left Of Me," a recent country ballad co-written by Mick Jagger and Dwight Yoakam.

Besides originating "The greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world," another Jagger-Richards commonality that threads through Kramer's album is what she describes as "their romantic and introspective stuff." And lauded by industry insiders as "having the range of Linda Ronstadt, the warmth of Judy Garland and the sassiness of Bonnie Raitt," Kramer is definitely well equipped for this monumental undertaking.

Great pipes notwithstanding, though, ambition is in the Kramer bloodline, as she is the daughter of director/producer Stanley Kramer, who has a record eighty-five Oscar nominations associated with his movie. With her mother, K n' K president Karen Kramer, the two carry on the independent artistic spirit synonymous with the family name, not only with provocative filmic visuals, but with evocative sonic imagery, as well, and as interconnected and symbiotic as The Glimmer Twins themselves.

# # #

For Media Requests/Inquirys, contact Gaway Young, Luck Media and Marketing

[Edited by Luck]
11-08-01 01:54 PM
hayo Seems like a very interesting project.
Can't wait to hear it!

11-09-01 12:54 PM
Luck Thanks for your interest. For those of you in the Los Angeles, CA area, 95.5 FM (KLOS) will be playing a couple of Kat Kramer's songs on their "Local Licks" show, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18, BETWEEN 11PM AND 12AM. Also during the show, they will be playing other songs from musicians associated with the Stones such as Bernard Fowler and Waddy Wachtel.
11-09-01 04:28 PM
patioaintdry . . .bassist and former stones member Mick Taylor. . .[from]bona fide Stones expert and audiophile, as well as a great vocal talent in her own right, Kramer has meticulously culled . . ."

11-09-01 05:50 PM
Gazza I think it means hes a bassist on this particular project, doesnt it?

Mick's a terrific bass player (eg "Fingerprint File" and some of "Exile" )
11-09-01 08:23 PM
Cardinal Fang ......Further exemplifying the Glimmer Twins’ diverse songwriting talents, Kramer has also taken on "What’s Left Of Me," a recent country ballad co-written by Mick Jagger and Dwight Yoakam......

Ladies and Gentlemen, please give it up for "Glimmer Twin" Dwight Yoakam !!

NOW I KNOW which "Glimmer Twin" wrote the line "I was driving home, early Sunday morning through Bakersfield"


11-10-01 04:08 AM
RSFCO Hi Gazza,

It was a mistake from the company, Blue Lena did a correction on our website, and the people who copied it into your board did it before we changed it.

The project will be supported by the fan club in Europe next year as well and will try organize a play or two here.
11-14-01 01:41 PM
Luck Hi Gazza,
Mick Taylor was referenced as a bassist with particular projects in mind, however, he should be referred to as a Stones guitarist in general, and the change has been made to the posting. Thanks for the catch people and thanks to Charlotte, Blue Lena and the rest of the crew for the support.

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