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Today 32 years ago - Jimi celebrating his last birthday
Photo by noted philosopher, sound engineer and producer Eddie Kramer

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Topic: It's Friday Night Return to archive
11-02-01 06:13 PM
nankerphelge Yes Brothers and Sistahs of the Bond

Our dearest and fearless celeb poster Maxlugar cannot be with us this evening as he is recovering from a nasty bout of YankeeKickAssitis -- a horrible affliction that robs one of their voice and energy, and strikes fear into the hearts of non-Yankee fans everywhere. We pray that he has plenty of fluids to keep him "hydrated" in the Casa de Maxy this evening.

But we, the unwashed, have much work to do in his absence. We cannot sit by passively and let a wonderful nearly-full-moon Friday evening go by without the proper mindset.

I thought I would share with you all a little home remedy that might help us all in this Max-less evening:

Tonight, as the chill of November begins to set in, I suggest a body-warming glass of Irish Whiskey. Bourbon will do fine in a pinch, but take it from yer ol' pal nankerphelge and git yerself a bottle of Jameson's Gold -- you may have heard me say it before, you will definitely hear me say it again. Jameson's Gold.

Nothing goes with Irish WHiskey better than that all-time recorded-in-Ireland favorite -- Voodoo Lounge. And there are good reasons to listen to Voodoo tonite. It is very close to Halloween, the moon is full, and most of all, it just fucking rocks. It has the Good Maxkeeping seal of approval. And when mixed with its made-in-Ireland whiskey counterpart, a funny thing happens. Your brain actually forms into a tongue-shaped object and licks the inside of your earlobes causing a Raltney.

What is a Raltney, you ask? It is a hard-on so intense, it uses up all the excess skin in your body and you are no longer able to blink your eyes. It is worth it. All you women out there, I am sorry -- I cannot vouch for what it will do to you. I hope it is as enjoyable.

May I also reccommend a small amount of chiba to aid in the experience. Not much is needed and I warn you that when mixed with Irish whiskey and Voodoo Lounge, one should not drop it all in the bucket at the same time. I suggest that right before Charlie hits the drums on Sparks Will Fly -- you take a lil' hit -- a fine indica is preferred but sativa will do in a pinch. I would suggest Renaissance chiba -- I hear it is pretty good.

If you play your cards right, you are bound to have a wonderful Friday night. If you have any questions, please feel free to submit them.
11-02-01 07:57 PM
Miss U. Damn....I was planning on listening to it tonite in a white babydoll swigging from a massive beer bottle the size of Maxy's stoneswall whilst walking barefoot down the longest & busiest street in the world. Oh, well, I was told I did that on Halloween anyway! LoL.

Have a good weekend, Nanker; ya did well.

11-02-01 08:55 PM
steel driving hammer I'd suck the milk right off of Micks nipples, Jerry can join in too.
Doing this and sucking that.
...Rack Lover ~
Women Wine and Song.
- A German proverb I heard somewhere.

I still think the reason we have an elder gay population is because of Mick in 81-82 Still Life Tour.
I'm not gay at all, just like push the envelope.
Micks ass at 60 is something though ain't it?
11-05-01 10:07 AM
Joey "A fine indica is preferred but sativa will do in a pinch. I would suggest Renaissance chiba -- I hear it is pretty good. "

Damn Straight My Brother.............

I did not have any " Renaissance Chiba " that Saturday afternoon in Cleveland , at least none that I'm conscious of , but I have experienced " Black Indigio " from Amsterdam in its entirety and I must say it is quite delicious .

Oh , is " Raltney " copywrighted ?????

Joey , C10

P.S. Have you seen Steelie's Video of the summit yet ??? I don't see Lugar or yourself on it . What happened to your footage ?????
11-05-01 02:28 PM
nankerphelge Raltney is in the public domain -- free to use -- enjoy!
It is especially apt in small male happy hour gatherings when a fine young thing enters the room. If you time it right, and throw a wide-eyed face in at the end, you will see beer shoot from your neighbor's nose.

I have not seen the summit film and I suspect I am not on it for one of a number of reasons (1) I was not there during the Friday nite festivities, (2) SDH took my camera-in-the-lake threat to heart, (3) I didn't do much worth filming, (4) no one got me permission to use my name or likeness, (5) there was too much smoke between me and the camera ... the list goes on. Once again, on the cutting room floor, sniff, sniff.

11-05-01 08:49 PM
Maxlugar Great work on the Friday Night post Nanker!

I knew I could count on you.

I demand to know why I am not in the film! Steelie doesn't even remember almost running me over with his car so its no wonder he didn't remember to "shoot" me.

Oh the horrors!!!

"Slip Slurp Bitch Slap me out of the band, Ronnie!"
11-07-01 04:04 PM
Joey Actually , I hear Fleabit is working on developing a true motion picture of the summit . He is busy with his editors and sound people , not to mention the cinematography and producer folks . Can 't wait .

Maxy , I believe you are on Fleabit's footage , then again , I have been " chasing the Dragon " a lot lately and I ain't sure of anything except :

" Tie Me Up and Call Me Suzie Ronnie "

Joey von Campfire footage

11-07-01 04:34 PM
Miss U. Joey, you've really flipped your lid this time! LoL!!
11-07-01 05:58 PM
Maxlugar Oh dear God! Fleabit is my last hope of CLEVELAND immortality! I hope he got me eating my raw steak with my bare hands and a soaked paper plate stuck to my leg in the dark. All this whilst Handsome Girls roars out of a 2000man's window sill balanced speakers like some rabies infected wolverine who happnes to also have syphylis of the brain and three pounds of fire ants up its rectum.

"Gather Ronnie Wood with me, Ronnie!"

Maxy Von wood-gatherily de Steakliy eat.
11-08-01 02:36 AM

Too bad we missed Challie's Blue Note the other night-- Keith so eloquently "commenting"

Would have loved it.

11-08-01 06:47 PM
To MaxF'Lugar:

Another thing, my darling. You ARE indeed a MajorPart of Fleabit PeanuttyJammingMonkey's sincerely & knowingly editing of the MOST gracious sort. Don't be too concerned-- you may not make the Queen bravely shout how gorgeous you were at sixteen, but i bet i'll at least get a heartfelt yelp.

Love to you ; )
11-08-01 08:07 PM
Maxlugar AZBQ,

You make Maxy say "huh?"
11-08-01 09:02 PM


we have a date, remember? Keith showed up ala the ball&chain(s) to quite happily and gleefully yell up at Challie every chance he got, just for a laugh. He wasn't even drunk yet, either.

You silly boy. We're still trying for a gig, remember? Perhaps i might invite you to Hubert's 70th (that is, IF yer a good Maxlugar and bring photographs of yerself at sixteen ; )

11-08-01 09:30 PM
Maxlugar I'm there! When is it?

Maxy good! Real good!!!
11-08-01 09:50 PM

Yer Queen e-mails the MostOutlandishLugar when privy details become entailed on me tail ; )

Shouldn't be toooo long, my baby.
11-09-01 09:37 AM
Joey You both make Joey want to develop a serious smack habit .

"It's a glamour profession
The L.A. concession
Local boys will spend a quarter
Just to shine the silver bowl
Living hard will take its toll

Illegal fun
Under the sun ....."


" Bitch Slap Me Upside the head for twenty four hours straight Ronnie "

Joey von silver turning to gold

11-13-01 09:53 PM

To quote yer PeteyVonWorking{?}Now,

\Eminence Front
it's a put-on

But at least i'll be dressed to KILL ; )

~p/s it's a put-on, it's a put-on, it's a put-on ; )


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