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Topic: Mick interview in "UNCUT" magazine: 2002 Stones tour? Most likely. New album? Doubtful Return to archive
11-01-01 04:12 PM
Gazza Mick is interviewed by Nigel Williamson in the December 2001 issue of "UNCUT" - out today in the UK (REM are on the front cover)

Its only a one page interview,on page 6 - and much of it is concerned with his new album (which gets a good review elsewhere in the magazine)

On the Stones future plans,he says this:

NW : "The Stones are 40 years old next year....."

MJ : "We're trying to cook something up. The 40th anniversary is a good party to give,so hopefully there will be something happening. But I don't think there will be a new studio album".

NW: "What about an anthology-type collection,with unreleased material? I know Decca want to remaster all the early stuff and put it out with bonus tracks,but my understanding is Allen Klein has blocked the idea".

MJ : "Well,all I said was I don't think there will be a completely new studio album. I hope there will be something."

NW: "Will there be another Stones tour? I spoke to you all in Miami towards the end of Bridges To babylon,and Keith and Ronnie were saying they couldn't wait for the next one while Charlie was insisting "never again"..."

MJ : " I know (laughs). Charlie always says that. But that tour was so long,I dont think even Keith and Ronnie would want to do that again. Strange things happen to you on a tour that long. No matter how rooted you are,it plays with your perspective on life. It's too long to be getting so much atention. I don't feel I'm being creative enough on tour. I know how "Honky Tonk Women" goes by now and I don't need a lot of my faculties to sing it. A tour like that becomes a test of how strong you can be. It becomes a fitness thing,which isnt really where you want to be".

11-01-01 04:53 PM
hayo So what do you think Gazza? Are we finally going to get the remastered decca back catalogue ? (long, long, overdue!)
I personally think it is a shame we still aren't able to get the UK albums on cd.
It will be very strange to see the stones playing without a new album under their belts.
But anyway, i'm looking forward to seeing them playing live again!

All the best.
11-01-01 05:06 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl based on the answer

"Well,all I said was I don't think there will be a completely new studio album. I hope there will be something."

I'm sure we will have "something" and it is the BBC Sessions (2CDs), some Studio outtakes (2CDs) and some rare live material (2CDs)

Just my imagination!
11-01-01 05:44 PM
Cardinal Fang As I predicted elsewhere, I think we are going to get "Tattoo You Two" a couple of new tracks and then (possibly) late 70's Paris through 90's Ireland. Speaking of Ireland, Hello G.G.

There is nothing wrong with this as they are still new unreleased Rolling Stones albums. It will be a little sad though for some of us who have large boot collections and may have potentially heard the majority of the "new" album but hey what the fuck, it's only rock and roll.


P.S. Thank's to Gazza for sharing the info.
11-01-01 06:51 PM
Gazza If they use some leftovers from recent sessions,it doesnt necessarily follow that it will be what we've heard on bootlegs. All we've heard is what has been leaked or stolen - much of that is pretty rough stuff,performance wise - and definitely unfinished in many cases. There could be more "polished" performances with proper vocals of some of those songs like "Zip mouth angel" and the like. There are months worth of sessions....we've only heard a few hours worth - some fo which is obviously "work in progress" and far from releasable.

Also,the only one of the last 3 studio albums to have had material bootlegged from it was "Voodoo lounge" - Steel Wheels and BTB havent leaked at all..and 4 years ago the Stones used a "Some girls" outtake as a B-side ("So Young" - but with a redone vocal and maybe redone musically too..) The possibilities are endless.

I'm not really sure what Mick means by his statement - knowing him,he'll probably have a different angle this time next week! One thing is that hes being VERY guarded in his interview on that subject. The band have (potentially) 4 years of songs lying around - Keith especially hasnt produced or released any material in that time. BTB and Steel Wheels were both recorded in about 6 weeks when they simply HAD to get down to business and put an album out for a tour (VL was different as they started the sessions a full year before they went on the road,so there wasnt any great hurry)

I think it really depends on what their touring plans are for 2002 and beyond. That interview probably took place a few weeks ago - recent gossip suggests a tour of decent length (The SUN today mentions a Stones tour in 2002 of USA and Europe starting in the summmer) as opposed to some special "anniversary event". If they have planned such a tour,I still think they'll put a new studio album out - even if some of it are leftovers from prevous sessions...and unlike "tattoo you" which was completed only a year after "emotional rescue" and three after "some girls" it seems hard to fathom that at least SOME of this material would be fresh songs written specifically for the project.

The interview sadly does still give the impression that there are legal problems in issuing any pre-1970 material (I thought these problems with Klein had been somewhat resolved a few years ago??)so it looks like we may still have to wait some time yet for the Decca CD reissue programme and the "Anthology" type CD sets
11-03-01 02:20 AM
yellow1 Everyone seems to have forgotten the aborted Best Of Outtakes that they had prepared for release in mid-2000 with some studio sessions in Paris in 2000. Rumour had it that Keith had killed the project at the last minute.
Although it was mentioned in Record Collector, no track listing evere came out. It was rumoured to contain finished versions of VL and B2B outtakes.
Would be pretty easy to dust off that master and add a couple of songs no ?
11-03-01 11:48 AM
Stray Cat Having been off the road for the last 3 years,I'm sure they will have written stacks of suitable material for a brand new album. 6 months is plenty of time to finish,in time for the anniversary.Their 1st L.P.was recorded in 2 days !
11-03-01 12:12 PM
yellow1 Don't know about that judging by Mick's comments...My "slight" concern too is that we might get a very "Keith" album if that's the case because Mick will have used up all his best ideas on Goddess. I know some people would be happy about that, but I fear this would give us another VL, which while being good overall, has no really memorable song like B2B. At the time, Mick had just come up with WS which I still consider to bee the most consistent CD that a Stone's been associated with in the past 20 years, especially when yuo consider songwriting.
11-03-01 01:15 PM
KeepRigid I doubt we'll see a tour without an album of some sort. They're basically looking at a summer start date for the tour, if they really are planning on coinciding with the first gig they ever played, so that's not a lot of time to hit the studio for as long as they've been doing.

But with all the outtakes from the past 4 studio albums, and the various songs they've no doubt collected since B2B, I'm sure they can have something put together in a few months. I'd like to see them hit a studio for a week or two and see what new stuff they can bang out to add to the mix as well.
[Edited by KeepRigid]
11-03-01 01:56 PM
Gazza >Everyone seems to have forgotten the aborted Best Of Outtakes that they had prepared for release in mid-2000 with some studio sessions in Paris in 2000. Rumour had it that Keith had killed the project at the last minute.

I do remember that..actually it was supposed to come out in time for the 1999 European Tour - I think "Memory Hotel" was a working title. How definite the plans were for that release though I'm not so sure.

I did hear a few song titles mentioned at the time - 3 Valley Place,Poor Little Johnny Glass etc. However,these were supposedly NEW songs not leftovers from previous sessions,although I have my doubts as to whether this was genuine or bullshit

The Paris sessions (a couple of days worth) were in spring 2000 from what I remember..if it was actually a Stones session at all,it wasnt anything substantial
11-04-01 03:18 PM
KeepRigid Memory Hotel was also supposed to be a 2-cd release.

It always sounded too good to be true- (a NEW Stones DOUBLE-album out of the blue?)- but the mysterious way the reports came out of nowhere, then vanished just as quickly seemed to add credibility that it was probably legit.

Did anyone ever get any substantial info on it? I seem to recall speculation that poor sales of No Security (the album, not the tour) derailed it.

[Edited by KeepRigid]
11-08-01 09:24 PM

People! People!

Remember the new basement tapes and hold onto yer hats ; )

This will NOT disappoint, sure as I breathe this very minute. Those tapes are GEMS ; )

11-08-01 09:38 PM
yellow1 I'm going to have to kill you if you're not more specific buddy ;-)
Pray tell us more of what you know. Sure sounds like you've heard them !

It was most definitely a LEGIT release as Record Collector (a reference in the UK) had an article about it. Supposedly, Keith canned the project although it's not quite clear why...maybe they were saving the songs for a new tour in 2002 !
11-09-01 01:43 PM
KeepRigid Interesting that Keith was the one to can it, I'd never heard that bit.

My guess is that he felt releasing them at that time would essentially be 'dumping' them, knowing the songs wouldn't really have a chance of reaching a broad audience, and maybe he was too attached to a few of them to see that happen.

Sure, they would still tour for a little while after it came out, but how much of the new songs would they really have been able to work into the show at that point? Also, without the usual fanfare that a new Stones album gets when it signals the "return" of the band- how much airplay and attention would a collection billed as outtakes have gotten from the general public?

I don't mean that it was a monetary decision, just that maybe the thought that they were 'shooting their load' by releasing a decade's worth of music without much support.

I thought the same things at the time, despite being excited by the prospect of an unexpected new double album from the Stones.
11-12-01 02:43 PM
elmer A first outtakes CD was supposed to have been released in the summer of '99, although strangely enough I seem to have lost my notitions about it. I know however that rumors said that it was indeed Keith who ended the thing.

A second CD was supposed to have been released on July the 17th 2000. This was claimed by, who also gave a number for it (ASIN# B00004TVUR) and the tracklisting. It should have contained 17 songs, but unfortunately I didn't save that info.


11-13-01 01:00 AM
yellow1 so ~AzQb - can you expand a bit ?
11-13-01 11:02 AM
KeepRigid elmer, do you remember any familiar titles among those 17 tracks?
11-13-01 11:22 PM

Keeping it Real & quite rigid,

Expansion cannot simply be in my repetoire at this time-- ZipmouthAngel--but i will say this: those tapes were recorded over almost the entire length of last year, Steve Jordan and Blondie Chaplin were/are hanging & jamming, Rob Fraboni got some stuff down{and even played a bit of percussion ; } and they are ready whenever MICK is. All the fucker has to do is sit down for a few hours' time& play the piano for a bit, write a few lyrics....the rest is DONE. They exist. They are ready for Mick's tangible "touch". But if he'd rather fuck with youngsters & have a go @ some dork DJ playing his solo in a few clubs, a couple "worshipful adulation" tour dates,and some prepubescent fucks, so be it. I love the man, but this is plain NONsensical.

Not when yer songwriting partner has been soooooo patient. Which Keith HAS been. So am i pissed at Mick? Dig it. Do i still love him? Yeah. Dis-a-poo-pooed? You betcha last dolla that burnt that hole in yer trousers.

~I'm hiding
Yer sister~A
11-14-01 01:02 AM
yellow1 Thanks for the info. While cryptic, it's plausible.
The involvement of Fraboni, Chaplin, etc...would tend to point to sessions in Los Angeles and would be consistent with the sighting of Mick and Keith coming out of a recording studio in L.A. earlier this year.

The only thing that's strange is your reference to "recorded this past year", because these tracks were supposedly recorded for SW, VL and B2B and finished for the aborted "Memory Motel" release. You seem to say it's Mick's fault that they're not ready, but it was said at the time by "insiders" that Keith had in fact canned the project. I agree with the possible reasons discussed above. It's true that some of the unreleased Keith tracks from VL are stunningly good (better than anything's he's delivered since the mid-70s, if I may say so), especially Make It Now, this is really a mean groove !

In his interview with Le Monde, Mick SAID that he was currently working, among other things, on previously recorded tracks, so maybe that's the "piano" you're talking about...

PS - I wonder if you're not the same "sister" who told me, after the Hans Mulder fiasco, that you had hours of B2B outtakes but couldn't share them...
11-14-01 01:05 AM

yellow 1

Wasn't me, chile. About those outtakes. All i know is what i hear ; ) and i'm audibly allright at this point ; )

They're there. It IS up to Mick.

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