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The Point, Dublin - September 9, 2003
2003 Sally O'Sullivan
With thanks to Karl Wallace from MCD



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Topic: I got my Flicks at 10 am Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
11-11-03 03:27 PM
Gazza >Like I said Scope, this is another embarrassment for the band....this thing will be lucky to sell 100K at this point.

do music DVD's sell THAT many - ever???

The Stones last live album didnt even sell that amount and this is a 4-disc set, remember. And its WAY cheaper in the US than everywhere else, plus its not even available in stores over there for the most part.

I'd be amazed if it sold half the amount worldwide that youre stating to be honest.

This is the Stones. Not Shania Twain after all.
11-11-03 03:29 PM
Some Guy WTF??????????????????????
You did not buy it. Waiting on Santa. Man, I am shocked and amazed. This is unacceptable, a sham of a travesty and a travesty of a sham.
11-11-03 03:31 PM
jb How many did Zep sell? Take that # and the Stones should be at about 1/4 of that.
11-11-03 03:48 PM
gypsy I got mine this morning too! It's great! Haven't watched it all the way through yet.
jb, I would get that checked might have a kidney stone...just get your doc to schedule an ultrasound or an IVP.
BTW, just thought I'd let y'all know that my little sister just found out yesterday that she is expecting not one baby-but twins!!
11-11-03 03:49 PM
Joey " BTW, just thought I'd let y'all know that my little sister just found out yesterday that she is expecting not one baby-but twins!! "

Has she considered abortion as an alternative ?

Developing a rose .

11-11-03 03:51 PM
NHStonesfan I was the 1st buyer at Best Buy in Manchester NH this morning. It reminded me of every album since some girls that is buying at the 1st possible moment
11-11-03 04:01 PM
Some Guy Son of a bee-yaatch!! Disc 4 looks super. When the sun sets I'm gonna kick it up a few notches
11-11-03 04:07 PM
jb JOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11-11-03 04:10 PM
glencar I bought my copies at 11:15AM in Westbury, NY BB. The posters are fine although Pedro wasn't sure if I could get posters because store employees get first crack. Like those kids want RS products!

The first DVD is what I've watched so far. The stage set-up is a bit dry but now the music's starting.

Congrats on the expectant twins!
11-11-03 04:10 PM
gimmekeef I could care less how many they sell.I've got mine and can't wait to blast it out!.Brittany Spears sells lots so that kinda sums up how relevant sales figures are in relation to talent etc.
11-11-03 04:15 PM
Joey Josh ......................

I guy at work just told me that I was a member of the " Amen Corner " .

The " Amen Corner " part of a church is occupied by fervent worshippers. More specifically, in Protestant churches, also refers to a place (usually at one side of the pulpit) occupied by those leading the responsive "amens" of the congregation.

What ?!?!?!?! Oh , sure :

Joe Sea !

11-11-03 04:17 PM
nankerphelge He said "gay men corner"
11-11-03 04:20 PM
Joey " He said "gay men corner" "

Why ?!?! WHY ?!?!

Nanky .............................

Look what I just found :

You don't need to agree with every word I'd be worried if you did but we'll all be better off for registering and digesting his comments.

Word to Your Grandpappy !

For Steelie : " Stones Rule You Bastards !!! "

Jacky !

11-11-03 04:59 PM
Some Guy The sun is going down, the dvd's will look great at night. Gonna be late tomorrow, got my cabernet on the way. Here chiba, chiba, chiba
11-11-03 05:02 PM
KeepRigid I think the promotion's been great, although I did think the actual packaging seemed a bit reluctant to reveal its contents. It's one thing to promise over 50 songs, and another to show buyers exactly how many titles they're getting for $30.
11-11-03 05:09 PM
glencar I've watched the first DVD. I somehow stumbled onto the 6 extar songs & they're certainly the best thing about the DVD.

I will watch the Paris show & then watch the other two tomorrow night.
11-11-03 05:18 PM
littleredrooster JB!!
Screw the glucosamine....your kidney has the STONES !!!!
A perfect gift for the #1 Stone Fan!!!

11-11-03 05:19 PM

Josh , If I were you , I would start banging your secretary again immediately .

Passing them Stones can be rough I hear ...................

Shiver ....................................

Really Shiver ................................

11-11-03 05:22 PM
glencar Glucoamine stops kidney stones? I thought it helped the joints.
11-11-03 07:14 PM
LadyJane Sitting here staring at the discs. Damn, if I start watching this now I'll be up all night!

I'm gonna be good...this has drunkenchibaDVDathon weekend written all over it!!!

11-11-03 07:30 PM
glencar I played 1 & 4. Those are the keepers.
11-11-03 08:01 PM
John Wood I just got home from work going to watch Whoopi then the dvd. I don't even know what disc to start with. I just hope the guitars can be heard. I so excited, I hope this dvd rocks!!!
11-11-03 08:22 PM
gotdablouse What a lame thread!
Practicly no comments about the contents just some petty whining :-(
11-11-03 08:41 PM
mac_daddy great bang for the buck! I hope it sells well for them...

I can't comment on the audio or video quality as I haven't put it through the ringer yet...

but, I have to ask...

why is Chuck Leavell thanked seperately in the credits..?

11-12-03 07:35 AM
Factory Girl I watched Whoopi and it was TERRIBLE!

I watched Pulp Fiction. I need to watch it again.

I haven't watched Four Flicks yet.
11-12-03 08:24 AM
Jumacfly So Guys any comments on the dvd??
11-12-03 09:06 AM
Some Guy I very much like it. Looks great, sounds better. Worried about you damn good.
11-12-03 10:40 AM
T&A watched most of the first disc last night - primarily to see if I could find myself at the Wiltern - and I could - several times during Beast and Bitch. Sound on Wiltern was excellent - no discernible overdubs (and there were plenty of opportunities for them, I might add).

The first documentary was nice - but I'm not inclined to play it again for a long time. The little piece on Worried About You at Gillette was cute - obviously staged for the cameras...each Stone comes onto the stage and plugs in at a different time.

The Paris tunes were okay - just jamming on a a couple of jazzy/funky to watch - sounded like some of the jams from the VL period. There was a nice little blues tune during the documentary that I wish there were more footage of - couldn't tell if it was an original tune or a cover - but Jagger was getting into it...looks like a tune that might emerge on a new album someday...
11-12-03 10:49 AM
jb Picked it up last night...the shelf was about 95% full and looked like it was not selling that many atleast in Boca. Watched a couple of hrs last night and this morning...They use a lot of footage from GS and 25x5 on the documentry parts...nothing new. The audio/video above average for a Stone's production. Songs were pretty good with the exception of "Hand Of Fate"-just awfu and I can't believe they included it. Otherwise I rate it a B-.
11-12-03 12:29 PM
gypsy I love all four of the discs! I give them all an A+.

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