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The Point, Dublin - September 9, 2003
2003 Sally O'Sullivan
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Topic: 4 New Comps, 4 New Contests, 4 Winners Return to archive
11-07-03 09:56 PM
Sir Stonesalot So, ol' SS got inspired the last couple of days. I started out with the intention of whipping out 2 new compilations...and ended up with 4 instead!

Now, as I am currently tree seeding my ass off, I don't have the burner time to be making 25 or 30 copies of these. Not to mention, with the holidays rapidly approaching I don't have the extra dinero to mail out 25 or 30 copies like I did the last time.

So, here is how this will work. There is going to be 4 contests with 4 different winners. Each winner will be responsible for weeding their prize out. Remember what a weed is? Each winner will share his prize with at least 3 people here. Each of those people will then share with 3 more people...and so on and so forth. If you are not willing to participate in a weed, then don't enter the contest.

We will get to the contests in a bit, for now....let's talk about what you are playing for....

#1. Sir Stonesalot's Rave Up!!!

This is a strange, schizo, wacky, funny compilation. It's a hootenanny! It runs the gammut from macho stoner cock rock, to insane garage psyche, to jangly rock music, to slick poprock, there's even a quirky little ballad! It's a rave up!

1. American Music--The Blasters(old timey rocknroll)
2. Drunkhouse--Chesterfield Kings(no this isn't the Stones)
3. 100 Degrees--Kyuss(stoner rock from soon-to-be head Queen of the Stone Age, Josh Homme)
4. Blows Your Mind--Baby Woodrose(bizarre garage psyche)
5. Pine Box--Paul Westerberg(a song for his dad, WW2 Dday vet)
6. Rave Up--Bangtwister(just like the title says!)
7. Be My Guru--Hoodoo Gurus(punky pop from down under)
8. Chains Of Love--The Dirtbombs(deranged garage soul from Detroit)
9. Hope You Die--Atomic Bitchwax(stoopid metal from New Jersey. So bad it's good)
10. Los Angeles--X(a snarly lament from LA best punk band)
11. I Get Along--The Libertines(London still has some great punk bands!)
12. Lickin' Stick--The Loved Ones(silly white boy blues)
13. Masterplan--My Morning Jacket(this is NOT Neil Young...honest)
14. Na Na--Continental Drifters(slick Americana poprock from Naw'lins)
15. Motor Ready--Alabama Thunderpussy(high speed dumbass cock rock)
16. Pretty Girl--Fred Eaglesmith(a ballad that features a one man band and a lead mandolin player)
17. Red Morning Light--Kings Of Leon(KOL are big Stones fans, and are way better than the Strokes)
18. Touch Me I'm Sick--Mudhoney(before there was Nirvana, there was Mudhoney..and yes it's sick)
19. That Great Love Sound--The Ravonettes(jangly retro garage pop from the Danes answer to the White Stripes)
20. We Like It Loud--Blackberry Clouds(speaks for itself)
21. A Modern Way Of Letting Go--Idlewild(Hopped up Scotrock)
22. High Heeled Sneakers--Cary Hudson(This guy plays slide like it's supposed to be played)
23. Urethane--Fu Manchu(Cali hard surf rock. Kick ass!)

#2 Mirrors

An original followed by it's sometimes more famous cover version....back to back. I didn't know if this would work, but it does.

1&2. Hurt--Nine Inch Nails/Johnny Cash
3&4. Search & Destroy--The Stooges/Red Hot Chili Peppers
5&6. Pablo Picasso--The Modern Lovers/David Bowie
7&8. Carol--Chuck Berry/The Rolling Stones
9&10. Time Has Come Today--The Chambers Brothers/Steve Earle & Sheryl Crowe
11&12 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap--ACDC/Atomic Bitchwax
13&14 Kick Out The Jams--MC5/The Presidents Of The USA
15&16 Soul Kitchen--The Doors/X
17&18 Wrong 'Em Boyo--The Rulers/The Clash
19&20 You Win Again--Hank Williams/Keith Richards

#3 Animal Instincts

All these songs have animals in the song titles. No dogs'll see why l8r.

1. 20th Century Fox--The Doors
2. All He Wants To Do Is Fish--The Replacements
3. Alligator Stomp--The Cramps
4. Birds--Neil Young
5. Boris The Spider--The Who
6. Brass Monkey--Beastie Boys
7. Copperhead Road--Steve Earle
8. Dead Shrimp Blues--Robert Johnson
9. Globe Of Frogs--Robyn Hitchcock
10. Hungry Wolf--X
11. I Am The Walrus--The Beatles
12. I Think I Smell A Rat--The White Stripes
13. Iron Lion Zion--Bob Marley
14. Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat--Bob Dylan
15. March Of The Pigs--Nine Inch Nails
16. Monkey Gone To Heaven--The Pixies
17. Platypus(I Hate You)--Green Day
18. Rock Lobster--The B52's
19. Skunk(Sonicaly Speaking)-MC5
20. True Men Don't Kill Coyotes-Red Hot Chili Peppers
21. Wild Horses-The Rolling Stones

#4 Dog Daze

While making the previous compilation, I discovered that i had enough DOG songs for a disc all their own! Woof!

1. Rin Tin Tin Theme
2. I Wanna Be Your Dog--The Stooges
3. Black Dog--Led Zepplin
4. Dogs--Motorhead
5. Black Dog--Blue Mountain
6. Dogs--The Who
7. Bulldog Blues--Big Joe Williams
8. Cats & Dogs--Steve Wynn
9. Dog New Tricks--Garbage
10. Do The Dog--The Specials
11. Downtown In Dogtown--Fu Manchu
12. Fall Dog Bombs--David Bowie
13. Hair Of The Dog--Guns 'N Roses
14. Walkin' The Dog--The Rolling Stones
15. Youth Culture Killed My Dog--They Might Be Giants
16. Hell Hound On My Trail--Robert Johnson
17. Hey Bulldog--The Beatles
18. Hound Dog--Elvis
19. Underdog--The Dirtbombs
20. Hounds Of Love--Kate Bush
21. Rockin' Dog--Reverend Horton Heat
22. Old Dog Blue--Jim Jackson
23. Police Dog Blues--Blind Blake
24. Rain Dogs--Tom Waits

WHEW! That's a lot of typing. Anyhow, those are the prizes. Now the contests. You can only win one contest.

Contest #1. Guess the number of CDs and CDRs in my collection without going over. Closest wins.

Contest #2. Make up a fictional band name. The one I like best wins.

Contest #3. Your fictional band lands a record contract. Tell me the name of your first single, and a snippet of the lyrics. The one I like best wins.

Contest #4. Your fictional band's first single is a HIT! So what is the name of the album, and what is the track list. The one I like best wins.

That's it. You have until Tuesday, 5pm east coast USA time.
Have fun with it. GO!
[Edited by Sir Stonesalot]
11-07-03 11:00 PM
Didn't think I'd ever see the Hoodoo Gurus mentioned here let alone included on a compilation. Cool.

11-08-03 10:04 AM
quackenbush Contest 1: I'm gonna guess 1000

Contest 2: The name of my fictional all girl punk rock band
is Placenta, and the name of their first single is "It's a boy!"
11-08-03 01:41 PM
glencar Email teh answers or put 'em here?
11-08-03 02:16 PM
Sir Stonesalot Post 'em for all to see and enjoy!
11-08-03 02:32 PM
glencar Okay...

1) 5243

2) Vic & the Morons

to be continued...
11-08-03 04:52 PM
KeepRigid 1. I'm betting it's a trick question and you don't have any cds or cdrs, but in fact steal from others as the need arises.

2. Excuse Me Frankie, It's My Balls

3. My fictional group would be very lazy and would blow it. Besides, they don't give airplay to bands named Excuse Me Frankie, It's My Balls. Fuckers.

4. Album: Who's Art's In Heaven? (Because It Sure As Hell Ain't Ours)
Single: No hits
Tracklisting: Too numerous to list, as many of the titles listed do not appear on the album

[Edited by KeepRigid]
11-09-03 12:14 PM
Zeeta Cool compilations mate!

You could of also had Pressure Dropper by Toots and the Maytals followed by the Clash's version which rocks as you will probrably know!

I'll be back with a go at the answers later, CDs??

6750 !?

11-09-03 12:56 PM
LadyJane Okay....We'll bite...yes..Hubby is in on this...I'm just his typist!!

Hubby's Answers:


Band Name....SSF (Screaming Skull Fucks)

First single...."Scrapings of a Dangerous Mind"




11-09-03 08:54 PM
Sir Stonesalot Hey me a all of your answers in one post. If you have a partial post up already, just use the edit function to put everything on one post.

That'll be a big help.

11-09-03 09:30 PM
gypsy Contest #2--->Fictional Band Name: "Nothing Still"
11-10-03 08:14 AM
Factory Girl Ok, here ya go--

1. 3,039
2. My band- Mojo Ramblers
3. Hit song-Hump. "Humping me a quickie with my best girl's cheeky..."
4. CD title-First Time in the Dark;
Tracks- 1. Ride Me; 2. Treat; 3. Hump; 4. Ponderosa Girl; 5. For Better Times; 6. Growing Up Old;
7. Achieving it at Walmart; 8. Better later;
9. Lackluster; 10. Jive it on.

11-10-03 10:24 AM

Keith Moon !
11-11-03 02:00 AM
sirmoonie 1. 800

2. Niggied-up white boys (N.W.B.)

3. Space Age Love Song ("I'll take you to the moon and the stars baby," I says...uh huh...yeah..."Not quite, Mr. Rocketship," she says...doo doo doo, dah dah yeah...)

4. Mongo!

  • Check it bleeds...
  • All Wiggied Up (at the mall, with my drarz around muh knees)
  • The Streets of Orlando (*inspiration J. Timberlake)
  • We Been Knowed Whey De White Wimmins At, G!
  • 3 years In The Reizenstein Middle School penitentiary
  • Janet
  • At Least We Ain't As White As That White Boy Who Left Because His Name Is Otis
  • Play That Funky Music (cover)
  • Hockey Pt. 2
  • Reparation Songs

All songs written by sirmoonie, except where noted (*)
11-14-03 06:41 PM
Sir Stonesalot Ding ding ding!


Contest #1-answer: As of right now 3873. Winner Lady Jane!
Contest #2-Excuse Me Frankie, It's My Balls. Winner Keep Rigid!
Contest #3-Hump. Winner Factory Girl!
Contest #4-Mongo. Winner Sirmoonie!

So winners can PM me with their snail mail addy, and choice of compilation discs.

Congrats to all and enjoy.