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The Point, Dublin - September 9, 2003
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Topic: New tree : "A Bump In The Road" - Stockholm 18,20 and 22 July 2003 Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
10-05-03 03:25 PM
Gazza Hot on the heels of the "London Licks Pt 1" trilogy, we're pleased to offer another 6-CD stadium/arena/club package, namely the three Stockholm shows from July, featuring the show at Stockholm's Olympic Stadium (18th), Globen Arena (20th) and the Cirkus (22nd).

Thanks to Marko TCB (The Crazy Bastard), who has done some remastering to help us have three excellent quality recordings to share with you.

You can now sign up for this 6-CD set with an e-mail to before the closing date of MIDNIGHT UK TIME (7 PM E.T.) ON SUNDAY 12th OCTOBER 2003.

You must be a "Rocks off" registered user to participate.

Please enclose with your e-mail :

1. your Rocks off screen name
2. your e-mail address for any correspondence
3. country of residence (please also add your STATE if you live in the USA)
4. Whether you wish to be a branch or a leaf. If you wish to be a branch,please state how many leaves you would be willing to make copies for.

After the deadline,I will e-mail the tree structure to everyone who has signed up privately.

By signing up for this tree, you are doing so on the strict understanding that you do NOT re-sell these recordings for any personal gain. Anyone who does so will be banned from taking part in future trees. The whole purpose of this project is to share the music with other fans and NOT to make money by selling bootlegs. If you're a collector who sells CD's or CDR's, please do NOT register for this tree. Thanks
10-05-03 03:42 PM
marko yer fast mate.IŽll burn disks for you tomorrow,i was supposed to do today,but i had some yard work.Cirkus is a
killer one.
10-06-03 01:55 AM
MarkP Another cool tree, thanks!!
10-06-03 08:14 AM
Flashpoint These trilogy trees are amazing!
Gazza, i tell ya

10-06-03 11:10 AM
BeastofBurden Hey Gazza

Your on a roll. Thanks again for bringing out these awesome shows.
10-06-03 12:26 PM
Martha I'm in! rule! Thanks a bahzillion. A million doesn't quite cut it these

10-06-03 12:29 PM
sirfito Thanks again, man!
I will post today.
10-06-03 02:51 PM
Gazza Thank Marko - he's the guy who's remastered and is responsible for circulating these shows. I'm only responsible for the sign-ups and tree structure!
10-06-03 05:53 PM
Phog Thanks Marko, you crazy bastard.
10-06-03 06:00 PM
Flashpoint Marko.....what can i tell you?

Will you marry me?
10-06-03 08:17 PM
Mottrush Yes! Well done Marko and Gazza for organising it!! Love these trees!!
10-07-03 02:20 AM
Monkey Woman E-mail sent!

I'd love to be part of this one. I'm your fan,Marko!
(BTW, I hope you got my discs.)
10-07-03 02:39 AM
marko yeah i did,and i think i just send them back,,still waiting
that cover art!wheres madafaka anyway?
10-07-03 06:26 AM
hmps Thank you soo much marko and gazza!

I attended the globen and stadium show since I live in Stockholm (couldn't get the circus one ) so this will be awsome!

I'm so excited about this!!!!D
10-07-03 09:45 AM
anders74 Hello!

My name is Anders and I am from Stockholm, Sweden. Saw all three shows and would be etarnaly greatful for a copy. Signing up as a leaf.
10-07-03 09:46 AM
anders74 ...forgot to tell you my E-mail:
10-07-03 02:14 PM
Gazza thanks Anders - however,please see the notes for signing up and send an e-mail to the address stated
10-07-03 03:02 PM
Monkey Woman Marko, you're the best!
10-07-03 06:51 PM
CousinCocaine Thanx a lot, guys !!
You're 'wonneful' . .
10-08-03 02:52 PM
Gazza Just received the discs for these shows this morning from Marko and I have to say they do indeed sound terrific. A great job by Crazy Bastard Productions!

10-09-03 05:15 AM
Jack Flash
Hi all I have been lurking around this board forever but Im gonna be frequent here now.

This sounds so amazing!!!

I saw all three shows in Stockholm and they were the best three damn days in my whole life.....

So thanks for doing a great job!
10-10-03 06:39 AM
Gimme If have the cirkus from MP3 but it's nice to have them all from the orginal. So I send an mail to join.

[Edited by Gimme]
10-10-03 08:29 AM
Jumacfly here i am , i love those trees!!!
welcome to the Rocks off forest Ronnie....

10-10-03 10:54 AM
hmps IF you are from sweden and have the ability to be a branch. Then PLEASE do so.

I unfortunately can't recommend myself being a brach since my burner hasn't really been co-operating lately.


hampus of sweden
10-10-03 11:21 AM
marko If noone cannot help you,,,,,,,,,,,let me know!
10-10-03 12:34 PM
Monkey Woman Didn't the Stones recoup the CO2 emissions created by their UK touring by planting trees in two forests? Well, I see that Rocks Off is keen on helping them!!!
10-10-03 06:31 PM
Gazza many more to come in due course including the rest of the UK/Ireland shows
10-11-03 04:48 AM
stoned52 Hi, I would like to participate as a leaf.
Thank you for this great Stones stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!
10-13-03 10:27 AM
hmps Greeting folks!

Good work with them trees. Keep em coming.

This tree is happening, right?
Pleeeease tell me there are just some delays. Cause I really really want to hear the circus show.

thanks bye for now
10-13-03 02:18 PM
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