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Topic: RS Bootlegs Covers Return to archive
11-08-01 04:57 PM
Philcovers New updates on my website:

More than 4000 scan covers...


1998 Nervous Breakdown-a.jpg
1998 Nervous Breakdown-b.jpg
45 RPM-a.jpg
45 RPM-b.jpg
45 RPM-i.jpg
Aint It Good To Be Alive-a.jpg
Aint It Good To Be Alive-b.jpg
Already Over Me-a.jpg
Already Over Me-b.jpg
Another Earls Court 1976-a.jpg
Another Earls Court 1976-b.jpg
August Children-a.jpg
August Children-b.jpg
Aux Abattoirs-a.jpg
Aux Abattoirs-b.jpg
Baby Let's Play House-a.jpg
Baby Let's Play House-b.jpg
Babylon Four On The Floor-a.jpg
Babylon Four On The Floor-b.jpg
Best Fight In Amsterdam-a.jpg
Best Fight In Amsterdam-b.jpg
Beyond The Valley-a.jpg
Beyond The Valley-b.jpg
Bill Wyman Compendium-a.jpg
Bob Dylan & Los Rolling Stones-a.jpg
Bob Dylan & Los Rolling Stones-b.jpg
Boys Are Back In Dallas-a.jpg
Boys Are Back In Dallas-b.jpg
But Naked-a.jpg
But Naked-b.jpg
Chantilly Lace-a.jpg
Chantilly Lace-b.jpg
Chicago We Wanna Hold You-a.jpg
Chicago We Wanna Hold You-b.jpg
Circus At Waldbhne-a.jpg
Circus At Waldbhne-b.jpg
Complete Woodstock Tapes-(VGP)-a.jpg
Complete Woodstock Tapes-(VGP)-b.jpg
Deep Mixed In Babylon-a.jpg
Deep Mixed In Babylon-d.jpg
Deep Mixed In Babylon-i.jpg
Down In The Court-a.jpg
Down In The Court-b.jpg
Europe 76-a.jpg
Europe 76-b.jpg
Foottappers And Wheel Shunters Club Gig-a.jpg
Foottappers And Wheel Shunters Club Gig-b2.jpg
For Invitation Only-a.jpg
For Invitation Only-b.jpg
For Members Only 6-a.JPG
For Members Only 7-a.JPG
For Members Only 7-b.JPG
For Members Only 7-d.JPG
For Members Only 7-i1.JPG
For Members Only 7-i2.JPG
For Members Only 8-a.JPG
For Members Only 8-b.JPG
For Members Only 8-d.JPG
For Members Only 8-i.JPG
Foxy Jagger-a.jpg
Foxy Jagger-b.jpg
Frankfurt Shuffle-a.jpg
Frankfurt Shuffle-b.jpg
From San Francisco To Paris-a.jpg
From San Francisco To Paris-b.jpg
Get Back To Los Angeles 1989-a.jpg
Get Back To Los Angeles 1989-b.jpg
Greatest Dane-a.jpg
Greatest Dane-b.jpg
Guten Abend Frankfurt-a.jpg
Guten Abend Frankfurt-b.jpg
Hamngbird Disaster-a.jpg
Hamngbird Disaster-b.jpg
Happy Birthday Mick-a.jpg
Happy Birthday Mick-b.jpg
Happy Birthday Mick-d.jpg
Happy Birthday Mick-i.jpg
Happy Birthday Ronnie-a.jpg
Happy Birthday Ronnie-b.jpg
Happy Birthday Willie-a.jpg
Happy Birthday Willie-b.jpg
Hawaiian Holiday 1998-a.jpg
Hawaiian Holiday 1998-b.jpg
Inside The Rainbow-a.jpg
Inside The Rainbow-b.jpg
Interview With The Rolling Stones-a.jpg
It's Only Rock'n Roll-a.jpg
It's Only Rock'n Roll-b.jpg
Jean Clarke Memorial Sonic Barbecue-a.jpg
Jean Clarke Memorial Sonic Barbecue-b.jpg
Keep Your Motor Runnin-a.jpg
Keep Your Motor Runnin-b.jpg
Last Discovery Of 1969 Tour-a.jpg
Last Discovery Of 1969 Tour-b.jpg
Live At Sundevil-a.JPG
Live At Sundevil-b.JPG
Live At Sundevil-d1.JPG
Live At Sundevil-d2.JPG
Live In Scotland 73-a.jpg
Live In Scotland 73-b.jpg
London Roundhouse 1994-a.jpg
London Roundhouse 1994-b.jpg
M.S.G. 75 With Eric Clapton-a.jpg
M.S.G. 75 With Eric Clapton-b.jpg
Made In Europe-a.jpg
Made In Europe-b.jpg
Manchester 1973-a.jpg
Manchester 1973-b.jpg
Melbourne All You Can Eat-a.jpg
Melbourne All You Can Eat-b.jpg
Melbourne'95 Keef Sings Happy-a.jpg
Melbourne'95 Keef Sings Happy-b.jpg
Melbourne'95-Keef Sings Slippin' Away-a.jpg
Melbourne'95-Keef Sings Slippin' Away-b.jpg
Merci Lyon 1982-a.jpg
Merci Lyon 1982-b.jpg
Munchen 1973 First Show-a.jpg
Munchen 1973 First Show-b.jpg
Nasty Muzik-a.jpg
Nasty Muzik-b.jpg
Newcastle 1994 Mick Taylor-a.jpg
Newcastle 1994 Mick Taylor-b.jpg
Old Friends From Rio-a.jpg
Old Friends From Rio-b.jpg
One Day In June Hannover 1998-a.jpg
One Day In June Hannover 1998-b.jpg
Ready Steady Stones-a.jpg
Ready Steady Stones-b.jpg
Rock And Roll Avalanche-a.jpg
Rock And Roll Avalanche-b.jpg
Roll Over Beethoven-a.jpg
Roll Over Beethoven-b.jpg
Rome July, 25 1990-a.jpg
Rome July, 25 1990-b.jpg
Say You Will-a.jpg
Say You Will-b.jpg
Secret Affair-a.jpg
Secret Affair-b.jpg
Soldier Of Stone 1997-a.jpg
Soldier Of Stone 1997-b.jpg
St Louis-a.JPG
St Louis-d1.JPG
St Louis-d2.JPG
St Louis-i1.JPG
St Louis-i2.JPG
St Louis-i3.JPG
Steel Wheels Tokyo 1990-a.jpg
Steel Wheels Tokyo 1990-b.jpg
Stoned In Rio De Janeiro-a.jpg
Stoned In Rio De Janeiro-b.jpg
Stoned In Rio De Janeiro-b1.jpg
Stoned In Rio De Janeiro-d.jpg
Stoned In Rio De Janeiro-i1.jpg
Stoned In Rio De Janeiro-i2.jpg
Stoned In San Diego-a.jpg
Stoned In San Diego-b.jpg
Stuttgart 1970-a.jpg
Stuttgart 1970-b.jpg
Stuttgart 1976-a.jpg
Stuttgart 1976-b.jpg
Sweet Toronto 1989-a.jpg
Sweet Toronto 1989-b.jpg
Take Me Up St Louis-a.jpg
Take Me Up St Louis-b.jpg
Terrifying VGP-a.jpg
Terrifying VGP-b.jpg
The Whistle Blowin-a.jpg
The Whistle Blowin-b.jpg
Turin 81 - Mick Taylor & Alvin Lee-a.jpg
Turin 81 - Mick Taylor & Alvin Lee-b.jpg
We Came To Rock Seattle Like This-a.jpg
We Came To Rock Seattle Like This-b.jpg
We Hope Ya Like Dis One-a.jpg
We Hope Ya Like Dis One-b.jpg
Welcome To The Rolling Stones-a.jpg
Welcome To The Rolling Stones-b.jpg
Willkommen in Leipzig-a.jpg
Willkommen in Leipzig-b.jpg
Willkommen In Wien-a.jpg
Willkommen In Wien-b.jpg

Enjoy !

11-08-01 07:01 PM
Gazza Great piece of work,Phil and VERY useful!! Thanks

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