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Topic: Jagger has pissed some researchers off... Return to archive
11-07-01 10:48 PM
Jaxx NME
Tabloid Hell

Mick Jagger Has Spoken Out.

The Daily Star (November 7) reveals today that Jagger, frontman with top selling boyband The Rolling Stones, thinks "it's stupid to behave like you're 17". Jagger's quotes come in the light of a recent survey that said "It's really intelligent to behave like you're 17." Jagger, who has big lips but also has long hair, has angered authors of reports everywhere with his outspoken antics.

"What a fucking cheek," an author of a report said. "We spend weeks, months and sometimes years authoring reports. Then someone comes along and debunks the whole thing. Let me remind Mr so called Jagger of one salient point. Of all the people that were surveyed, 87% said they believed it was really intelligent being 17. 87 fucking per cent. There is a 2% gap for accuracy on each side, but I don't think that gives Mr Look-at-me-I'm-a-big-rock and-roll-star any right to challenge such a finding with ill-researched, badly thought-out pearls of his wisdom. His mind is probably still pickled by 1960s mind-bending drugs. And he's old and stinks of piss. Fuck him. Reports and authors of reports will be around a long time after his inaccurate assessment of reports.

"Remember the report that said it's bloody marvellous to eat soup. Well, Phil Collins came out and said he didn't like soup and look what's happened to him. Jagger had better think on."

11-07-01 11:31 PM
yellow1 Is this a...stupid joke ?
11-08-01 12:14 AM
Cardinal Fang Yes, I think it's satirical. I mean look at the bit about Phil Collins and soup as well as the needless references to long hair and big lips and percentages. I think this is just satire.
11-08-01 12:23 AM
Jaxx here's what he actually said IN ITS CONTEXT. those brit ragpages, sheesh!

Thursday November 8, 03:30 AM

Jagger defends rock 'n' roll lifestyle
By Derek Robins

Rolling Stone Mick Jagger is to give a candid insight into his rock 'n' roll lifestyle in a new Channel 4 documentary.

Being Mick, to be shown on November 22, follows the rock icon, 58, over the past year and has footage of him at home in France, London and Mustique with ex-wife Jerry Hall and their children.

A C4 spokeswoman said: "It's a most revealing and intimate insight into his personal and professional life."

Mick defends his rock 'n' roll lifestyle in the frank documentary.

The father of seven and grandfather of one said: "I don't think enjoying life is an exclusive prerogative of young people. That is a very narrow view.

"I think it is stupid to behave like you are 17 but that does not mean you have to be an old fart sitting in the pub talking about what happened in the '60s."

In the documentary, Mick says he is devoted to his seven children.

Mick, who split with Jerry Hall in 1999, is shown holidaying in Mustique with the ex-model and their four children.

He said: "I have a big extended family. I adore them. I guess I have a pretty bohemian attitude - an artistic attitude towards love and marriage." The show was made by Jagger's company Jagged Films.

The documentary also looks at the musical and film work of the Rolling Stone in the past year.

He talks about producing his first film Enigma, with Kate Winslet, and about his fourth solo album which he's made with Bono, Lenny Kravitz, Wyclef Jean and Pete Townshend.

He is also filmed with the other Stones talking about their plans for 2002. He said: "It went quite well really. There were no blows. It can get a bit het up sometimes."

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