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Topic: Goddess available NOW ! Return to archive
11-07-01 02:08 PM
yellow1 on this Newsgroup: alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.2000s
at 192kbps.
Requested it yesterday and next thing you know it pops up, gota love the internet !!!!!!
11-07-01 03:33 PM
starfucker78 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11-07-01 05:54 PM
Bob Tamp hate to sound like a total computer geek, but how do you get on this newsgroup to get the album. is there a www. address, because my AOL keeps beeping news group not valid.
so " help me baby, ain't no stranger"
11-07-01 06:44 PM
Torn & Frayed
Bob Tamp wrote:
hate to sound like a total computer geek, but how do you get on this newsgroup to get the album. is there a www. address, because my AOL keeps beeping news group not valid.
so " help me baby, ain't no stranger"

Try searching here:

BTW, as you've probably realized by now, AOL sucks.
They are a content provider, not a real ISP.

There are plenty of others out there that will give you
more bang for less buck.
11-07-01 07:53 PM
Bob Tamp still no f-cking luck, but thanks Torn and Frayed( by the way is probably the Stones best song ever-make no mistake about it. well, i guess i will hear jagger's record when it hits stores because that search stuff frustrated me, but thanks so much for trying to help me.
11-07-01 10:24 PM
Amy340 On AOL, you can go to Keyword: Newsgroups and then find it from there. You can also find it at, it's the old address-that still works-for what is now Google
11-07-01 11:10 PM
KeepRigid I found it on this FAQ page:

Just scroll down a little bit until you see the list of groups with:


Click on its link, and you should be on your way.

(Just entering the newsgroup's name as you would a web address will bring up an error- I'm assuming this is why you couldn't get it to work on AOL.)
11-07-01 11:29 PM
yellow1 hehe...C'mon guys, USENET (where Newsgroups live) is the ancestor of the internet.
Having said that, you do need a subscription to a newsgroup/usenet provider. Most ISPs offer it together with web and email access. The reality is that if you want complete files and good speed, you'll need a separate provider like Easynews (the one I chose after much trial and error).

Concerning the files, althgouh they've apparently been encoded from the retail CD with the Fraunhofer ACM codec at 192kbps, I find the quality of some parts lacking. The cymbals at the beginning of VofP are particularly flangy (typically an encoding artifact), and they probably weren't meant to be like that.

Overall, I think it's a great CD, even on the first couple of listens (unlike the new Macca which took a while to sink in) with some standout tracks like Goddess, GGMEverything, Visions, TFgone. It's good power pop and really picks up where the best tracks of B2B like ASMB, OOC and SOM left. I don't know if Mick's still pissed at sharing his royalties for ASMB with KD Lang and Ben Mink (?), but several tracks sound a bit like that song, VofP notably.

Great work Mick !
11-08-01 06:39 PM
yellow1 For those who missed on the Newsgroup post, I'm currently uploading the files to an ftp site.
I'll you know when it's there.
In the meantime if anyone's unsure as how ftp works, now's the time to ask !
11-08-01 09:40 PM
yellow1 ok boys and girls, it's up and running on a SUPER fast FTP" pics/rocks/offs

You might get away downloading the tracks with a browser, but use an ftp client like BulletFTP or CuteFTP and it will make your life easier !

Sorry, I don't know if you can access this kinda of stuff through your AOL account.

PS - I'd appreciate if someone could upload the B-Sides lke Blue or the mysterious German vinyl tracks there !
[Edited by yellow1]
11-09-01 01:44 AM
yellow1 Looks some little P.O.S. deleted the files...or it's someone not who's set his FTP client to delete files after they've been downloaded.
Either way it's a drag.
I'll upload them once more but that's it !
And if you download the songs using this link, a kind word would be appreciated...
11-11-01 05:20 AM
MononoM Try this ftp:
login: mp3
pass: mp3
port: 1009

It's not fast, and allows only 3 users, so when you have the filez, share them with others!



Ps: the single is online too!
11-11-01 10:03 AM
L&A Hi Yellow1 !
I came into the house but didn't find the backyard-directory... Please help me and thanks for sharing the files !
11-12-01 12:35 AM
yellow1 another POS deleted the files :-(
11-12-01 12:42 AM
Jaxx its just a week away
11-12-01 03:39 PM
starfucker78 Try or
[Edited by starfucker78]

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