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Topic: I need some good news Return to archive
11-06-01 04:37 PM
nankerphelge I sure wish the Stones would call me up and say

"Hi nankerphelge? It's the Stones. Yeah as part of getting our 2002 tour together, we thought maybe you'd like to swing by and we can talk about set lists and stages and shit like that, whadda ya say?"

"Jeez guys, I'm kinda busy mayne we can..."

"Hey we hear ya -- but we are just plain old outta ideas and we think maybe you can help out. Tell ya what, we'll smoke a lil' chiba and you can hang around rehearsals?"

"Oh, alright, but only if you guys promise to play Ventillator Blues.."


Things are just so fucking dreary lately -- I can't seem to get into anything. Work has me down, the Yanks lost, I'm outta chiba -- hell, even mrs. nankerphelge ain't getting the job done. I need some good news -- anyone got any?
11-06-01 06:05 PM
Maxlugar How about: Friday Night is just a scant three nights away?

Oh dear God Nanky, if you lived down the street it would be a weekly Stones/ Chiba party every Friday Night at Casa De Maxy's Subterranean Tavern! Good friggin' fuck!

The Yankee loss has me too in a very bad state of mind. To see that big ugly goon Johnson celebrating on the field was like ripping my heart out and hitting it over the center field wall.

But we still have the Stones. Our mighty Stones. They have won the World Series of music for 40 straight years.

Hug me.
11-06-01 08:11 PM
Jaxx the stones will tour eventually.

if you lived in denver, i could help you out with the chiba.

if you do something nice for the ms. you never know how you may be repaid...

11-07-01 12:18 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl wHo sOLd nANkEr bAd aCid? yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah iS TuEsdAy nIgHt aNd i cAnt wAit fRIdAy NiGHt who'll wait for me?

get some Afghanistan chiba "bee 4 eets two lait"

Lets rock!

2 stoned to change header LOLOLOL let's change it tomorrow morning
11-07-01 12:20 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl hey jaxx I can't wait for the next tour to repay you, and let me tell ya, i can bring the chiba!
11-07-01 11:46 AM
nankerphelge How come everyone but ol' nank has the chiba. Somehow that ain't right!

I better get ahold of my chibathecary and get wid da program.

You all cheered me up some and I went home and rolled the mrs. instead of a fattie.

I think I need to get my arse to NYC so Max & I can celebrate a bit. Man I was up there all the time in '99 -- spent many a drunken nite in the Oak Bar of the Plaza -- drinking beers and dodgin hookers. Ah the good ol' days
11-07-01 03:22 PM
Joey I recommend chasing the Dragon instead .

Mmmmmmmmm ! Smack !!!!!

....And Don't the Moon look pretty ?????

Please put a dollar in the Kitty

11-07-01 06:17 PM
Maxlugar Joey, I want to cradle your sweaty, bit stealing, personna lifting, Maxy post copy and pasting, Smack habit filching, signing off using "Von" looting, original concept lacking, Gas x3 still going, Who liking, Mick Taylor ear cumming, C10 joining, Wood gathering, idea pilfering, fujisaki japanese stereotype post plundering, Under "ware" wrong spelling, head and hold it to my heaving bosom and tell you I love you. For through it all you are my C10 brother. And that my friend is something none of the C10 will ever go against. I am sending you some literature that will help you "creatively".

Hug me.

Maxy De la Subterranean Tavern.
11-07-01 07:31 PM
Miss U. Amen, Maxy.

>>>Under "ware" wrong spelling<<<

LoL!! Ya got that right. The more things change, the more they stay the same....
But we are all part of the Rocks Off Cult now.
BTW, I'm having difficulty locating a 'chiba-trader' in my there a 1-800 number I can call to find the closest one near me?? Any help would be appreciated!!

I think all Joey needs is to practice daydreaming more at work.

I found these tips at another site....haha.

Highly creative individuals may:

1. Display a great deal of curiosity about many things; is constantly asking questions about anything and everything; may have broad interests in many unrelated areas. May devise collections based on unusual things and interests. (ie--Stones!, collecting Maxy's proverbs)

2. Generate a large number of ideas or solutions to problems and questions; often offers unusual ("way out"), unique, clever responses. (hmmmm..)

3. Are often uninhibited in expressions of opinion (not Joey); are sometimes radical and spirited in disagreement; are unusually tenacious or persistent -- fixating on an idea or project. (ie--ring in drawer, vietnam etc)

4. Are willing to take risks, are often people who is described as a "high risk taker, or adventurous, or speculative." (??)

5. Display a good deal of intellectual playfulness; may frequently be caught fantasizing, daydreaming or imagining. Often wonder out loud and might be heard saying, "I wonder what would happen if. . ."; or "What if we change . . .." Can manipulate ideas by easily changing, elaborating, adapting, improving, or modifying the original idea or the ideas of others. Is often concerned improving the conceptual frameworks of institutions, objects, and systems. (ie--"what if we change Wood for Taylor?"...ok, maybe this lost it's creativity eons ago..!)

6. Display keen senses of humor and see humor in situations that may not appear to be humorous to others. Sometimes their humor may appear bizarre, inappropriate, irreverent to others.(ahh--yes)

7. Are unusually aware of his or her impulses and are often more open to the irrational within him or herself. May freely display opposite gender characteristics (freer expression of feminine interests in boys, greater than usual amount of independence for girls).
(*see Brian Jones for reference)

8. Exhibit heightened emotional sensitivity. May be not only sensitive to beauty but visibly moved by aesthetic experiences. (Baba's ocean??, "visibly shaken")

9. Are frequently perceived as nonconforming(needs work); accept disordered of chaotic environments or situations(cleavland, gasland); are frequently not interested in details(Taylor's attendance record), are described as individualistic(needs work); or do not fear being classified as "different."

10. Criticize constructively, and are unwilling to accept authoritarian pronouncements without overly critical self-examination.
11-08-01 12:35 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl wrote:
hey jaxx I can't wait for the next tour to repay you, and let me tell ya, i can bring the chiba!

i can't wait for the next tour either! i kept telling you "NO" to your special formula. next time i will say YES! and if i recall we had quite the "salad going" anyway. a "mile high" is a the place 2B.

[Edited by Jaxx]

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