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Arriving to the show at The El Rey - November 15, 2001
Photo by John Hayes/AP
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Topic: Charlie Watts in Tokyo: Review by Mayumi Motouchi Return to archive
11-04-01 02:16 PM
CS Posted by Mayumi Motouchi - Undercover

Here's the band members.

Drums: Charlie Watts!
Bass: Dave Green, long time Charlie's friend
Vibraphone: Anthony Kerr
Piano: Brian Lemon
Percussion: Luis Jardim
Also Sax/Arranger: Peter King
Tenor/Soprano Sax: Julian Arguelles
Baritone Sax/Clarinet: Alan Barnes
Trumpet/Flugelhorn: Henry Lowther
Trumpet/Flugelhorn/Arranger: Gerard Persencer
Trombone: Mark Nightingale

I made 6 shows out of 12 and really enjoyed every night.
Each show has the different star - one night Julian made
splendid soprano sax solo, the other day, Mark's trombone
part was fabulous. After all Brian Lemon, the piano player
was a sort of Charlie at the Stones. During member/song
introduction, all member pointed him showing "No.1". :-)
Talking about member introduction, before the last song
Charlie walked to the microphone at the front corner of
the stage and introduced each member and songs played
with some jokes and laughter in between. It was fun time.
2nd night onward, when he walked back to his drum set,
there was a voice introducing Charlie. Huge applause followed.
We wondered whose voice it was as we were sure it wasn't
by any of band member on the stage. Turned out later it was
Chuch (long time Stones tour crew) who introduced Charlie.

Elderly members sounded better day by day. Charlie blamed
jetlag on Wednesday night. All arrived Tokyo on Sunday
afternoon, started two shows each night from Monday. I assume
it would have been tough to do even if they were young.
(They are on their way to NYC now, and have full rest day on
Monday, no rehearsal or whatever.)
The band appeared much better shape on Thursday (4th) night.
It was the show many invitation guests were in the audience,
not just music business people but friends of band members,
maybe it helped. Since this night they made two encores, second
encore song was pretty enjoyable - featuring fun relay solo play
from vibraphone to piano (or was it contrabass).

Charlie looked in a very good mood whole this week, smiling alot.
One of tentet members told me how much Charlie loves Jazz,
seeing him enjoying playing in this band, I have no doubt.
There wasn't Charlie Watts, the drummer of the Rolling Stones.
I don't know much about playing drums but it was clear his style of
drums was different with tentet, he didn't even play the drums but
did tube shaker during "Airto", which was one of my favorite times
as he looked very happy sending smiles other members. It made me
smile. I also loved his powerful drum beat on "Elvin Suite".

Those who going to see them next week, enjoy the shows. This is the
music bring you warmth, make you smile and happy. :-)

11-04-01 02:16 PM
CS The first shows:

29 October

1. Mainstew
2. Bensha Swing
3. Anthonys Dice
4. Roll em Charlie
5. Lush Life
6. Tin Tin Deo
7. Take The A Train

30 October - 3 November

1. Mainstew
2. Bensha Swing
2. Anthonys Dice
3. Faction
4. Roll em Charlie
5. Polka Dots And Moonbeams (30 Oct)
5. My Foolish Heart (31 Oct)
5. What's New (1 Nov)
5. Nancy With The Laughing Face (2 Nov)
5. Body & Soul (3 Nov)
6. Tin Tin Deo
7. Take The A Train
8. Things Ain't What They Used To Be (3 Nov)

The second shows:

29 October - 3 November

1. Sunset & The Mockingbird
2. Little Willie Leaps
3. Chasing Reality - Faction
4. Airto
5. Elvin Suite
6. Take The A Train
7. Take The A Train Piano Version (1 Nov)
7. Perdido (2 & 3 Nov)

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