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Arriving to the show at The El Rey - November 15, 2001
Photo by John Hayes/AP
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Topic: Fear 2 flight? Ron concert cancelled, now Bill is not the only one! Return to archive
11-03-01 12:12 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Ronnie cancelled a concert scheduled in Hannover, Germany, on November 19 the first solo in years! due to his fear to fly after the September 11, terrorist attacks.

Ronnie had scheduled the trip to Hannover to promote, with a select group of guests, his solo album "Not For Beginners", that will be presented/displayed there on November 19.

The note was taken from "El Clarín" via our partner in crime Marcelo Quatraro.

El miedo de un stone a subirse a un avión

El rockero Ron Wood canceló un concierto que iba a ofrecer en Hannover, Alemania, por su temor a volar tras los atentados del 11 de setiembre. El músico de los Rolling Stones, de 54 años, tenía previsto el viaje a esa ciudad para promover, entre un selecto grupo de invitados, su álbum solista Not For Beginners, que será presentado allí el 19.

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11-03-01 01:06 PM
yellow1 what a softy...
On the other hand, and while this is hard to imagine, maybe his guitar playing is now even worse than it was during the last tour (when it had taken a dangerous dip from the already poor standards he'd set during the 94 tour) so it might be a blessing in disguise.
11-03-01 01:32 PM
moy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i dont agree with you, ron surely is at his best and improving, he had some booze problems, but that's all, he had the balls to ask for help and is doing his best

i'm waiting for his new solo album, but just listen his live albums Live and Eclectic recorded in 1993 or Slide on Live recorded 1992-1993 for a lesson
11-03-01 02:10 PM
yellow1 I have one thing to say, listen to Love You Live and No Security back to back. Sure doesn't sound like the same guitar player to me.
While Keith's playing has evolved nicely over the years, the same can't be said about Ronnie's, I saw him live 5 times in 1990, 1995, 1997 and 1999 and each time his playing was worse than the last. He's apparently more interested in pullng...faces on stage and smoking his cigarette than concentrating on his guitar playing.
It's a miracle he hasn't been kicked out by now...
11-03-01 06:47 PM
steel driving hammer Should Ronnie try to "out do" Keith on stage?
Ronnie is there for Keith and Keith only.
Ronnie does not write the Stones songs, he's TOLD what to play.
Thats why his solo guitar playing sounds superlicious.
It'l be a shame if Ronnie sounded better than Keith all these years now would it?
Listen to Ronnie n' Diddley live in Tokyo!
Besides the Stones, it doesn't get much better than that.
Hit Me Ronnie!
11-03-01 07:37 PM
Torn & Frayed
steel driving hammer wrote:
Ronnie does not write the Stones songs, he's TOLD what to play.

Following that logic, have Keith and Mick TOLD him to tank it on the last couple of tours ?
11-03-01 11:18 PM
the lepper I too think the booze has begun to rob Ronnie of his ability....I do like the fact that he at least cops the licks off the records for the most part.
11-04-01 04:50 AM
swapwoodfortaylor And yet another reason..........Swap Wood for Taylor!
11-04-01 03:46 PM
st0nesfan Alright Taylor vs. Wood! Haven't heard this one before. ;-)
11-04-01 06:27 PM
steel driving hammer People! Ronnie is the Super Glue (Glutton at the baquet) of the band!
Keith needs someone to shit shat and shit on. Ronnie keeps him Happy.
Taylor was not fun to be around and tried to turn his guitar up louder MANY times than Keith's on stage durring 72-73.
Taylors unwelcomed solos sounded ALWAYS THE SAME, every time!
Ronnie is brings it new every night! Ronnie is fresh!
Be thankfull for...
Black and Blue,
Some Girls,
78 Tour! Opening w/ Chuck Berry's Let It Rock !!!
Emotional Rescue, (mine all mine)
Tattoo You,
The Still Life Tour !!!
Undercover (her lips were fashion red I was lost)
Yes even Dirty Work, some mean guitars boy.
Steel Wheels (5 stars by Rolling Stone Magazine)
89-90 World Tours! Fucking Rocked.
Voodoo Lounge (best album since Some Girls!)
94-95 World Tours!
Bridges To Babylon (John the Baptist)
97-98 World Tour smashing all previous rock and roll bands records! All of em.
99 Tour...
Roll me you sumbitches!
Don't think Taylor could of lasted all these dates!
He would of quit like he did before.
11-04-01 07:45 PM
Miss U.
Listen to the hammer; he knows of what he speaks, especially the first paragraph.

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