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Arriving to the show at The El Rey - November 15, 2001
Photo by John Hayes/AP
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Topic: It's Friday Night......... Return to archive
10-26-01 08:10 PM
Maxlugar …and beer has replaced my blood.

…The Stones have replaced the air I breathe.

…My desert replaced by a flood.

…Tonight the music lifts my spirit.

…I play them long and loud.

…I let The Drive cover me…

…like an Afghani bitch wears a shroud.

Maxlugar 10/26/01


Friends, Neighbors and C10 Members, I love you all.

For you are like me: Special

Our band is not loved by the masses and I like it like that. We are like a secret society. Undercover of the night we are. Hug me.

Dirty Fukkers, I am kicking the start real hard tonight. I trust you will too. Might I suggest a little Seattle ’81? It has long been a favorite of mine to get things rolling on a glorious Stonesily night. Call it foreplay to a Drivegasm.

Tonight I will watch the Dick Cavitt video again to see what is up with the clip I thought was Monkey Man from MSG ’72. Was Maxy hallucinating the first time he watched it?

I often think of the poor bastards out there that don’t listen to Stones on Friday nights. Especially in their basement bars. Those people have sick, empty lives. I don’t want to know people like that.

Oh to be back around the campfire in CLEVELAND. Seems like long ago now. Collecting firewood with Joey. (Did anyone else notice him copying the way I gathered wood?) Eating a raw steak in the dark. Handsome Girls charging from 2000Man’s speakers like some diseased yak with its foreskin in a pair of pliers. Good memories all of them. But I am left to wonder: where is my copy of the video? Was I not in the movie? Was not a World Famous poster (as seen in Entertainment Weekly) cause enough to point a camera his way? Was not my harrowing and well-documented journey to CLEVELAND, by way of New York to Chicago, reason enough to get me on video for a reward for my troubles? Were my scene’s cut out? Did I forget to suck in my Milk Stout laden belly during an ill-timed profile shot while participating in the all inclusive group drunken post? Is it because Steel Driving Hammer tried to run me over with his car? Did I drink too much Milk Stout? Why am I shunned when I give of my self so much to you people? You make Maxy cry.

Friends, the only thing that will cheer me up is a well overdue cranking of Dirty Work. Right now, as I write this, 37 AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, with 12 foot 10,000 watt speakers mounted on their sides, are flying around the mountains of that rat infested shit hole known as Afghanistan, scaring the shit out of Taliban “leaders” with the guitar weavings and drum smashings of Hold Back. Mick’s vocal track alone on that song has already been used to collapse six caves. 327 Taliban soldiers have already been captured when they dropped their guns and began carelessly playing air guitar and were unwittingly stalked from behind. Fight on brave warriors. Your cause is just. Dirty Work is your friend.

So my little Stonesified buddies, I’m off.

Off to play our boys’ immense catalog.

Off to bathe my burnt out soul in a vat of rich, creamery Drive ointment.

So play em’ hard and loud tonight pals. Friday Night comes but once a week,

I only hope my wife cleans me up a little when she finds me on the floor of the basement bar in a pool of urine, vomit and Snapple tonight. A Drivegasm still plastered to my face.

Ah hell, who cares? As long as The Rolling Stones are still echoing in my ears, it’s worth it.

“Bitch Slap My Royal Irish Ass, Ronnie”

Maxy Von Kinkily Klip

10-26-01 08:45 PM
steel driving hammer ...When did I try to run you over in my car? Actually Lugar, you have 3 diff versions of the Summit to choose from! 1, FPM's copy, FPM & my version edited w/ other misc footage and my extended version of Marko and I in Chicago, Six Flags and drunk in the hotel room! I think of how much time I wasted there but I was a bit too nervous. Your a big tall strong man Maxlugar! Wanted to howl in each others face w/ a High Five (hard) regarding The Rolling Stones! Like 2 mother fuckers who KNOW the feeling the Stones bring to the inner body w/ hint of laid back cooleness like you, Robert De Niro, me, Al Pacino...
10-27-01 02:52 AM
marko Hey maxy,,,,time in cleveland was TOO SHORT,i wanted to
spend more with you and nanker as well,also with cardinal
jiminex,(marc),since,he is the 1st person i connected.
He was the 1st i got to know,,,you other bastards came later
But next year,i wanna see you more,and nanker,also factory
girl,and then more mister tony,rick and marc.but all
depence when&where next tour starts!Hey btw maxy do you
have oakland-94 or 97 shows on video tape?
10-30-01 09:08 AM
nankerphelge marko you crazy bastard
- it was too short.

Every once in awhile I remember you in the back of 2000 Man's car flipping SDH's car full of stoners the bird. God bless ya! Hope you come back real soon so we can do it again.
10-31-01 10:15 AM
Joey "Handsome Girls charging from 2000Man’s speakers like some diseased yak with its foreskin in a pair of pliers. Good memories all of them . "

OH Yeah .......that is a good one . God I love new material . It gets me worked up into a frothy effervescent fizz.

And I do like the way you gather firewood . It has a nice East Coast feel to it .

"Hug Me and Bitch Slap My Royal 1/2 Irish A## Ronnie "

Joey , C10

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