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Arriving to the show at The El Rey - November 15, 2001
Photo by John Hayes/AP
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Topic: Benefit the Oldies Return to archive
10-26-01 07:23 AM
Mathijs I saw the MSG Benefit yesterday, and I must say I did enjoy myself! Mainly it was enjoyment out of aggravation and a sense of shame… It must be the difference between the collected Dutch mentality and the more Cowboy mentality of the Americans, but I really disliked the muscle-posing and ready-made heroism of the audience. Robert DeNiro with an police officer “hello, this is a hero” (applause..) come on…

Anyway, I thought Salt of the Earth was great! It was as close to the original as possible, closer than the Stones would ever be able to play it! It was clear the band had listened to Beggars very closely! Miss You was o.k., but it was clear that you need some years on the road together in order to be able to deliver a loose jam. For some reason the tempo wasn’t right and the music was never “floating” like the Stones are really able to. Keith looked as if he just was rescued from under the WTC rubble by DeNiro’s hero, and what ever Jagger is taking: I want it too! Unbelievable, that guy is 58, and looks and acts like 27!

What I further noticed is that we are all getting old, really old…Bowie was great, The Who was great, McCartney was great, Jagger was great, I did like Reg from Watford, but they all had in common that the voices sounded week, even “old” in some sense. McCartney sounded unsteady, his voice was trembling and he didn’t make the high-pitched keys anymore. The same goes for Jagger, Daltrey and Reg. Daltrey looked frightened, Reg looked fat and bloated.

Jagger and Richards’ appearance really made me wonder if the Stones are able to pull it off if they gonna tour next year…Wood is an alcoholic (I am really eager to hear his new album!), Jagger’s voice sounded old and weak and he was really out of breath after Salt, Richards was posing his “Richards The Rock God” act (his playing was below par). Charlie seems to be in good shape, but will that be enough? Please bring back Bill, do a small Goodbye Tour in the US and Europe (in smaller venues of maximum 5000 people) and call it quits. Maybe THEN we will finally have a “rape of the vaults”….

10-26-01 07:33 AM
marko I think you´re badly wrong about micks voice,did you even
know that,mick didn´t even know,that keef is going to show
up for that show?they didn´t even rehearse!Go home and
LISTEN it again!
10-26-01 10:06 AM
Lazy Bones Mathijs, although you're opinion is as good as mine or anyone else's, I find it very difficult to question a Stones' tour based on two songs. I'll try to refrain from the I-told-you-so's when they prove you wrong - more than likely, again! Give the boys a break, will ya?! I would pressume that when a band's been around for 40 years, they have their downs. IMO, this wasn't one of them!
10-29-01 10:20 AM
Mathijs Don't get me wrong about one thing: I definitely want to see the Stones next year!! But when I watched the MSG benefit show it just jumped my mind that in the shape Jagger and Richards are now touring seems unlikely. The Stones have been the absolute best live band for the last 30 years, but I feel they lost it when it comes to stadium concerts. The B2B Tour was really bad in my opinion (the shows in Amsterdam were really bad) while the NS tour (I have seen Cleveland and Columbus) was terrific! Musically speaking (live at least) the Stones can't turn me on anymore, to see Jagger in a stadium doesn't turn me on anymore, but to see Jagger and Richards in a basketball arena is still one of the best things around! I am a bit afraid that the days for the Stones are over, which in my opinion isn't a bad thing. They did it for fucking 40 years, we can't expect them to continue forever!

10-29-01 07:05 PM
Angiegirl Marko,

You wrote:
>they didn´t even rehearse

But they did! The day before. Both Mick and Keith. I admit, it's not much, but it is a rehearsal. Go see the pictures (only thumbnails, but large enough anyway; you have to pay to see them full-size) here:

Dutch Angie
11-02-01 02:19 AM
The Eggman when can someone post the performance of the show (NYY concert) on here, so we call all watch it. again, again, and again
11-02-01 07:04 AM
Hank Wyman What a nonsense is going on at this board the past weeks. The Jagger/Richard performance was really OK. If people don't like their performance anymore than quit and go enjoying yourself at a concert by Johnny BH and the Corset Boys. But don't annoy Stones-fans with that rubbish!

Ps. my father will not in the line-up of the coming tour.
11-02-01 11:36 AM
Jane Wyman Well spoken Hank!
11-02-01 02:05 PM
jeroen I agree with Hank! I saw Mick and Keith on Dutch tv and they just did a great gig. So cut the crap!

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