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Sportpaleis Ahoy, Rotterdam - October 1973
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Topic: Setlists page 1962-2003 updated yesterday Return to archive
11-03-03 11:15 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Since Gazza has not made the announcement, I'm going to do it right now.

We updated the set lists page yesterday, and we need your help, it's very easy but time consuming, we’re sure that with a little help from you it will be even better.

If you see the Australian leg of the tour, it includes links to the many great reviews and photographs we received from the people attending those shows, it has also links to press conference and relaxing time on the beach. This is the only leg of the tour fully documented.

So we want to make the whole 2002-2003 Licks Tour in this way, with links to the threads related to each show. so if you have the time please search the archives and post the links as a reply to this thread, in this way we'll see which ones are already linked and avoid duplication of efforts.

Of course those helping us will be properly credited in the first page of the setlist and obviously in this thread

Thanks in advance
11-03-03 11:18 AM
11-03-03 04:38 PM
caro Well here are the four french concerts :

Marseille 05/07 :

Paris Bercy 07/07 :

Paris Stade de France 09/07 :

Paris Olympia 11/07 (two links)

French miscellaneous :
-one "private party", don't know if it's relevant (or even true)
-one french strike (should be linked in the "local traditions" part)

...and while I was looking, I also stumbled across these links :

-Parken, Copenhagen 13/07 :

-Keef in Stockholm :

-Stockholm Olympic Stadium 18/06 :

(I tried to find that lovely thread about the "superb grabbarna" incident in Stockholm, but didn't succeed. Does anyone remember that one?)
11-04-03 03:12 PM
caro The german shows (hope I didn't forget one)

Olympiahalle Münich, 04/06 (two links) :

Olympiastadium Munich 06/06 :

Circus Krone Munich 08/06 :

Zukunftspark Oberhausen 13/06 :

Olympic-Stadium Berlin 15/06 :

Festwiese Leipzig 20/06 :

Ring Hockenheim 22/06 :

AOL-Arena Hamburg 24/07 :

Open Air Arena Hannover 08/08 :

...And some more stuff :

-I got jaggered in Hamburg :

-Some pix - Four Seasons - Berlin :

-Mick Jagger interview in Berlin :

-Stones in Oberhausen: Hang the Stones´ soundcrew chief on the nearest mast :

-Jagger Says Men Throw Underpants at Munich Concert... (two links) :

-Rolling Stones may drop 'racist' support :

-Neo-Nazi Supporting Band For The Stones?? :

-Bad news: STONES chose Böhse Onkelz (ex-neonazi band) for Hannover show :

-guardian review on munich show :

-Munich rehearsals :

-Showtime in Munich! (waiting for Munich + a few pics) :
11-04-03 04:05 PM
Gazza thanks very much...your help is greatly appreciated!
11-04-03 10:45 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Caro!!! What a great gesture from you, we appreciate it!!!
11-05-03 06:00 PM
caro Hey, thanks for the kind words...
(Fuck. I had planned to resign from this thread. Now I just can’t )

here’s the rest of what I found yesterday :

Stadio Guiseppe Meazza Milan, 10/06 :

Ernst Happel Stadium Vienna 18/06 :

San Mames Bilbao 25/06 :

Estadio Vicente Calderon Madrid 27/06 :

Stadi Olimpic Montjuic Barcelona 29/06 :

Olympic Stadium Helsinki 16/07 :

Globen Stockholm 20/07 :

Cirkus Stockholm 22/07 :

Letenska Plan Prague 27/07 :

Downsview Toronto 30/07 :

....and some extras :

-Alright, so, so far, how do you think the tour's going? :

-Some Prague pics :

-Czechs Shut Out of Jagger's 60th Party :

-Any Chech fans... :

-Keith's shirt in Prague - mystery solved :

-Fans already queued at Downsview :

-Guest duet with Mick tonight is... :

-Word In...From Toronto! :

-Toronto Pictures, :

I think all shows from the beginning of the european leg until Hannover are listed now. So if someone else wants to dive into the archives, they can leave out the part from 06/06 until 08/14...
11-06-03 11:58 PM
parmeda Hey Gazza, I hope this helps you out a bit.
Yeah, it took some time but I went and looked at the shows I was familiar with...they were the easiest for me to find.

A suggestion:
STICKY this thread with the hopes that some others may do the same and "hunt down" the shows they went to.
**********BIG HINT, EVERYONE*********

I also found that anything after the new year, was grouped together in one thread. I guess by that time Voodoo figured it would be easier to do that, lol.

9/10/03 United Center - Chicago
RO Reviews

Press Reviews

9/13/02 MICK, RONNIE & DARYL SNEAK INTO CLUB! (Buddy Guy‘ LRR) - Chicago

9/13/02 Comiskey Park - Chicago
RO Reviews

(includes Press Reviews)

9/16/02 Aragon - Chicago
RO Reviews

(includes Press Reviews)

Press Review

Bono rides on the coat tails, lol...

10/4/02 FedEx Field - Landover
RO Reviews

(special note: Keith accidently starts to play Tumb. Dice in the #4 set-list spot...Mick & Ronnie give him the WTF look, lol...follow his lead, play Don't Stop in #5.)

1/21/03 United Center - Chicago
RO Reviews
(includes Press Reviews)

1/22/03 United Center - Chicago
RO Reviews
(includes Press Reviews)